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King or Poet, Rules the World by Acts!

The one who could be a king becomes a poet or sage or philosopher king;
It is due to the natural interest of a person that makes one what one is;
Such persons need not look to be what they represent for the eyes of others;
For, that is immaterial for them as they are for perfection in doing their work!

Their real identity lies in their expression that tells the true picture of one;
Not listening to what they say and also not knowing by intelligence some
Interfere in their affairs only to be confused on and on sans an end with doubts;
Such ones are just circus buffoons who graze tip of grass in surrealism ever!

Genius or talented one never projects oneself so by appearance but 
Only in actions through their great works of art or invention of great device;
This the circus buffoons realize it not for long but only at the end of show;
This is the great comedy happening everything in literature and history of world!

Outward show is only a cover for the great ones, but not to boast themselves
By revealing who they are openly, but leave that for intelligence of others!

Floods are Born of Incredible Small Rain Drops!

There is a vast difference between a song sung by a crow and a Nightingale;
It's like a tall told by an idiot full of sound and fury as says Shakespeare
And a sweet story narrated by an articulate gentleman to audience;
It's like the difference between the colloquial talk and learned expression!

Some don't believe good and genuine one but go by fake and fraudulent one
As they can't believe genuine work of art by a zeal genius in best of mood;
It's like incredible flood of dense rain formed only by small drops of it;
It's like writing a full novel within one night due to natural urge and top interest!

Due to such dolts, many a work of art whether it is paining or Poetry is spoiled
Making it not possible to know that all that glitters are not gold in the world ever;
Singing is lovely to listen and enjoy by all, but is it possible for a crow do that?
Though incredible, by skill, learning and preparation great feats are done as miracles!

Singing songs, dancing art and writing Poetry may look to be easy by refinement,
Fools believe it's easy and don't understand it needs skill and practice long!

The Summer Heat Effect!

What can we say about persons who talk with us sans any kind of
Manners, decency, gentleness though being a stranger, even not a friend
And a total stranger unknown before or in company with any known person?
If we just tolerate as a human being, they even start advising to do things so and so!

Is it not funny to behave so sans any sense of shame in a public forum?
One man's food is poison to another one as it so happens with diabetes;
But this mushroom kind of persons don't know that and start arguing for nothing;
As known it is not possible to win in an argument with an idiot, we avoid and go!

Even if we do so as a cultured and civilized person, these country brutes don't;
Out of irritation, can we feel like laughing or get angry to scold them out right away?
Suddenly nothing can be done and best to rest in wait till they go away from us;
For, decency, dignity and discipline are indeed vital for cordial relationship!

The days of live and let live has gone away as brutes follow live and let die;
Is it over confidence or rowdyism at its height due to Summer heat effect....?

Nature, Love and Music for Relief in Life!

Tight schedule of fast moving world never allows a chance to breathe a sigh
Of relief sans some external aid to have some diversion from high tension;
Some music from somewhere soothing gives a sense of relief and cool wind
From South with bright Sunshine, blue sky and green leaves give joy and peace!

Sans Nature showing love by this beautiful way, love has no chance to feel
And proceed with daily chores interesting or monotonous till the day ends;
That impression of Nature, love and music embedded in mind when one
Recollects in the evening, gives heavenly relief to have a change of mind!

The gift of Nature to humans is love fostered by the art of man is music sure;
Sans those best things of world, this is perfect place of hell with heaven to
Dream only in sleep paved the way by the recollection of the impression of
Nature, love and music formed by chance in the course of the day earlier..!

Breathless tight schedule of fast working day gives no chance of relief unless
We have Nature, love and music to give a sense of pause as diversion ever!

Nature’s Theatre of War!

Air force of clouds coming from the West to East covered the whole sky;
Like gliders they came slowly and soon bombarded with lighting, thunder
And rain with cool wind blowing as natural AC instead of wind of fire;
The oxymoron image of Nature was quite amazing to watch in a shelter!

The walkers in the beach soon rushed to a shelter at the entrance of a café
Capable of seeing sea in the East and bombarding rain in the West of town;
Branches of lightings up rose from the horizon to the sky at the far end of sea
As counter from Navy to air strike that was striking like red fire of spears!

In such a situation all felt it was a theatre of war with air strike of rain long
Making lightning and thunder as horrifying bombardments as in war fierce;
The other side of calm Nature is seen only when natural disaster takes place
That all have respect and have to be careful with calm persons too in life!

Usually barking dogs never bite, but calm dog though seems to be quiet
Surely will bite once the right time of attack comes in reality horrible..!

Peace and Satisfaction Vital in World Life!

