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Nature Wears A Freshly Born Avatar Making All Jump in Joy!

What a pleasant climate after a night full of gentle rain welcomes all;
Nature itself looks like a freshly born new avatar kindling joy in all everywhere;
Birds fly singing songs of joy everywhere and squirrels play with noise
Like cute kids running here and there learning to walk recently only in fun high!

Fully bloomed flowers in colourful attire welcome with loving smile in fragrance
Quite uplifting to heavenly mood of romance any Nature lover in the green garden;
Only joy of new look of Nature simply makes all jump in joy words can't describe;
Is it paradise of heaven that has newly formed on the Earth or already there?

Such a beautiful atmosphere makes heroes of romance dance and jump in joy
To sing songs of love appreciating Nature for providing such a mood so lovely and high;
Surely one composes poems of beauty and love with joy quite heavenly on Earth
Before the mood of zeal and joy comes to a stop, but it never seems to be so now!

is this kind of Nature mankind wants to destroy for the so called economic progress
And drive the world to the brink of falling to the abyss of dark hell nowhere to be seen?

Let Us Walk the Staircase High to Milky Way of Heaven!

We breathe a sigh of relief whenever we see open space of Nature;
Long green pasture, barren land in the outskirts and sands of beach
What a relief it gives when we inhale and let out fresh air to regain self
With hope, confidence and courage to face all emblematic life problems!

Beautiful flowers of exotic fragrance, colourful kingfisher flying with a fish,
Deer running in jumps and peacocks dancing with spread wings
Give a sense of freedom we have forgotten occupying in tasks risky
And feel slave of works that have no end in themselves unless done!

Life is not just one thing, taste, side or monotony, it has other sides too;
Starting from Nature that has sea, desert, green fields, forests, hills and sky
We see a panoramic view and a broad outlook of world to achieve many;
If one is not suitable and a great headache, let us switch over to other one!

The choice we have we have to explore and pursue high to climb the hill
To touch the mist, clouds and walk on the stair case to Milky Way of Heaven!

Rely on Reality of Nature and Eschew Illusion of Art!

Natural living and artificial living reflect only culture and civilization of man;
If Nature is living art, then art is frozen Nature in the life of human world only;
Man is made up of natural matter with life, but machine is inanimate matter;
Man's art and matter are frozen and inanimate ones unlike Nature ever sure!

Too much reliance on artificial matters has made man forget life and spirit
Being the cause and result of Nature reliable rather than artificial ones;
As long as we live life in the world, our spirit within needs to be taken care of;
Otherwise, once the spirit leaves the body, it cannot be recovered by any means!

All the matters we rely on for our convenience cannot come with the spirit;
No one can return back to the world by any artificial devices man has invented;
Cultural life only can give fulfilment sans disappointment caused by civilization;
For, machines, matters and art are only aids to humans but not reliable ever!

All material things we enjoy in the world are illusion unlike spirit as it's reality;
If civilization is based on culture, life we live will real and reliable till the end!

Live by True Belief to be Happy and Successful Ever!

By false belief many rely on superstition and fail to realize true one ever;
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed says Science to all sure;
Universal energy as gravitation, electromagnetic force and nuclear one works
And activates all Stars, planets and all being Universal Spiritual Energy!

That is Universal Power or God all have realize and remember ever;
That is the source and destiny for all animate and inanimate things everywhere;
Plants, animals, fish, birds and humans in Nature are included in that list sure;
The spirit within all activates with energy acquired from Nature to do so!

Unless this fundamental truth is realized by knowledge and thoughts,
Whatever believe we have are unreliable and never can be believed as truth;
With that truth reliable and love natural no one can enjoy real freedom;
Without that essence within all, we cannot really enjoy life with fulfilment!

Life without such an understanding from the earlier time on, one lives in fear
Due to false knowledge and belief to lead world live in joy and victory ever!

Nature and Art are like Life and Photo!

Creative way of living is an art full of joy and thrill to live in the world;
But mechanical way of living is lifeless to do anything till end of time;
Nature is living scientific art being beautiful, truthful, fresh and lovely;
But mechanical life is like lifeless art that can be kept in a frame ever!

A lively thing of beauty in Nature is ever fresh and lovely to enjoy;
But art is frozen Nature as winter snow showing no sign of life long;
It is a memento only to be kept in a show case after making an achievement;
But continuous achievements are happening like miracle by the skillful only!

Mechanically doing and creatively doing are two different things in life;
The first one is like breaking deadlock for burning, but later one is thrilling;
For, where there is activity in life, there only passion of love is alive ever;
Unless life is lived so, there is no interest and pleasure in world life at all!

Life should be lived with love and joy done by creativity only ever sure;
But mechanical living is like a machine living life in the world of no life!

Nature and Human Nature!

