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Paradise of Utopia is in Our Hands!

What is the use of crying for peace sans curtailing causes creating crises?
Differences of religions, races, classes, castes, colours and ideologies do harms;
Unity in diversity has to be fostered from childhood via education sure;
That's the best way to solve the problem of unity towards peace in world!

Political exploitation of differences in society has to be notified to all people
To realize where the mistake lies causing all crises in the world ever;
If such a great step is taken by media, writers and Poets, all can be solved;
World nations should be urged to meet to talk about matters to bring peace ever!

The well-established United Nations Organization is ever ready to discuss this;
Why are the nations waiting to start the spade work to plant tree of peace in world?
Planting of trees are necessary to change deserts into paradise everywhere;
If trees, flower gardens and parks are created everywhere, paradise we have!

The paradise of utopia is in our hands to create to bring peace and love
The world longs for since a long time due to wars and violence sans sense sure!

Let Good Prevail Over Bad by Love!

In the vase of love, only colourful flowers come and display beauty
Inviting everyone by their fragrance sweet as love everywhere sure;
But in the basket of hatred, only junks, rubbishes and garbage ever
Brim-fully occupy repelling all out by unbearable stenches sans regret!

Natural world of life has only love and beauty inviting everyone ever
To relax, get refreshed and rejuvenated by new resolve to deal life ills;
But in the machine world of noise and smokes, only dirty effluent
With poisonous polluting things mix with good water and air and kill all!

All over the world, the culture of best thoughts, ideas and deeds flourish
Whether in the past or present or ever making all recover from fake spell;
But the glittering civilization only leaves all suffer in diseases new forever
With no medicine to cure leaving them to disappear of their own accord!

Past world history has taught many lessons to improvise with genuine ideas;
But if the world goes on same old beaten track, how can new hope be generated!

Real Civilization in the Modern World!

Living life according to one's nature and doing deeds as one wishes
Are possible only in paradise for all, if one doesn't want to work as slave
For money and live a life sans freedom in modern world of civilization,
Where there won't be joy, satisfaction and pride both in life and work!

Freedom to express one's self or one's talent or genius only can give
Really unique pleasure, joy and elated sensation not possible by any other way;
But it is possible in Utopia of unity in diversity, if all are educated equally
And not in prison like institutions but as free birds in Nature in exploration of all!

If such a world is transformed from the material world as of now,
That is real freedom and independence all can breathe in true civilization;
Our ambition, aim and goal should be that one to make all humans free
To enjoy natural life in the paradise of Utopia all only enjoy now in dreams!

Real civilization and true modern world when be achieve we will be great
To call ourselves as supreme living beings far above all lives in the world!

Dream of a Better Tomorrow should not be Stopped!

What was a dream is a reality and what's a dream will be a reality by new ideas;
Imagination, intuition, intellectual analysis and desire become dreams first;
By exploration, research and experience, new ideas pop up to be tried to do all;
Then dreams will become realities by some new ideas in human pursuits!

Dreaming is not a waste as some believe it's a product of sound sleep;
That is by creative or inventive minded ones, we get new things for society;
Many products have come so for sales to ease the burden of humanity sure;
Realities of dreams by ideas are continuous process of mind and efforts!

Necessity is the mother of invention, creation and discovery in the world;
Preparation of food or creation of anything is to satisfy hunger and urge of all;
Otherwise, humanity would not have developed, advanced and progress;
But harmful things made out of greediness spoil all pursuits of real progress!

In the same way, dream of a better tomorrow should not be stopped ever;
For, Creativity and inventiveness will not flourish, if ambition born of dream dies!

A Joyous Poetic Writing I Love Most in Life!

The company of lovely poet friends of the world ever gives me great spirit
Reminding me of the poet friends of the romantic period sure as inspiration;
In that gear, I go ahead writing my inspired poems as chapters of
A great poetry book exploring of life, world, Nature and Universe!

So many incredible ideas occur in my mind while writing poems and
That turn into lines of poems of my own style in a zealous creative way;
Unless I am satisfied, how can my dear readers and friends get satisfaction
Having vicarious pleasure reading my poems born of pure inspiration?

Likewise the flow of my poetic river goes on whether it's hot or cold weather;
It is indeed a great wonder and miracle I am able to do so sans an end;
Nature, experience, knowledge and ideas never leave me go off hand ever;
Like a child fed with food full by mother, they all make me create wonders!

