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Live Life of Knowledge by Wisdom as Art of Cultural Life!

Lord Vinayaka or Ganesha is all in one God,
In which animal, human and divine are in one
As God is in everything and everywhere ever!

The image of God is expressed in an art form
Representing knowledge and wisdom in one
As sans wisdom, knowledge is harmful sure!

Development of modern world by technology
Ignoring Nature, culture and art by civilization
Only has lead to pollution and disease of havoc!

Neglect of culture has made many unaware of
The art of living life well but money and machines
They depended and suffer unable to face chaos!

To restore normal and healthy way of life, all have to
Follow the route of wisdom upon knowledge to win!

Where is the Time?

For survival in the world, we take food;
For living here, we need money ever;
For earning livelihood, we do all works;
For eternal peace, we earn God's grace!

We spend all time for mundane things;
No thought of God comes unless in chaos;
When this is so, what we earn for heaven?
We earn wealth only for unpredictable life!

There's no time for doing wholehearted job
For leaving a legacy for posterity to praise
And also to live in eternal peace in heaven;
So, I wonder on what basis God allow us!

Preachers are preaching all good things;
But where's the time to think about them?

Joy and Sorrow are Day and Night of Life!

Joy and sorrow are day and night of human life in the world;
After day, night is sure to come and also after, night day comes;
This is Nature's justice for the world life for all living beings ever;
It is better not to feel sorrow in darkness of life as day is nearby!

Life is bitter-sweet and love is painful pleasure all have to undergo;
Many before us have lived so and many after us too will live so;
There is no change in this course of life in the human world sure;
So, what is the use of jumping in joy and crying in sorrow at all?

When rain falls, we use umbrella to walk on the road home;
When the day is hot, we use cap to overcome heart rays of Sun;
For glaring Sunshine day, we wear cooling glass to keep ourselves cool;
Likewise in the night to overcome darkness, we use lights at home!

We have to live respecting Nature's diktat and at the same time, we enjoy
Using scientific inventions wisely to live a developed modern life also better!

Healthy Life is Natural Life!

Rains have delighted to dance to receive cool breeze and water;
Suddenly hot climate again has showed its wrathful face to all here;
Season has not changed from summer to fall or winter in the sea town;
Though air is there, sweating does not stop a while as if extracting water!

Who knows again Nature will condescend to this place with rain needed;
For the ruthless people, Nature seems to punish all with extreme dose;
Even then if they don't seem to respect Nature, people have to suffer as in hell;
World has been turned into hell by pollution, disease and terrorism long!

Knowing Nature's power as some people knowing God's power, do harms;
Nature is reality and God in the form of Universal Spirit is ultimate reality;
Sans realizing this great truth, all show gratitude with awe for redemption;
Festivals with change of seasons, all celebrate to live in harmony with Nature!

Natural life is what expected of humans to live, but what all do is bad;
Machine and money are not all, but healthy life in joy, love and peace is!

Without Suffering All Cannot Know Nature!

Expected rain came just before evening in the town just for courtesy sake;
When I came to see the street, pavement and road is made wet by rain;
That rain doesn't cool the already hot town since the two days sure;
Nature is hoodwinking the people who neglect it in a matter fact way!

Without suffering, people cannot recognize the benefit they enjoy of Nature;
To make all understand its magnanimity, Nature plays such fun on men;
Then in the late night, the whole atmosphere seems to be cool surely;
What a relief and solace it brings to the suffering lot expecting rain all day!

Usually there won't be rain more than a fortnight every year here sure;
But comparatively, the rain we enjoy this year more than usual measure;
Without harm, if the rain comes now and then to pacify the suffering lot,
It will be more than enough for the farming lot around the town sure!

Water and soil who has given to make cool the Earth all remember;
Also, water and food who has given all have to thank realizing it sans fail;
Who knows how bud blooms into flower in the world in our life sure;
Sans anyone's request Nature offers all and makes us know by suffering!  

Beauty and Love are a Great Weapon to Win all ever!

Love of beautiful personality captures everyone's heart very easily;
What a magic the appeal of beauty has coupled with words of love!
No one can resist the loving words of beauty even if one is great Viswamitra;
This is history and literature of human world from time immemorial to all!

