Natural Life - 1

Nature and Poetry are Forever!

With the end of August, festivals of the year has started to go till January;
September is time for second season in hill stations before falls starts;
This is how Nature undergoes regular change of season every year;
What a beautiful and lovely time to spend with the loved ones in world!
Enjoying lovely Come September music of Billy Vaughan I write poem,
Though I have decided to put an end to my writing work by 144th Book;
One after the other, the flow of poetic river is still smooth in its run here;
But I have decided not to produce poems as from the factory this time!
Nature and Poetry seem to be eternal in my life and I have to continue again;
But where it is stop or whether it will become part of another or not is not
In my hand as something or some poetic spirit directs me to do this again;
Nature and Poetry were there, are there and will be there from all like me!
Poets are just mirrors reflecting Nature's diktat through Poems here;
This mirror will reflect life, world, Nature and Universe for ever and ever...!
Enjoy Life in Creativity to Bring Joy to All ever!

Nothing is permanent in this world according to the diktat of Nature;
We cannot live ever in the spacious mansion and enjoy luxury ever;
Our body cannot withstand the vagaries of age with seasons sure;
At the end of life, we cannot carry anything we love with us too!
What can we do is we can enjoy as long as possible all in the world;
We can do anything we love with perfection, satisfaction and pride;
That way we can feel a sense of fulfilment in this world of Nature;
For, in Nature, all are undergoing evolution for better status soon!
Why should we strive for our ego instead of loving all to share joy well?
Joy of life lies in sharing what we know best, what we do best with all;
New ideas, suggestions and thoughts surely enlighten some and help;
If we are useful to humankind that way, it is indeed a great service!
Enjoying life in creating new and beautiful things, that will serve as joy
To all relieving them from tense situation of world life for a while to joy!
Nature is the Teacher!

All of my loving persons have passed away sooner than me!
Where can I find such loving souls after them in the world?
I wonder how my days will go on sans such lovely souls in life;
Thanks and memories of best of life I have spent with them come!
That gives me joy and makes me forget loneliness I manage with;
But in Nature all small lovely animals like squirrels and birds live alone
Soon after birth searching for food and meeting new pals and go on;
They take up this challenge better than humans and enjoy independence!
Men are social animals but Nature lovers are freedom enjoyers;
Seeing those wonderful beings we have to learn how to live real life;
Having at the end of my journey in life, those creatures of Nature give
All encouragements and confidence to go ahead in pursuits of my wish!
Nature gives inspiration, hope and ideas to enjoy and share with all
By means of Poetry, the wonderful creation of humans sure in the world!
Nature Guides to Live Life with Hope for Good!

Deaths of parents by Corona pandemic are affecting children very much;
Those miserable humans along with puppies and kittens are heart-breaking;
It's a moving story to know about them and those taking care of them now;
Already humanity is suffering a lot and how those orphans live is unimaginable!
Passing away of old ones and helpless ones and new born ones are life;
In Nature, all animals and birds are living enjoying freedom and independence;
Both by suffering and enjoying life is going on in Nature quite amazingly;
But only humans are suffering with feelings quite touching if we see in news!
The adventurous spirit of living beings in Nature only can inspire all sure;
It is indeed a great wonder ever happening and lives are going in world; 
Unless we follow non-attached way of life with love of all, life is difficult to live;
Consoling heart with that dictum all have to pull on the days in the world!
Only living in harmony with Nature, humanity can survive against all odds;
Despite all tragic incidences, life has to be lived till end with hope for good!
Fluctuation is a Continuous Process to Stability!

Life is full of uncertainties due to fluctuation in weather, business and disease;
Unless stability is there in everything, life to lead is only by guess work ever;
Only by faith seeing the activities of Nature, with hope we can go ahead;
In this respect, ambition is the best one should keep in mind and move ahead!
That too, ambition should be based on vision upon knowledge of truth is best;
It is an adventure no doubt, but all goes on trial and error only in life till end;
Both failures and successes fluctuate on the long or short journey of life;
Only final test of life decides real success or failure in the world life for all! 
Whatever it is, efforts sincere and strenuous only can give clue for next move;
Likewise step by step if we move on our venture, we can know what's next;
Based on that assessment one has to proceed to see light at the end of tunnel;
There after, the way is clearly visible to go ahead in speed to hit the target..!
This is how man has progressed and got civilized inch by inch to the present;
Unless nature is developed from animal to human, divinity is a dream only!
Humility Only Gives Greatest Satisfaction!