What a great wonder and discovery this medium of Poetry I love most;
This kind of love I wish to expect in all my activities to help me live in joy ever!

Life Continues Despite Life and Death Situations!

In my life, the most loving souls have passed away from childhood on;
Comedy and tragedy of drama in world literature are like life and death
Situation I have been witnessing till this day in the life of this world long;
All have gone away at the unexpected time of my life here so to say sure!

I love Charles Dickens novels and James Bond stories by Ian Fleming much;
Facing a lot of difficult life and death situations, Bond surmounts all;
For him after tragedy, he embraces comedy in his secret service life;
When I think of my life after my wife has passed away, those thoughts come!

Tragedy after tragedy is unbearable and not worth living life in the world at all;
Beauty of Nature and living beings therein give me inspiration to resume life;
Poetry writing then gives me a sense of fulfilment and I survive with hope;
Lovely poet friends of the world now give me another life in my life journey!

I have lost the feeling to cry as it's of no use and as the Almighty opens
Next door when the first is closed and after one love another love resumes!

Achieving Completion in World and Spiritual Life!

Sans romantic attitude, flourishing love in natural life is impossible in
Pastoral place, which is present day paradise besides towns and cities
In the modern world where civilization is flourishing by developments;
External development is civilization but emotional development is culture!

Best natural life based on knowledge of experience in life flourishing on
Best thoughts, talks and deeds passed on to generations is human culture;
Civilization is based on advanced knowledge sans refining human nature
By culture that decides all matters by wisdom about lasting real development!

Natural romantic life is adventurous in nature that ventures by love to
Know truth in religion, life, world, Nature and Universe to follow and
Help evolve human nature to real development towards divine nature sure;
Sans culture and civilization in unison there is no completion for human beings!

Culture is love for perfection in heart, mind and soul by doing all in perfection or
Completion to attain fulfilment, satisfaction and peace in world and spiritual life!

Harmonious Human Development is Culture!

Harmonious human development of heart, mind and soul is culture
Possible only by natural way of life in the world not touched by civilization
Lead all to face problems of pollution and diseases not controlled by medicine;
Exposure to Nature only develops body, mind and soul to be healthy!

The more material developments are made, the more new diseases appear;
Unwise research, advancement and developments of modern world are causes
That has made civilization not realistic sans cultural base of development
Leading all struggle for completion of human nature at the end of life!

Whole life time spent on material activities, human life is wasted in world
To achieve perfection of human existence in here for higher progress by spirit;
Due to natural development in a harmonious way is totally out of civilization,
Disillusionment at the fag end of life puts one and all in great disappointment!

Cultural natural development only is the best means to avert such unwanted status
Each and every one has to face and end life in despair sans redemption sure!

The Making of A Divine Person!

Love life in pastoral paradise is still there even in the modern time sure;
Pastoral world judges people by love value unlike in modern world,
Where persons are judged by their money value only forever;
But by wisdom only real value of a person is decided more than knowledge!

Of all aspects, imagination is more important than intellect or intelligence;
For, by imagination the whole picture of life can be visualized to decide all;
Thereafter, by wisdom and intuition future course of world life can be judged;
This is possible by best thoughts, expressions and deeds of a cultured person!

Real civilization in the modern world lies not in technology but in culture;
Human culture only gives perfect training to know and decide matters by
Knowledge, intellect, intelligence, imagination, intuition and wisdom
Paving the way for evolution to turn man into superman before a divine!

Love, knowledge, intuition and wisdom of a cultured person leads one
To the stage of divine personality by living natural life inspired by Nature!

Joyful Peace at the End of Life Only the Fortunate One has!

As in a suspense movie, audience is waiting with the feeling of tension
To see the end scene, many are living in fear and tension to meet end;
That's why condolence saying RIP is clamped to the dead man's coffin;
Only the fortunate one after completing all works well, dies in peaceful sleep!

Peace is what most of humanity needs just as one is hungry for food long;
Both for living and dying, all need peace to do all and die finally in peace;
Sans love and peace, life is a hell to undergo all through one's life in world;
But if one has love, peace and wealth, is really a fortunate and chosen one!

Where there is love and contention of heart, there only peace resides sure;
The greedier one is, the more one is most out of peace for ever and ever;
Attachment and desire to gold, land and ladies, make one live a life of hell only;
Peace comes to one, only if one is ready to forego all for love for ever sure!

Love and knowledge gives freedom, wisdom gives right way to live in the world;
Only with such an armour one can face formidable fate and die in peace in joy!

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