Human Existence - 1

End of All

As ionic particles, souls of God Spirit empower mind, heart and body of all to work;
The thoughts about feelings are stored in Universal Spirit as ideas in books;
Thoughts and ideas are immortalized as proof of human along with soul after death;
This happens after human spirit loses bodily identity in the world for universal existence!

More than feelings, thoughts are higher in status, but spirit is above all in existence;
That spirit within is reminded by the divine spirit in Nature to become universal ever;
For that, Nature by its attractive beauty of things kindles love to feel joyful experience;
Spirit enjoying bliss in Nature aspires to be one with Universal Spirit after sojourn here!

Nature is the bridge between spirit and Universal Spirit to establish link of all;
Realizing this great truth takes time for all as knowledge and experience develop;
Maturity of heart, mind and soul by experience and realization attain wisdom;
That afterwards open the door to higher and wider Space to fly to be one with the Universal!

Sojourn of soul on the Earth is just a little intermission of a film before climax and end;
End of all is like the ship reaching the harbour of success after all trials on the ocean!

Sure Creative Power!

Achieving what we wish is indeed a great feat in life to do in this world sure;
Surely if we plan all aspects to be covered exactly and excited that happens;
Happenings of all things in ones hands as its fate's work;
Work of a speculative kind depends on exact ideas and performance!

Performance at regular times is hard work indeed but if done well it's remarkable;
Remarkable work of creation and invention is a combination of strong will and mind;
Mind when whole picture visualizes first before one ventures on the deed correct;
Correct work of art depends on interest and sure faith one has on one's self!

Self work of creativity is born of genius natural to one since childhood on;
On all matters if one is thorough the flow of ideas will be smooth as a river to the sea;
Sea reflects blue colour of sky in vastness and depth though colourless as glass;
Glass is transparent and all things inside is clearly visible like ideas to readers!

If life experience is reflected from first to last point, it is the best one of a genius;
Genius does creative work of Poetry so, that lasts long as immortal one!

Achieve Something Great!

Each day is a fresh opportunity one gets in life to do something worthy sure;
Sure all things go on in a smooth way if we keep our mind cool and steady;
Steady state of mind depends upon one's knowledge and love towards others;
Others are all our own kith and kin we have to remember in heart to be happy!

Happy the days will go on, if we take all matters in a lighter vein and go ahead;
Ahead of our journey there are a lot of ups and downs yet we go in best of mood;
Mood depends upon the inspiration we get from the beauty of Nature we see;
Seeing smiling flowers, bright blue sky, cool sea and enjoying cool breeze we live!

Living day lights we see even darkness if we are approach all with love;
Love is the best means to deal all matters in world life to be free and cool ever!
Ever we shouldn;t bother about all as that way unnecessary worries stop;
Stop worrying about the past as present has to be enjoyed for facing future!

Future is bright if we take clever step in each and everything we do in the world;
World is full of opportunities for us to do our best and achieve something great!

Life is Just A Sojourn in the World!

Man is created by God with hunger and thirst to take food and water
For making energy to produce power for making all parts to function;
Man feels, thinks, remembers, creates, invents and researches to know truth of all;
Man suffers, worries and thinks to know reality and ultimate reality have peace!

Machine and money are invented and created by man for his assistance;
Energy is made out of burning fuel to produce power to run machines;
Enjoying comforts out of machine and money, man has become slave of both;
Man has forgotten there is a thing called soul a dot of God Spirit as destiny!

God by evolution improves all living beings more than man who improvises machines;
By his scientific technology man has forgotten to know basic truth of his here;
Machines and money are not eternal as man himself is not in this precarious world;
By developing heart, mind and spirit only, man can achieve eternity!

Man can make only lifeless things but not live sans hunger and eternally here;
By hunger and death remind man of his life just a sojourn in this world sure!

Do The Best!

Without criticism, appreciation and some reaction, no work gets well known in the world;
Universe is the greatest natural wonder of creation by the God Spirit;
World is created to react, comment, criticize or appreciate it by humans perhaps;
The reactions about Universe and Earth are going on still, yet it's not enough!

Like Space, God is a infinite genius incomparable with anything anywhere;
This has to be realized before one comments on the creation of all in Space;
Out of humility, God is indulging in creation and destruction in the Universe;
That is the mark of not only God but also man in the world forever and ever!

Man is created with heart, mind and soul to feel, think and create works;
It is each and everyone's duty to do something great before leaving the world;
Instead of fearing or worrying or wasting time, each has to create one's mark here;
That is the top most purpose of man God has created all here to do sure!

By creative and inventive works all have to do the best as their marks in the world;
Instead of wasting time on useless matters, let all do best sans bothering about end!

Be Self-Reliant to be Free in World Life!

