To be or Not to be Positive?

Today I find a lot of deliberations and high pitched sermons on a quality called ‘positivity’

According to thesaurus it means ‘alacrity, eagerness, positiveness, readiness, zeal, confidence, willingness, compliance, consent, inclination, leaning.’ Oxford adds apart from this some more words like ‘constructive’ etc.

It is true in the present milieu, people (read youngsters) are in a state of urgency to achieve something irrespective of their potential and ability. I found in the burgeoning population, I could see many youngsters who are mediocre shine better while those who are comparatively intelligent few unfortunately fail also.  So now the question arises ‘when an undeserving or mediocrity gets a recognition, why a better one slips?’ If the report of good grades does not impress an employer how he gets carried away if the candidate fields the questions he was asked. Again, it is a question of chances. While the intelligent academic guy gets all tough questions, the mediocre boy may walk away with easy ones. Well. Isn't it nothing but a question of luck? Now my question; if the mediocre boy gets the job while the good one is rejected, should the bright guy is expected to take it with ‘positivity’?

Mr. X works in an office. He is honest, diligent and sincere. He has some good results of his work also to show. On the other hand, one another guy who is of the same paper qualifications has hardly anything to produce; but, his boss supports him and he walks away with the promotion. Mr.X should take it with a positive note though he is rewarded for his work and his colleague is also rewarded the same position for not performing anything face it with ‘positivity’?

A fairly good looking girl in the marriage market marries a person who is just a mediocre guy with an ordinary job. Her friend who is less smart looking and dumb girl gets a better husband of better position. How to approach it with positivity?

Some couples get bright and intelligent children whereas some get children with several problems or disorders. How to handle the situation with ‘positivity’?

I went to a Financing Bank for buying my flat for a loan of Rs. 80,000 in the year 1987. I was a central government employee, the flat was going to pledged to the bank and there were two sureties who were also government employees. But, it was, indeed, an arduous task to convince the bank to sanction the loan. In fact, at one point I even gave up the hope. Finally, they approved. When I read in a recent book on ‘success people from the low level as entrepreneurs’ I came to know that a chicken business starter was given a loan of Rs.5 lakhs in the same year I went for loan from a bank. How come? That too for an easily perishable item? How I could take this discrepancy with ‘positivity’?

Well, arm chair intellectuals and paid book writers are capable of peddling anything in the name of self development books and promote with the immense support of media.

I am sorry to say this. None is equal before Destiny or God. Everyone is different according to their luck factor. Life, most of the time encourages mediocrity and stupidity and many times pulls down sincere and honest with no reason or logic! Nevertheless, everyone leads a life as they have been destined irrespective of ‘positivity’ or ‘negativity’, bright or dull, good or bad, smart or idiotic. Success alone is celebrated and publicized and those who had lost are relegated and sniggered.

I am sorry. Discourses on these are just sops for the defeated, compromising souls. That apart, it has no other great value.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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