Nature and Human World - 1

Difficulties Come and Go, But Our Efforts Will Fetch Victory!

May end has made men dream of summer rain soon to feel hill station climate;
But in reality, it is hotter than usual days past in May in such a way sans AC
It's impossible to take rest after work in the day or night sure in tropical countries;
What a hot climate to encounter before rain in summer comes as summer wine!
Simply minding one's work sans caring any bad weather condition is best
To overcome the thought of comfort of split AC whether available or not;
Driven by ambition no hindrance will affect one's persistent move ahead;
That's how great achievements by popular personalities have made in May or not!
Like P B Shelley has said long ago if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind
We also simply don't care for the present drawbacks for a while as Nature will do
Miracles of relieving everyone's botheration with suitable reply in weather favourable;
Every year, such a nagging cold affects not only in Summer but also in Winter!
Difficulties come and go in the journey of life before we realize them in life works;
That is how, our ancestors have surmounted problems impossible to victory ever!
Thoughtful Activity is the Best Solution to overcome Disasters!

Rain is falling in some places and rain is going to come in some other places;
This is the prediction of meteorological department all watch in the TV every day;
When rain comes with big lightning and thunders in some places, crops are destroyed;
Whether rain comes or not, are we not ready to receive or avoid it in our places?
We have to be optimistic and confident to meet both the cases to be clear in life;
Pessimism is negative way of living that never helps all to be victorious in our attempt;
Every incidence is a lesson for all to learn so as to coup with the coming catastrophe;
We should be prepared ready to face any situation with alternate arrangement!
Just seeing the TV and watching programmes, we can very well pass the time;
We have to think before we leap having knowledge of devastation ever;
We should become bold players rather than just ever watching spectators;
All disasters we have already experienced and so, we have to be ready to overcome it!
Knowledge gained out of lessons we should try to use it to make progress in life;
But never shall we wait for jobs as the graduates many in numbers do long ever!
Developments should be a Mark of Civilization in Modern world!

Destruction of lives and properties takes place due to Natural disasters 
Mainly caused by cyclones, floods, Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions;
Even national highways fall down though recently constructed ones now;
Engineering marvel of city is spoiled by use of substandard materials there!
Developments of modern world to make civilization amazing one of humans
Should also look at maintaining quality of works in the progress ever;
Culture aims at perfection that all have to follow to make civilization real;
Modern world developments should not spoil environment and destroy Nature!
Developments made should be long lasting ones not only now but also forever
And make modern world a paradise of high cultural life as mark of civilization;
All developments in all fields should not create endless pollution poisoning all
Air, water, environment and natural resources in such a way that all ends in disease!
Developments are made to make easy the life we live in the world with
Health and prosperity and progress should make better than before sure!
Are Books Nonentity or Rare Entity?

Books have become nonentity after e books have come into use;
Books served as time machine taking one to past and future well;
Now by search on Google all things are known soon and all forget;
But books are rare and separate entity like gorgeous monument!
All kinds of writings like articles, poems, stories, biographies have 
A great honour only in the form of printed books in the libraries;
It makes dignified to see an author's books and poet's Poetry books there;
Searches and references in Computer have made that as nothing special!
Even library has come as electronic note book as reading device;
Even then, the dignity and specialty enjoyed by books are lacking here;
If an author publishes book, it is not accepted in the library as books
Published by a publisher making publishing books a costly affair!
The matter does not end there as even if an author's book is published,
There is no guarantee for author to get regular royalty for one's creation!
Pet Children of Nature!

Jolly good squirrels are the happiest frolicsome living beings like kids;
Next, elephants are gentle and steady walkers roaming in the forest;
Humour and laughter are the ones that make all lovable in the world;
Life of good and gentle humans are ever marked with joy and peace!
Only in Nature, all can enjoy the same peace and bliss like nowhere;
Even in the Corona time, when so many are dying each day, all are happy
In Nature full of beauty and calmness unique giving peace of mind ever
And making all share that joy along with squirrels and birds free flying!
Every day when I get up from bed, I hear the joyful play of squirrels
And see birds flying happily and freely enjoying another good day in life;
Surely, if we live in harmony with Nature, all days will be good and joyful;
It is easy to say and also share with all along with free flying birds there!
Life of freedom only in Nature all can enjoy in the world along with birds
And squirrels as they are the pet children of Nature forever and ever!
Treasure Only One in a Billion Can See!