Appeal of beauty is so great and powerful that all accept it sans fail;
Beauty is other word for perfection in art and any work by anyone sure;
That's why Vivekananda has said whatever work you do, do it perfectly you can;
Beauty kindles love and love achieves all sans fail in the world sure!

Beauty and love together are greatest weapon to defeat anyone ever;
If such a feat one has in one's thoughts, words and deeds, one is winner;
No one can defeat such a personality anywhere in any field sure ever;
For, beauty and love together is indomitable power in human world sure!

Lovely work of art to a perfection of beauty is a masterpiece by anyone sure;
It's sure to victory, if one's work of art or science is done with humility of perfection!

Romance has No End!

Romantic love is thrilling and interesting to lovers in the life of the world;
Despite an adventure, romantic life is for peace through love forever;
Love is the greatest power in human world for the sustenance of life;
Love and beauty are soft as flowers that stand bright with smile for love!

That's why human world is full of flowers reminding all of love to live well;
Without heart of love, freedom and peace can't be enjoyed in the world;
Love of Nature, world and nation along with humans makes all free in heart;
All wars based on hatred and arrogance finally succumb to peace by love! 

Without peace, anyone cannot live a happy and long life in the world sure;
Whatever be one's status, wealth and power, sans love one cannot see peace;
After achieving all in the world, without peace by love, one lives only in hell;
Hell and heaven are due to hatred and love all learn by experience sure!

Romance is blessing in disguise in the world of civilization and modernity;
For, romance has no end from the past to the present and to the future sure!

The Long Love Stories of Dreams!

Waiting long for her lover with open heart, mind and body, 
She started dreaming on the bed of love stories wonderful
Starting from Adam and Eve to Helen and Paris and to
Antony and Cleopatra religiously, literary and historically!

Are these called sweet dreams all imagine that kindle passion
And love never before enjoyed in human life of the world we
All are part and parcel of Nature playing each one's role as
Best actors on the world stage from the birth to death long...?

What a pleasure and enjoyment all have in the world till end
Comes unaware of everyone putting all in melancholy all the 
Great love tragedies of the world teach all since the time of 
Adam and Eve to the Romeo and Juliet time in literary world!

But dream in sleep is a world of fantasy that brings bizarre visions of love
To have an unique love story to play on long and long till dawn comes!

Only Poetic Friends give Golden Opportunity! 

Friend moving with one till the last is rare to find in the world sure;
Friends are like club members only saying hello and talking when met;
With that the relationship is forgotten in the daily chores of each one;
But love only lasts till the end of all human relationships in humanity!

House is the place where we live but home is where we cherish relations;
If friendship is house, love is home though all live in the same world ever;
Lovely friends are a fortune and a blessing in disguise that builds heaven;
Of all persons or friends, lovely friends can be seen only in poetic groups!

Heat to heart talks of truth, life, Nature, world and Almighty are among poets
That make all forget all the losses in human relationships in the world sure;
In this poetic friends only, lost paradise can be regained to live second life ever;
This friendly relationship among poets creates new and unique history!

Poets are makers of history in the world that inspires and encourages all;
It gives another golden opportunity to everyone to show one's real self to all!

Living Natural Life is an Art!

Living in harmony with Nature only, one can live natural life in the world;
It is an art to live according to Nature as all living beings in Nature;
Before the development of modern world and civilization, it's human culture;
But after developments, art, culture and Nature are totally forgotten and suffer!

Yes, humanity is finding it difficult to tackle pollution, disease and terrorism now;
Sans Nature, culture and art as base, modern world civilization in incomplete;
Unless this main fault in our way of life is corrected destruction is sure;
Wrath of Nature indicates that clearly for making all wake up before it's too late!

If it's not possible to live natural life, what development have we made in the world?
Only outward and artificial development and life have we made up to farce life;
Wisdom lies in living true life with joy, love and peace till the end in the world;
Otherwise, it is only getting training in hell to live so eternally in real hell later!

Losing peace of mind, living in fear and not a life of fulfilment , we are worse than creatures;
Before it is too late, correction in culture is redemption to live natural life best ever!
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