Of all enemies, internal enemy is more dangerous than eternal one;
Soldier in war and patient enduring disease face such deathly issue in life;
For, soldier in war front and cancer patient face life and death time in world;
Fire fighters and red-cross professionals sacrifice their life to save others! 
Always devoted and committed service doers live and die unknown ever;
They are not for fame or glory, but for the great service they do of all here;
Those taking great risk in life and perform excellent service are really great;
If such kind of workers of humanity in all walks of life only make world heaven!
We are born for doing the best of oneself to have fulfilment, joy and pride;
Unless such a thing is not performed one's soul cannot get sense of perfection;
We are born to do such a feat but many forget indulging in self pride only;
Humility only leads one to achieve perfection in work and life in the world!
Internal flaw of character leads not to victory but to tragedy even if one dies;
We eat for living great life but not living to eat feast ever in world life sure!
The Precarious Life in the world!

Like it's confirmed front-line solider is sure to meet with his end in war,
One is expected to pass away soon due to one's precarious heart heath;
Sometimes soldiers fight bravely and escape from death despite wounds;
Like that, despite bad health, one achieves great feat in creative work!
Poetry is a passion to one to make a mark in the world of literature;
Though a difficult to try so one's effort, one does great thing by miracle;
It is the decree of Supreme Creator who makes weak to survive and
Also, makes the strong to pass away when most unexpected by all ever! 
The Creator hoodwinks all in taking away the breath of a person here;
He creates hopeful impression in everyone of one's health and life here;
When at the least expected moment, He takes away the loving one 
Putting one and all in shock and surprise incredible no words can explain!
This is the nature of everyone's life in this world as it is only a temporary abode;
Our permanent home is only in the spiritual world above where peace is sure!
There is No Point in Bothering about Life!

There's no point in bothering about death and birth after death;
Acquire knowledge and enjoy life full before leaving in peace;
Always think, talk and do the best possible to be happy sure;
Make a mark in some field here and leave for there in joy!
Storm or calm, life is what we make but not by someone else;
Others are minor artists who come and go in the life drama;
Using all, knowledge, experience and talent to show one's best;
That only can give fulfilment, joy, satisfaction and pride in the world!
No one is ever great or meaner to anyone in the life of the world;
Life gives the chance to feel both pleasure and pain to know values 
About joy and sorrow that alternate in everyone's life time and again;
There is nothing permanent in the world from the birth to the death sure!
Like perishable vegetables and fruits, flowers and humans live and leave world;
Knowing this and being non-attached, it's better to live balanced ever!
Our Friendship is Beyond the Mundane Mankind!

Friends and loving persons though unable to meet live in mind and heart;
Even after they leave for the other world, there are fresh in mind ever;
Beyond mind and heart, we live spiritually alive or dead in the world sure;
For, we are not for money, profit, but for good ideas of life and love in the world!
Love of hearts never pretends or hides anything for any advantage in life;
For ordinary persons, our friendship may look to be worthless in the world;
But, we are like Stars in the galaxy ever shine bright anywhere sure;
Our friendship is not for material progress but for spiritual progress ever!
We are beyond human limitation by our thoughts, spirit and heart forever;
Our ideas have touched the Universe long ago and we are now Stars shining;
Even extra terrestrials too come to move with us as friends due to our personality;
Divine hood is just a step more to go above as we have no envy and greed!
All truths, reality and ultimate reality we have discussed and know them all;
Expressing our ideas for the world, we leave them as legacy for posterity!
Diversion in Creative Beauty Leads All to Paradise!

Creating things of beauty brings joy quite unique in the life of one;
If that are helpful and useful in the world, one becomes great;
Such things artistic mind with deep interest in aestheticism do ever;
In this world of anxiety, indulgence in art surely gives great relief!
Even if one is not an artist but can convey ideas, one can create literature;
For that, if one is interested in musing in Nature, certainly one can do so;
But basically love of beauty in art or Nature, automatically makes one creative;
Creation of art work or literary works makes one certainly great ever!
Anxiety of heart in the bad incidences of world needs diversion;
Art and Nature are great relief and diversion towards creativity beautiful;
Gaining one's self so, one can walk straight to glory by achievements nice;
In life what looks to be impossible to surmount becomes nothing too!
Men have crossed many hardships by diversions in creating beautiful things
By minds of art and love of Nature in this world of paradise incomparable!

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