Fools enter where angels fear tread and never look before they leap;
Just like the monkey that has inserted its tail in-between half cut tree trunk;
Also, hard-nuts interfere in the internal affairs of others and suffer like monkey;
It's like the dog barking at the Sun that never cares for such dolts forever!

This happens to be true with the case of God, Nature and Poet of high nature;
Sans knowledge, understanding, realization, intuition and knowing truth,
Fools and hard-nuts judge about God, Nature and Poet as atheists who deny all;
They are like plantain trunk that is very late to burn unlike coal and camphor!

Nature is not just plants, birds, fish, animals and men but also whole human world;
It's extension is Universe and Space as it is that and matter, fire, water and air;
Nature covers all those things and all in one as God everywhere sure;
Poet also belongs to that category as he only says unknown matters of all subjects!

Sans developing personality and character by knowledge, wisdom and maturity,
Human nature cannot approach and deal with essence of Nature or God or Poet!

Beauty is Great Pleasure to Recollect Ever!

Beauty of the still pictures of Nature and human life in world is a joy forever;
That gives chance to enliven the joyful moment of life enjoyed then again now -
The smiling beauty of flowers, birds flying in musical noises and sheep moving in herd,
Trees dancing in the breeze and our talks and dances with pals with jokes in fun!

And many more that cannot be described in words and the spirit we have regained
Just as Wordsworth in Nature and John Keats on seeing the Grecian Urn are eternal;
So also, doing all things beautiful with natural interest gives pleasure, joy and pride
And the satisfaction we gain when done beautifully, fully and perfectly with full mood!

Lover of beauty is a natural artist who records all beautiful things seen and enjoyed
Not only in pictures nut also in poems many enjoys great pleasure to oneself
But also makes all get the same kind of pleasure to live better in this world moving fast;
Such a blessed soul never knows boredom and monotony in world life due to art!

Indeed beauty is truth and perfection that gives unique joy and satisfaction
When recollected in tranquillity and seen pictures that have frozen all fun activities!

As Love in the Human World Spirit is in Spiritual World!

Compassion, empathy, mercy, kindness and gentleness are essence of love;
Nature of such a one ever acts earnestly to lift up needy, good and truthful ones;
They do such acts of love and forget soon like the left hand doesn't know
What the right hand gives to others and vice versa for spiritual satisfaction!

By such acts of love, human nature as time goes on turns into divine nature;
By non-attached love only, humanity can achieve divinity in the world sure
And such ones are later cherished as god-men by generations afterwards;
By their ordinary way of doing all things out of love they become extraordinary!

As Lord Buddha says love is the greatest power, justice and light in the world;
The spirit of loving person acquires divinity by one's life service for love
And becomes one with the Universal divine being everywhere forever and ever
Sans any more rebirths in the world to undergo pleasure and pain of life for purification!

Love is all powerful in the human world like the spirit in the spiritual world
Reserved only for the really loving souls in the paradise of Earth sans a flaw!

Worthy Friends are More Than Own Brothers!

Friends are many available in the world to while away the time in fun;
But worthy friends in need are rare to find anywhere sure unless
If one is God sent one like Lord Krishna to Arjuna, one is helpless;
For bullying one has many but for beneficial works no friend is there...!

Only the representative of God is materially, morally and educational
Worthy one as friend one can have, if one is lucky in this world sure ever;
To such a one only, one can confide secret matters and get suitable advice;
Such a one only can be like a brother of Sri Rama one can be to one ever!

Worthy friends are more than one's own brothers, when one is in great trouble;
The support and encouragement they give is more than real help from brothers;
When one ventures on a mission there, more than drawbacks clever ideas are needed
And that more than own blood brothers, only best friends be of God sent help sure!

That's why, more than race, religion, nation, culture, colour and wealth,
Worthy friends of the world are best to have in friendship as culture for unity!

Life Sans Love and Laughter is a Dream!

June full Moon shines beautifully behind thin blanket of clouds kindling romance;
But Corona spell has made all close doors and lights in darkness in town;
Sans love and laughter, life is worthless to live healthy life in the world;
Sans music, dance and songs, how can love be strong to rule everywhere?

Love blooming in the gardens of Eden has not disappeared in hearts of all;
The joyful moments of love with all having wonderful time on green meadows
How can all so soon disappear in the dreams of Nature lovers of human world?
Romantic love only can revive passion of love to be alive ever in human souls!

Modern world life has forgotten all those precious thoughts and dreams;
Is it just a tall told by an idiot with full of sound and fury signifying nothing?
No, man is a quintessence of precious dust as per the view of Shakespeare,
Yet, life goes on with all romance as happening in a dream rounded off in sleep!

Sans dream even, only songs of "somewhere my love, there will be songs to sing"
And "love story, where will I begin?" with sadness ever will be echoing in all hearts!



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