Without something, how can there be some other thing to think, say and do?
Hunger makes us to eat, urge makes as to do something and inspiration kindles to do;
Sans eating food, energy level cannot be maintained to generate power to do all things;
That is why, nothing will come out of nothing as all are connect as chain in the world!

World is created with paradise of Nature to inspire, urge and kindle love;
All beautiful things are created or invented out of love whether it is flower or fruit;
Like Nature, knowledge and love together give freedom to create and live life in love
And that gives joy, bliss and peace making fulfilment, satisfaction and contention possible!

All things are done for making contention of heart possible in one to be free and peaceful;
That is why, it is said that contention of heart is the gold making alchemy by wise to all;
Dreams, desire and greediness make one attached to things or humans for all crises;
If limit is realized and non-attachment is followed, one will be happy and free ever!

Above all, for acquiring or pacifying, one needs others help and makes one dependent;
But for the self-reliant one, one never longs or cries or suffers but feels free to live long!

Celebrate World Poetry Day!

Days of papers, books, pencil and pens have gone away forever;
For, Computer with internet facility has come to take their places;
Writers have become rare as they cannot write as in the good old days;
But Poetry has taken a second vast life to rule the world everyone!

Article books, short stories and novels are matters of the past world;
Only Poetry can rule all supreme as it is crisp and featured to inspire all;
Poetry covers all subjects under one roof and all forms of literature in one;
In this World Poetry Day, as a Poet, I am happy I am able to write ever my Poetry!

My dream of becoming a scribe or writer could not be possible due to works;
Finally I have decided to write Poetry to my heart's satisfaction to be a Poetry writer;
When Computer internet service came onto vogue, I have become full time Poet;
Poetry only has brought out my real capability known to the world ever!

Due to the publications in digital form, I am a world Poet now to share ideas with all;
Not only in my place but all over the world and that makes me celebrate World Poetry Day!

Poets Go On in their Adventure Nonstop!

Like Nature and music, Poetry entertains and inspires with great ideas to cherish in life;
Before songs, lyrical poetry was amusing and instruction everyone everywhere;
From classical poetry via romantic poetry to modern poetry developed in literature;
After Poetry, criticism, short stories and novels flourished in world literature!

It is historical fact Poetry was, is and will be there inspiring heart, mind and soul of all;
That too even after Computer with internet service has come into use featured Poetry shines  brighter
More now than before covering all subjects and all forms of literature in one sure;
Due to this great fact, Poetry by nice Poets still touches heart, mind and soul of all!

In cinemas, actors are well known before the writer, singer and director are known;
In literature, Poetry lines might become famous for ages but their Poets are still in darkness;
But after Computer websites publishing Poems, many Poets are well known now in world;
Surely due to this great fact, world Poetry Day has to be celebrated today!

Whether others appreciate Poets and Poetry at all, Poets go on in their adventure nonstop;
This is the true nature of a real Poet who writes Poetry for the world today and tomorrow!

Human Power Lies in Knowledge with Skill!

Knowledge with skill development in schools and colleges make one powerful person;
By such preparation only, one achieves great thing for all in all walks of life;
Natural skill or talent is human power that one can wield to do achievements;
Knowledge is power if skill is utilized with common sense and general knowledge!

The problem of hunger, poverty and unemployment and other causes has made world a hell;
Violence, wars and terrorism and all are endlessly go on due to lack of skill development;
Natural power that has to be used for creative or constructive works is used for harms;
By realization of one's talent or power, world can be developed by creativity and inventiveness!

True knowledge and talent together make all know wrongs and rights to do correct things;
World peace that way only can restored turning it into a paradise of Nature as Poets say;
If all are prepared in educational institutions to be powerful with developed skill
All with thorough knowledge, one can do miracles to create heaven like one world!

Due to improper foundation only, buildings collapse by storms and Earthquakes;
If foundation is strong like a person of great power of knowledge world can withstand storms!

Try for Peace to have Total Liberty!

For happy and peaceful life, human existence depends on excessive knowledge,
Also clear vision and ambition to achieve remarkable achievement in world;
That are not enough to do miracle but one's skill or talent to use knowledge well is;
That too creative or inventive works of art or science or philosophy or Poetry are needed!

Just working for the sake working make one only a mechanical worker or a machine;
That kind of working life is a drudgery only but not a lively act to keep life enthusiastic;
Creative or inventive work done with utilization of knowledge by skill gives unique joy;
Not only that fulfills one's dream, desire but also gives satisfaction, pride and peace!

Human existence is gaining knowledge, enjoying bliss in Nature and attaining absolute state;
That way only life is completed for the inner spirit to fly free in peace to eternity;
In brief, the knowledge we have, the talent we use to do great things are for joy and peace;
All unless get peace that heart needs and mind rests on, there's no peace in liberty!

Total liberty from our obligation in this world all try for in human existence here;
For achieving that only, all knowledge we gain has to be used by talent to do our best!

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