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Are We Really Civilized Beings?

Sans Nature, where can we find or establish paradise in the world
To enjoy love in life to get satisfaction and peace all long in modern world?
Destroying natural resources and polluting environment we have invited
Natural disasters towards destruction of world itself by drought and storm!

There is no point in crying and worrying for difficulties and drawbacks;
It's time to correct errors for redemption to re-establish lost paradise
By cooperation and coordination to restore natural resources for good of all;
Eradicating pollution and diseased is the responsibility of all concerned!

Modern world of industries and machines have turned man into human robots
Along with mechanical robots to exist boasting ourselves as civilized ones;
How farcical and funny modern man's life looks like here wiping out Nature;
Can we exist at all without Nature providing food, raw material and fuel to life?

Why has man forgotten that sans recycling natural resources, we can't live
Life of paradise and modern world calling ourselves civilized beings ever?

Cheers to All My Lovely Poet Friends of World!

To get away from difficulties and worries of the world many seek relief
In smoking, drinking, sex and gambling anywhere possible with company;
Chain smoking or taking drugs leads one to heart attack to end life;
Drunkards die all the long from morning till night before lying on the streets!

All seeking relief of such kinds die soon of some kind of disease sure;
But they cannot do otherwise as there is no good guidance for them ever;
But we are in the good company of lovely poetic friends of world to be okay;
They have passion in drinks, sex and gambling, but we have in love, poetry, Nature!

In a new drinking company I too had a chance to participate in festival holidays;
Drunkards drinking drinks to cheer themselves with companions there;
I too full bottle and said cheers creating rousing cry, whistles and laughter;
I just said cheers and placed the full bottle to them to drink with full satisfaction!

Love is giving and not taking even if it happens to be a drink and I breathe fresh air
In Nature and think of writing about all in my Poetry for all to cheer and delight here!

Life without Enjoyment is a Great Waste!

Life without enjoyment is waste of time in the world that's lived so long;
See all living beings in Nature, how beautifully they live and leave;
As we have opted for machine or technological life, we have forgotten
How to live natural life though civilized by knowledge and advancement!

Ants are industrious to save food to safeguard themselves in winter time;
Honey bees collect honey from flowers to save in beehive for love of queen;
But modern world life is only for amassing wealth, luxury and money only;
In this competition, all go fast as machines to lose health and suffer later!

At the closing hour of life, what enjoyment one can enjoy and get satisfaction;
No fulfilment of dream, desire and feeling of heart and peace of mind one has;
Due to that blind rush to win in competition in all, pollution and terrorism are forgotten
And that now collapse all towering material developments to a mass of junk only!

Satisfaction of body, heart, mind and soul only can give joy and peace;
That is possible only in natural life in harmony with Nature or in paradise!

Still Man has to go A Long Way to be Developed!

Enjoyment in paradise is only in dream life but not in natural life now;
Industrialization and expansion of urban areas have created concrete jungle;
Natural love life also is replaced by mechanical family life sans human sense;
Natural way of living life has become a matter of the past in modern world!

Civilization has kept culture, art and Nature at the back-burner in machine world;
Man himself is slowly replaced by artificial intelligent robots to manage all works;
Human mind, heart and spirit are not touched by any of the modernists acts;
Naturalness in everything has disappeared and replaced by artificial things!

Consequently, natural way of life fostered by human culture is out of order ever;
Man lives life sans any purpose and meaning but only comfort and luxury till end;
At the final hour, man is helpless and dies of sans any peace and fulfilment;
Sans self-realization, none and nothing can save humankind from oblivion!

Paradise is only a dream that can give solace but cannot be realized ever;
In spite of all developments, man has to go a long way to be really developed!

Love Kindles the Still Burning Hope!

Loving people are rare to see in the fast modern world that boasts of
Civilization based on the developments made by technology sans seeing
Pollution, climate change and natural disasters making many suffer alone
New disease making many die due to lack of correct medicine to administer!

But all the lovers of Nature living in there are as usual hale and healthy;
Their beautiful activities from morning till evening delight the onlookers;
The beauty of Nature so simply makes the suffering soul forget of ills
For a while and get great relief to have diversion in the living beauty of Nature!

Seeing the living beings of Nature, sense of joy and love springs in heart;
The nagging worries get dissolved in the hilarious atmosphere of Nature;
What a wonder this is no one can say with proper articulation ever so far;
Is it magic or supernatural power within or simply divine spirit’s spell or...!

Natural love of all living beings in Nature gives life to the little hope still
Burning inside the heart and spirit of the high minded souls in the world!