Frequent fall of rain is very rare in this town of rivers joining the sea;
Being the tail end of place, rain also comes once in a blue moon after
The fall of rain in profusion in places many miles away from there;
But if rain comes, it falls paying full justice to the job to satisfy all!

Such a South-West monsoon rain finally has done its job pretty well;
Roads are flooded with rain water just for a rain fall of one hour ….;
Joy and satisfaction of people have made it a wonderful day to say
A nice goodbye and goodnight to have a peaceful and free sleep!

For everything, peace is essential to have a sense of fulfilment in life;
Work, or rest or doing things of great interest like writing poetry or
Drawing a picture of our dream and fulfilling the desire of heart in
This world full of obligations of business and family in human society!

Whatever wealth, knowledge and achievements we may make in world;
But sans joy, satisfaction and pride if we don’t have means it’s useless!

Predictions on Nature, Men and Matters may go Wrong sans Knowing Truth!

With just one night’s heavy rain, we cannot conclude the season has changed;
Though the climate may change, the chore of season will continue till the end;
This is the case with hot places of the world sans any change since long sure;
But due to pollution climate has changed with extremism in hot and cold seasons!

The same thing happens with the assessment of a person by others also in world;
Not knowing the basic thing, understanding the truth and have a right inference,
Some indulge in ridiculing or criticizing without any connection with another one;
Words can be said easily, but cannot be erased in the minds of others forever sure!

Knowing this basic wisdom, it is better to know the truth first before saying anything
In conclusion about anyone in the world to avoid the struggle to erase blunder later;
Some always act as teachers or principals or soldiers or priest or leader by profession
Not realizing that they are one and the same as others in public forum anywhere sure!

Sans having good experience by observation and understanding in Nature, we cannot
Exactly say any prediction easily as we have to be with men and matters in the world!

Friendship is the Best Culture!

Friendship is the best culture for maintaining unity, love, joy and peace in the world;
Only worthy friends can form a good friendship to do that noble service for ever sure;
A worthy friend is true in talks, helpful in private and useful in public life anywhere;
Such friends only can develop friendship for a worthy cause serving humanity sure!

By education, knowledge and best ideas only, one can help among friends in a group;
Such kind of friends are respectful and honorable in thoughts, words and deeds ever;
Suddenly one entering into a friendship group cannot be trustworthy, if not transparent,
Kind, good and behaving with manners, decency, dignity and discipline by all means!

Friendship only helps much to achieve greatest good in the world not only by individuals,
But also by groups, societies, nations and unions of world nations separately and also as
One union of UNO positively for the formation of One World for unity, progress and peace;
But never jealousy, hatred, rivalry, competition and fights can promote good human unity!

Instead of developing friendship of good human culture, competition and wars of nations
And individuals at the top level are keeping the world in chaos struggling for peace ever!

Life is Full of Complex Lessons to Study and Pass in the Exam!

Mostly cloudy all over the sky, though has pleasant look, heat of summer is still effective;
It’s like human relationships looking to be all right, but internally, the bitterness is still there;
With careful measures all have to deal with any situation connected with all flares up now
And then to maintain the pleasant look of the community to the eyes of the world sure…!

Minority communities in the world are still surviving mainly due to this kind of approach only;
Despite internal turmoil outwardly, all show themselves as if they are united ever as example
To others in the world like the friendship of neighbouring countries having grudges yet to be
Settled by talks or conflicts now and then for years together as hot bed in the world map ever!

Sans change, nothing can be done to bring about peace and unity among themselves forever;
This kind of internal enmity with outward show of unity and friendship is like Nature’s show
Of sky with clouds sans any change in the hot weather condition of summer unless some rain
At last comes in the night, all can’t breathe a sigh of relief to have night rest for next day’s test!

Life is full of complex lessons to learn to pass in the exams that follow all through the year for
Passing in the final examination to get promoted to next class and complete the whole course!

Lesson of Discipline Surely Will Pay Dividends Soon!

Human world is witnessing the recovery of Nature to a great extent
With all its children like animals and birds indulging in acts interested
Due to long lock-down confining all at home to break the Corona chain
By training discipline and cleanliness to take good food to fight it out!

This high lesson learnt should not be let loose after relaxation of restrictions
As that would help all with great immunity to fight all viral diseases pretty well
Making convenient to engage with productive acts to achieve laurels in ventures,
Which would help to regain last paradise soon to live better than earlier!

If whole world community follows this new system of life, world will turn
Hell into heaven for humanity to coexist cooperating with all in unity despite diversity
Fostering love and friendship to live life in joy, peace, prosperity and progress;
That's the way the great dream of One Human World can be created soon sure!

Nature by all kinds of means makes man follow its path of evolution forward
From animal to human to divine in the course of time quite amazing indeed!

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