Many a time we muse in the beauty of Nature alone sometimes;
Many a time we compose poems of all that in a new art form to praise;
Yet, the glory of Nature beautiful cannot be fully articulated with satisfaction;
That is why Nature is ever glorious in its tranquil state to give peace to all!
Grief ridden souls of great mind never get peace they long for but in Nature;
Nature inspires them all with mood creative to get some solace and satisfaction;
The art of writing poetry has flourished mainly by such great masters ever
Who described, narrated and touched hearts of many by their moving ideas!
Such a great fulfilment and satisfaction nothing seems to give now as then;
Time passes on and the works of art created by master spirit pile up in books;
Such books become greatest treasure of humankind nowhere to be found;
But some inquisitive mind explores deep in oceans and lands remote to see gold!
Pure gold studded with rarest of rare diamonds exotic one in a billion may get
The Opportunity by fortune to see, but knowing the treasure one sleeps ever in peace!  
The Everlasting Way to Enjoy Life!

This morning first I hear the noise of parrot's voice flying fast in the sky;
What a mischievous bird it is tearing leaves of plantain trees in next house;
Next I hear the clarion call of myna birds calling its companions;
They all go together out in the morning and return only at the sunset!

In the sanctuary next to our flats is the place where all deer and peacocks live;
Deer graze grass in between trees many in numbers and peacocks eat seeds;
Any indication of coming rains will provoke them dance as Bharathanatya girls;
Such joy and blissful sight where can one see except in the world of Nature!
Despite all turmoil of human world today, Nature only is cool and beautiful ever;
Seeing this natural beauty only, all can forget usual plights endless in world;
Time is precious to lose in wasteful and vain matters rather than devoting it
To enjoy life in beauty and the loving scenes of Nature everlasting in here!

I am not Wordsworth but a Poet of Nature composing poems my heart loves;
This is the everlasting way to enjoy my fag end of life in this world sure....!
What a Seasonal Change!

Day has come to an end with the Sun nearing its set at last;
Whole day it is very hot with hope that rain may come soon;
Evening news says rain is going to come all over the State;
Already in some places rain is falling bringing cool climate!
Summer rain at last is like summer wine to consume soon;
What a joyful occasion all are going to enjoying in rain sure;
The thought itself is so welcome it seems already rain falls;
What a seasonal change brings a joy unique all love to enjoy!
With the spread wings peacocks dance or not, all feel dancing;
This is the effect of Nature all cannot refuse or control by any means;
Nature never denies love to all even if we destroy it by mistake;
The magnanimity of Nature is divine in nature that hugs all ever!
It is Nature's diktat that after pain, pleasure all have to enjoy;
So also after pleasure, work to avoid pain as compensation!
Between Human World And Nature Oscillate All!

Another calm day with no noise of birds, squirrels and vehicles has dawned;
Cloudy sky gives the hope that rain somehow tries to come today or tomorrow;
A great relief all will have, if rain falls a little or more to subside Summer heat;
But the beauty of Nature always gives relief and joy unique kindling creativity!

Poems of natural flow direct from the heart give a respite despite bustles;
Puzzles and riddles of life matters are making humans reel in fast rush in all;
It's better to be far from the madding crowd ever in Nature peaceful and sublime;
But the obligations and bickering of dear and near ones forbid such attempt ever!
As Rousseau says, man is born free but in chains ever in this world of turbulence;
Matter and body occupying the mind always, man longs for freedom of spirit;
Great ideas and things never seem to occupy mind due to silly businesses
To have a high flying spree to feel free in the world like the birds do ever here!

Birds are the fortunate one to escape from the cobwebs of society and life
To sing and feel free as skylarks and nightingales of repute did and do forever!
Humanity is Waiting for the Next Avatar!

What a splendour Nature creates on the screen of sky just after the day;
Yes, a halo round sun is just sinking under a mountain like cloud cluster;
It's like a divine being relaxing on a boat about to take off to heaven soon;
That reminds me of Lord Krishna relaxing by lying under tree shade after war!
Yes, after Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna lay among shady trees planning 
To take another avatar perhaps Lord Kali avatar to re-establish Dharma in world;
Soon He ends His present avatar hit by a animal hunter's arrow as a soldier;
it's is the honour for a soldier in war and after to die by a sword or arrow!
All good souls preaching love and peace in the forms of Christ and Gandhi 
We know had left the world killed by ruthless murderers of the concerned eras;
Good has no place to survive making love and peace as things of weak ones;
The incorrigible ones cannot be correct but need to be killed in the same coin!
Truth, love and peace of the good of humanity are directly under shearing blade
That is controlled by the butchers, who never see any leniency to the meek!

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