Attain the Status of Paradise!

Non-Violence is the golden key to open door to joy and peace ever;
All nations as one world only can use this key to glory all dream;
With that in view only, World Peace has been celebrated every year;
But love is the box that has the golden key for freedom, joy and peace!

Lovely international friendship is the best human culture can help achieve all;
This is the secret of success in world life for all human beings to realize sure;
That is the javelin with which all differences of society can be surmounted;
With that sure all can fly as supermen to go anywhere to live and enjoy life!

One world is the union of all nations in one, the future Utopia of all people;
Lovely poet friends of the world be zealous to spread this great news to all;
Soon all difficulties and troubles posing as unsolvable problem will vanish;
The golden world of tomorrow is bright in everyone's dream now to victory soon!

United we the world lovely poet friends can do miracles for humanity sure;
Let this be our mission to attain that status of paradise here soon.......!

Simple Life is Best Culture to follow!

Man has lost naturalness in living life and doing works in the modern world,
Though civilization has brought in all facilities and sophistication in all;
He is caught in quagmire of pollution, disease and terrorism everywhere now;
He has lost sense of goodness, beauty and truth and lives sans clarity in all!

Simple living and high thinking life is what great spiritualists say for all to follow;
Mahatma Gandhi has shown such a way of living life in the world long ago;
But man has gone a long way away from Nature and culture forgetting art;
For all the sufferings and hardships now man faces that system seems well!

Without preparation to face problems triggered by higher way of living, we fail
In all our endeavours though we feel elated at first of its outcome in the beginning;
For, lacking wisdom in choosing what to research and what to adopt, we fail sure;
Rectification to save Nature, world and cleanliness in air, water and all is needed!

If the world proceeds in the same track not knowing what to do, time will come,
When all have to face total wrath of Nature that will end all we have done!

Follow the Path of Nature, Culture and Art to make Life Meaningful Sure!

As things go on by outward developments of civilization in the modern world,
Life is meaningless without internal developments in heart, mind and soul;
By technology and becoming rich, can we achieve love, joy and peace here?
Only power fights have driven world to face pollution, disease and terrorism!

How can differences of religious ideas and political idealism be sorted out?
As they are the cause and reason for all turbulence in human society since long,
How the curly tail of dog is be straightened out to bring truly world peace ever?
Modern weapons in the hands of such hooligans are shaking the foundation of world!

Greedy technocrats' exploitation of natural resources has turned world as desert;
Industrialization and urbanization have polluted the globe causing climate change;
That has triggered natural disasters as storms, floods and landslides everywhere;
So, the meaningless life has driven the world to the brink of total destruction sooner!

To make modern world of meaningless life by civilization into meaningful one,
It is a priority to respect and follow the path of Nature, culture and art sure....!

Way to Live and Work as in Paradise!

Sense of beauty, goodness and truth is the base of human culture
That promotes best thoughts, expressions and deeds in world life
Cherishing Nature, culture and art paving the way for love and peace;
With such nature in all only can eradicate hatred, rivalry and enmity!

Not only among individuals but also for whole world this is what needed;
In fast moving modern world in pursuit of material goals, humanity suffers
Longing for relief and relaxation of heart, mind and soul to breathe fresh air,
Which is possible only by cherishing love and friendship instead of rivalry!

Civilization of modern world has failed to control envy, jealousy and race
Leading to fights in all walks of life for domination and control to dictate all;
By love and friendship only, cooperation in lieu of competition can promote peace
Helping all to be prosperous and progressive in all fields of human endeavours!

Human culture is the best way to unite all men and nations to live as one family
Leading to the creation of One Human World to live and work as in paradise!

Aspire for Happiness and Peace to be Free Ever!

We are all born to enjoy life without hurting others in the world
Following one's Dharma or natural course and relinquish all to
Heirs and posterity to enjoy life and pass on to future generation
As human culture to have spiritual freedom for eternal peace!

What we enjoy in life belongs to the world and we leave world
With nothing in hand freeing ourselves of all entanglements;
That's the way to enjoy happiness here and peace in eternal abode;
Happiness and peace are what all are trying after ever in life!

Nature is the inspiring and encouraging power to aspire for freedom
Showing us birds for freedom and flowers for beauty and love;
Calmness of Sky and Sea take us to a state of trace for peace;
With that spiritual training we are made to feel the sense of paradise!

All things belong to the world and all spirit belong to the higher world;
Realizing this great aspect of existence via Nature, we are made free!
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