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Nature, Freedom and Love in Democratic World!

Democratic world giving prominence to Nature, freedom and love in human life
Indeed is paradise to live creating beautiful and beneficial things by art and science;
If the world turns to be so, no one will long for heaven to go from here forever;
This is the dream of future of mankind all have to aspire for in the world sure...!

Human culture cherishing humanism rather than compulsive religion, politics,
Segregation by colour, race, status and differences is much needed to be followed;
Starting from education and exercises all have to be united by heart, mind and soul
Making all have broad outlook of life, world, Nature and God as basic preparation!

All thereafter will do all with high mind in the natural world like all living beings there;
What a joy, love and peace all can enjoy in a world of paradise in reality then;
This is not to be had only in dreams but taken as joint ambition of all to
Take action by cooperation, coordination and co-existence by friendship from base on!

All the chaos, discrepancies and differences breading hatred leading to wars endless
Soon can disappear as thin mist by the heat of hot Sun of truth sooner or later sure!

The Way to Live Life of Love, Joy and Peace Ever!

Sans love and knowledge, freedom cannot be realized and enjoy;
Sans love, one cannot feel free to think, speak and do all as one wishes;
Sans eliminating wars, disease, hunger and poverty, world can't see peace;
Food, clothing, shelter, education and job for all only can solve all problems!

All living in Nature survive with health and joy since time immemorial to all;
They only know the art to live life in Nature and follow culture based on experience;
Earthquake or tsunami, all animals and birds know where to go to overcome havoc;
Following their preparations, humans living there follow in line with them for safety!

By developments though we live life of civilization in modern world we suffer
By natural disasters caused by climate change triggered by pollution often;
In the name of progress, destruction of natural resources, forests and pollution
Of air, water, environment and seas, humanity suffers for the consequences now!

Following the culture of living in harmony with Nature and saving resources only,
Humanity can share all in unity with all to live in love, joy and peace forever sure!

Keep Up Beauty of Nature for Love to Flourish!

Green grass everywhere gives cool look for the eyes to see sure
And that gives cool mood to walk with brisk pace to gain health;
Also, flowers of many hues and fragrances here and there are natural carpet
That welcomes all visitors to muse in joy and bliss unique for long in life!

This natural beauty is a joy forever in life to enjoy and a lift to divinity high;
Pastoral setting kindles romance to unite two souls into one in bliss unique,
If accompanied by melodious and mellifluous music of love by divine Lord,
Who only can change poison into ambrosia and desert into paradise to live life! 

Pollution is going beyond limit in air, water and environment creating allergy
That affects not only cold first, but also all kinds of diseases to live with ever;
How can we change this hell into heaven unless we keep all clean everywhere?
Let the pastoral Lord take a suitable avatar to change all by His divine magic! 

A thing of beauty is a joy forever says John Keats for mankind in his poems;
Poets are the real legislators of the world says Shelley to all to follow suit!

One's History!

Mother bears a lot of pain to deliver her first child in the world;
The experience of birth is not remembered by the child as grows;
Also, the experience of death time of one cannot be known already;
Some die in agony, some die unconsciously and some die in sleep!

Death of a person known only by others around one lying on the bed;
That too only when they see one has not got up and lying on bed so long;
They come touch and see what has happened to one who lies there still so;
Cold body tells that one is dead already and is no more to be seen active!

Sad state of all in the family is soon known to all around outside too;
News of death spreads to all via newspaper announcement later soon;
This is how everyone's death is going on in the world in which we are in waiting;
But death is the last thing of one's life in the world that has one's record of history!

One's history through diary, written books, thoughts remembered by all
Is known to generations after one, if one's works are remarkable one sure!

Is Life Enslaved for Time and Money Only?

Seeing time and counting money, many live life in the world;
Is life meant to be lived so sans enjoying love, beauty and truth?
How to live free and joyful life in the world till the end of time
is what everyone is trying to achieve but time never waits for any!

Without satisfaction in doing what we like, we cannot feel free and happy;
That lies in doing things beautifully complete and perfect sans expecting anything
And doing things seeing time only beneficial things in the life of the world;
If all mind doing things so, all can enjoy life happily and in full satisfaction!

Otherwise, whatever things we do will become hard labour sans interest;
Doing anything without love is like crying in funeral for money in the world;
We should not be slave of time and money to enjoy real freedom and love;
If not, there won't be any satisfaction and peace, when we breathe the last!

Seeing time and working for money only, we will be doing all like oil mongering bull
With no sense of humour, interest, satisfaction and fulfilment in world life damn sure!

Catch the Snake by its Head!

