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Peace and Unity for Humanity to be One Family in One World!

Equal opportunities for development for all give boost to a Nation's progress;
Unity in diversity is great strength to democracy for promotion of peace sure;
International friendship of all nations unites all as one world for world peace;
By the cooperation so and joint action, terrorism and Corona can be eliminated!

Without world peace, prosperity and progress of humankind is only a great dream;
The main cause of rivalry and prolonged conflicts due to political differences
Perpetrated by the clash between capitalism and communism affecting humanism;
For, both the isms are fighting with each other on economy only in lieu of society!

Development of human society should be given preference to economic rivalry;
Culture is for humanism and civilization is for human development sure;
It's time all nations should pay attention to socio-economic progress of humanity;
In lieu of competition in arms built up, human friendship should be encouraged!

Unless international friendship as culture os followed by all nations of world,
World peace and unity for humanity to live as One Family in One World is a mirage!

Be A High Flying Bird by Unity and Friendship!

A high flying bird can go anywhere all round the world sans passport or visa;
That is the mark of individual liberty capable of enjoying real freedom in world;
That only a Poet can do though not physically but by mentally at will anytime;
For all to do so, only unity and peace of all nations as one world can do!

Not by nationalism but by internationalism as all people of one Earth it's possible;
Domination of one nation over all should be averted by brotherly relationship;
More than that, only by strong democratic system, equality of all can be established;
For that, all nations should come forward to function as in UNO by unity sure!

There is no point in spending funds on weapons and wars as UNO is there now;
One day or other, that is the best way for all nations to shake hands of friendship;
This has to take place beyond all borders of the world as of now sure first
And by hugging as friends all should move and do all works as team to progress!

Surely soon all nations of the world will become one world family and talk,
Move and do all works as brothers and sisters and friends forever and ever!

Utopia and Dystopia by Globalization!

Dreams of Utopia dreamt and imagined by many great souls like
Lord Tennyson in Locksley Hall, Francis Bacon in Atlantis, Thomas
More in Utopia, Aldous Huxley in The Island and George Orwell
In 1984 are started by globalization of economy first now!

Globalization of economy, society and so on by Science &
Technology aims for industrialized world controlled by Force;
The partial development so has brought in pollution and new
Disease leading to climate change caused by natural disasters!

Corona pandemic is entirely incredible one that has taught
Lessons to nations and individuals so much that all realize
The necessity of following culture in harmony with Nature to
Live healthy life by harmonious human development sure!

If world develops to a paradise of Utopia, life will sustain long;
Otherwise, all in Nature with humans will become nonentity!

Let Us Live in Heaven rather than in Hell!

Artificial oxygen help scientists survive doing researches in Space station;
They observe Universe so for a long-time to discover Earth like planets;
There as patients surviving in ventilators in hospitals, men have to live in planets;
But by pollution air, water and environment are poisoned on the Earth now!

Consequently, survival of people is going on air conditioned flats everywhere;
Nature is totally out of picture of man's life in the world now due to pollution;
Can Science & Technology overshadow Nature for the survival of man?
Indeed it is brave new world to attempt that, but will it be successful ever?

Already the warnings by natural disasters are hinting humans think of agrarian state;
In addition, Corona pandemic has brought all to senses and all feel mad about
Smoke, noise and natural disasters making all seek relief in natural surroundings;
Who knows one day they all opt for an agrarian world or paradise on the Earth!

Sooner the better it is to rectify all mistakes before total disaster occurs;
We have to live not as in hell, but as in heaven by creating paradise soon!

Natural Life is Self-Reliant One!

Knowledge is the base for thoughts, talks and acts of men;
For all, humans seek knowledge to know and decide all;
But for having conviction beforehand, one should know truth
By intellectual analysis and experience to decide and do all!

Conviction for all is essential to decide and do all rightly;
Intuition of such a person is light to show path in darkness;
Instinct is the director for animals to decide and do all things;
By instinct and intuition, one can live a wonderful natural life!

Just knowledge is not enough, but experience in Nature is needed;
That is the best means to live natural life to get satisfaction;
Only we do all naturally, beautifully and completely, we get peace;
All do all to achieve peace by attaining satisfaction and joy in life!

Natural life is self-reliant way of living in the world according to Nature;
If we do so, we can live better than forest animals in freedom and joy!

Real Natural Life is Creative One!

