Trans-modern Man in Search of Happiness

The present era might be considered as trans-modern era. Globalization has been accelerated it with different lucrative attraction to material needs and demands in daily life. Philosophy of life has been changed, and it is encircled in search of material happiness and satisfaction. Everybody runs to catch happiness or how to be happy regardless of his/her quality and capacity.

May we remember the tale of Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire who serendipitously moves towards riches and love due to extreme imitation of reel heroes and urban community? Everybody imitates others to move to be happy and satisfied in this materialistic world.

But they are depressed and unhappy because of failing of their desired target of happiness and satisfaction. But what is happiness? From Einstein's "Theory of Happiness", ‘it is infinitely more relative than general relativity, so it's difficult for science to offer a definitive answer’. It is a state of mind which “leads to behaviors that often produces further success in work, relationships and health, and these successes result in part from a person's positive affect." Therefore, happiness is a myth and it is the hedonic treadmill.

Now what would be the parameters of happiness? What would be a durability of happiness? Perhaps, there is a no distinct answer of the above. At present, happiness is determined by fulfillment of materials gain in ones’ life. One could be happy for a while when he/she would be capable to access one material, After a while he/she would be unhappy or dissatisfied because it is old and poor comparing to another. He/she would cry what he/she got; he/she does not like it. So, materials demand and want for happiness are instable state of mind. It is like the “Theory of Vomitting.”

Those who have big furnished house with modern amenities and sleep in a very costly bed are they the happiest forever? What is a difference of availing personal car and public transport? It is nothing else, rather than a personal status and identity. It is apparently a symbol of happiness. It has no use because they never reach to their destination in time, in spite of their own car.

Bertrand Russell criticized that the status of a doctor is never determined by owing of a personal car. It would not be narrowed their professional zeal if a doctor avails public transport. We see that not a single doctor reaches to his/her destiny in time.

In our society, we observe that less privileged section also runs behind happiness. It is evident when an examinee would run behind marks, he/she would be depressed when he/she would fail from his/her target. If he/she prepares well, marks would automatically run behind him/her. Our experience tells only about the bitterness.

Why people are sad/unhappy. The answer is very simple due to search of materials happiness. From Lord Buddha to Swami Vivekananda preaches that spirituality is the only source of happiness in human life. Materials want and need ever meet happiness. It pushes one into the world of darkness of unhappiness. The culture of searching of happiness is the great problem of every society. The goal of a human life is not a supplement or complement of materialist world. It has been increased different unexpected evils- torture, violence and suicide, etc. It is the cause of inter and intra-personal disturbance and competition of life. Voluntary simplicity would bring happiness in life, and it would help to reach in a real target of human peace.

For achievement of real happiness and satisfaction in human life, we may refer the spiritualism/Sankhyaphilosophy which deals with the nature-God which we get from histories5. It teaches human being for sacrifice, love to other, living together, selflessness, voluntary simplicity, and so for forth. It rejects greediness. The overall teaching of this spiritualism is to make the world free from violence as well as a peaceful world where everybody for each other.

The immediate effects of the materialism are greed, self-centred, hate and violence, etc. It is meant a competition among human beings. This doctrine is pushing human being into a dangerous condition where human being is ignoring the peaceful existence of the universe for fulfillment of material needs and demands. For example, they are regularly facing the problems of climate change and global warming. But they do not consider it as an obstacle of their aristocracy. No politics or political system ever saves the human being and the universe. The spiritualism and its practice could protect the human beings from self-torture and self-decay. It is also within the realm of the Natural science which was proved by Swami Vivekananda in his writings. To save the humanity from unhappiness, there is need of behavioural modification.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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