Heat fluctuation is reflected by clear hot sky and cloudy day predicting 
That rain would come for some days with strong wind in the sea...;
In the same way lock-down and relaxed continuation of lock-down go on
Making all look for normal days of the past to return soon for usual activities!

All days go like that with no surety of usual days to begin and proceed ever;
What can we say of this kind of life going on in the civilized modern world?
Is life going on in circle rather than in straight line like time does forever?
Due to cyclic nature of activities history was repeating and seems to repeat! 

Like plague, Spain flue and now Corona pandemic is affecting in new versions;
Carelessness and indiscipline of many makes it easy pandemic to go on
Playing in the lives of humans all over the world reminding that basic discipline
If all follow strictly, all kinds of viral diseases can be thwarted for the better earlier!

Snake is venomous one always needing careful way to catch it by its head
To remove the fangs that injects venom to kill anyone sure if one is careless!

Nature is Sure with its Assurance!

Welcoming rain clouds all over the sky, Sun went down at the end of day;
Cool air changed the ambient of rooms baked all through the day long;
Evening turning into night with some Stars seen through the clouds twinkle;
Yet, rain has to come from a long way it seems and remains at a still state!

The thing that has to happen will not return back but will appear soon;
The symptom and indications are sure for the thing that has to happen next;
Hope for the better is confirmed by the way the halt has taken place for the night;
Slow and steady the change for the better is going on sure all can be sure of!

Above two seas and one ocean the clouds are well formed and moving
Towards the land in three directions near the south of the peninsula;
Sure, tomorrow and day after that at least for two or three day’s rain will fall;
Already the indications of some places of water falls showing speed give hope!

The situation is surer than a critical patient lying in the intensive care unit;
Whether the patient will wake up alive or not, Nature will not fail with rain here!

Show Gratitude to Nature for its Love to All!

True to Nature's assurance, thin clouds all over the sky turned into mild rain;
It's a small cup of water for great thirst of people so to say, but it's for good;
Yes, one good turn surely deserves another to climb up the mountain soon;
From small drops of rain only big floods are formed to sweep over lands dry!

This is the story of rain and floods that all witness every year in the world;
Water of life saves species of all living beings on the Earth so long and so forth;
It's for nothing peacocks dance before the rains come to quench the thirst;
That's how beautiful love flourishes in the world sustaining life forever and ever!

Soil, water and sun's rays create life in the form of leaves to grains and all;
Green leaves, plants and trees with flowers and fruits appear to show love to all;
Life flourishes as fertile soil of Earth to produce rich crops of life to harvest in joy;
Mankind has to be ever thankful to Nature for all the benefits and benevolence!

Understanding this great sense of love of Nature, all have to show gratitude
In return for all the love and benefits it has shown since long and ever sure!

Hidden Treasures of the Oceans of the World!

Living life without peace has become a habit for some since a long time;
Whatever they have to do becomes a compulsory duty being placed at the top
By birth in a joint family business with others just profit sharers being partners;
No separation and starting separate businesses were not possible for long!

Being tightly placed in such a position, getting time to mind personal wish is
Beyond one's scope but only can dream of doing all when the time comes in life;
Such persons surely become poets at the end to express out their self at last;
Expressions of heart comes from the depth with profound power in words!

All extempore expression of ideas with the available time sans no revision 
Many a poems look the day of lime light since a long time in life in the world;
Thanks to computer and internet websites, one realizes one's dream sure....;
Otherwise, they all be like treason hidden in the deep cavern of the vast ocean!

World oceans day is also celebrated, but who knows the hidden treasures 
Unearthed forever and ever, though man journeys to distant planet and even stars!

Man is Living Like a Tragic Hero in the Modern World!

Not only for entertainment, inspiration and amusement, but also for
Enlightenment, instruction and information, Poetry serves mankind;
World literature flourishes due to Poetry of all kinds by great master spirits;
Poetry book is surely the life blood of master spirit as John Milton says!

The ultimate truth of everything of the world and life of living beings ever
Poetry exposes to all though missed by world records and history of world;
About the neglected Nature, Poet Wordsworth has said valuable ideas
Thought provoking and enlightening to all no one can miss in one's life time!

Life is both comedy and tragedy says romantic king William Shakespeare;
Even in history, flaws of characters have made great heroes meet with tragedy;
Court life and life in Nature in the forest by exiled personalities he revealed best ideas
That are ageless and are still making mankind to think and act for the better!

More than in the past, in the modern world despite progress and civilization,
Man is living like a tragic hero due to his neglect of Nature by disease and disasters!

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