Real natural life lies in the creating way of living in the world;
Whether thinking or talking or doing in each thing they make achievements;
If it is not done so, what is the difference between them and others?
Best knowledge they use in creative work to convey high ideas for legacy!

That as high culture they follow ever to live to the full till the end here;
By so living the developments they make themselves lifts their status to divinity;
Such personalities are otherwise may be called as Earthly angels to all;
Whatever they do will be an example to others to follow to come up sure!

Natural life they live in Nature, only great Poets of Romantic period lived;
Their love of Nature, beauty, freedom and love have elated them to high status;
Only royal personalities could have lived so that they reflect in their lives;
They have showed to the world that life means it should be lived so!

The independent way of living life in Nature is simple but high in mind;
That is how whole life is beautifully and perfectly lived till end to eternal peace!

Fluctuation Only Leads to Steady State Later!

Accompanied by Sunshine and rains and hot and cold days September is
Waiting for Winter to begin with less days and long nights as next season;
Fluctuation in climate is common before a sure change in Nature ever;
The first time walking child and running boys have fluctuation to steadiness!

Yes, by trial and error method only we all learn and do great feat in life;
Two wheeler cycle is another magic we learn first in life to do great feats;
Impossible things we do by practice day by day in world life and win in all;
In the same way, what we dream also, we will achieve to our surprise one day!

By climate change due to pollution and new disease we have realized a lot;
That as warning, we change to a better mode to make good of a bad bargain;
But only people who never change and always fight are in politics and religion;
The world change far better, if many come out of those circles for good sure!

Love, beauty, knowledge and truth give freedom real to enjoy best life sure;
If we mingle our mind with Nature, we enjoy divine bliss in Earthly paradise!

World Unity for World Union!

Workers for humanity are always the peace makers of the world
Seeking no benefits but peace, unity and good world life for all;
Lord Krishna advocated for non-attachment for life to be sans grief;
Mahatma Gandhi worked as harbinger for non-violence for freedom!

Likewise many more great personalities have done great jobs for world;
Non-alignment as foreign policy, Nehru worked for world peace;
They all worked not only for peace, but also for freedom and world unity;
Such noble personalities are still to be remembered and followed!

Present world is reeling under chaos and conflicts for various reasons;
World needs peace, unity and joint efforts to solve many world problems;
Terrorism and new disease like Corona pandemic need to wiped out so;
For all purposes, international friendship as culture is best means to solve all!

If such measures are, that are already successfully tried, followed sure,
All world problems can be solved sans difficulty and world union can be formed!

The Happening of Natural Miracle is Real!

Autumn dries all leaves and makes them lie ready in coffin sure;
Winter covers them with white blanket of snow for full burial for months;
It is incredible to see such a natural change of season everywhere;
Spring makes leaves sprout out of ground, flowers bright and fruits grow!

It is natural miracle that brings lost paradise again to life in the world nice;
Likewise in everyone's and every being's life hopelessness and confidence
Alternates as happening in Nature in the four seasons in the year ever;
Without pain, there is no gain in life as in business there's no profit sans loss!

This miracle is taken for granted by everyone in the world for ever and ever;
That's why many don't have faith in miracle by Nature from the Universal Spirit;
But for the observer of Nature and lover of Nature, it is wonder to see ever;
This is the first and best hope one gains so and lives better than others!

The invincible nature of Nature none can refute and replace it by any means;
This modern world crazy ones should realize and know to follow for good!

Turn World into Paradise of Nature!

World without Nature is only a desert planet like Moon or Mars in Space;
Life, love, beauty, joy and peace we enjoy in Nature won't be there at all;
If we all indulge in pollution, violence and wars, destruction of all is sure;
After developing to be civilized in the modern world, is that status not foolish?

Let change the world as we have imagined and dreamt to be an Utopia;
Let agriculture and industries develop side by side sans harming Earth;
That too if air and water are pollution, we are only poisoning ourselves only;
That will only make us not to live sophisticated life but horrible death sure!

That is civilized way of committing ourselves suicide in the world of paradise;
Let turn this hellish world into paradise towards making it to be an Utopia we love;
That is the wise way of bring peace, prosperity and progress to humanity soon;
Let us die hard to live, but not live luxurious in hell to die sooner we can!

We are born to become humans perfect as supermen before divine beings;
Utopia is the first sure step to turn Earth into heaven with paradise of Nature!

To Be Continued


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