Compartments of the Mind

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
Do you remember that nursery rhyme?

Well, how about we find out how our brain grows and develops .... Then we can gracefully nurture it, so that it blossoms and blooms as a radiant rose

Inside our head there are various departments, compartments, areas and domains that contain information.... All these different compartments are connected to each other and are competing for attention to get access within our central 'thought-of-the-moment.' For instance, we may have two itches at the same time. One in the foot and one in our nose and the strongest itch will take center court. So it is with all our other thoughts. A tranquil joyful thought, that may be meaningful, could be overrode by a stronger angry negative emotion. Whatever congests/inspires the mind will deplete/nourish the body.

Our mind accommodates a vast network of intelligence all vying to be admitted into our consciousness. Some of the intelligence has been accumulated in our memory banks over time, whilst other forms of intelligence are transmitted into our headquarters from different parts of our body.

The five senses also play a big part what thoughts we are thinking. As we observe events going on all around us, our mind processes the information our sight, sound, tastes, touch and smell relay into our minds. Other people's actions/words, which we come into contact with, can also have an effect on our digestion of information, as do the media, education, religion and everything we observe on a daily basis.

All the information is constantly being collected, processed and transmitted into our conscious thoughts and then, the thoughts themselves cause a reaction in every part of our body......How do I know all this? Simply by paying attention to how my mind/body functions......Just like Mary, Mary, I want to know how my garden (mind) is growing and what I can do to make it produce a joyful, loving bouquet of thoughts. And I must admit, I have become very skilled in-deed, and I enjoy every moment, in a most delightful manner.

One hundred years ago there were no wireless sets, TVs or Internet, so events that happened in other parts of the country and the world took a long time to come to our attention. In many cases they were not noticed by the average person, so atrocities committed in other places had no effect on our lives...Hence the saying ... ignorance is bliss.

In today's world, the hunger for information is magnified by a media who are hell bent on reporting all the dregs of humanity it can find. Any true philosophy of life, that can help folks enjoy their lives on earth, is ignored and neglected. Some sections of the public are now (mistakenly) trained to feast on other people's downfalls and derogation. More demand for negativity fabricates ... more sick minds and bodies.

So, I think you will agree, keeping a 'cool-head' when all around you are 'heating-up' is no easy task in a three dimensional world. Actually, if we view the three dimensional world as our only world, it is impossible to keep our minds balanced and clear at all times. Sooner or later we will become enmeshed in all the media hype and hooked onto an erroneous lifestyle.

Happily, for humanity, the third dimensional world is only a minor part of a much bigger picture. When our thoughts-detector is directed to a superb well of information, that is infinite in scope and eternal in source, then we are no longer at the mercy of our intellectual department-faculty within our minds. This gives us freedom of mind. We begin to understand, we can control our emotions and feelings by having the power to process what thoughts we allow our minds to project.

New creative thoughts overtake pre-consigned stale thoughts and old conditioning is replaced with new fresh invigorating visions that take center stage. This allows us to enact a performance of a lifetime on earth, reverberating in generic blissfulness.

Mary, Mary, now becomes no longer quite contrary.
How does her garden grow?

It develops in a most delightful display of illuminating neurons that transmit good health to every cell in the body and mind.  It cultivates a oneness with every plant, ocean, mountain and life composition. It matures centered and well balanced at a Hippocampus foundation

An opus, collected in a pure essence of truth, filters in every compartment of the mind.

Where there was darkness, light shines...
Where there was obscurity, luminosity beams....
Where there was blindness, clear sightedness reflects authentic visions.

The whole mind has come-alive and bright.
The intellectual brain understands it has been formed to celebrate life.
It travels on the highway of joyous textures and loving tones.
It surrenders to the orchestration of life that has been composed by a master artist.

New windows of opportunity open as the mind rewires itself and tunes into the melodies within the cosmic blueprint of time and space....

Yes in-deed, the garden of the human mind ripens with many golden belles and delightful innovative shells, set up in a transcendent lifetime show. 


More by :  Michael Levy

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