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A Joy to Compose Poems of Great Aspiration!

Freshly bloomed flowers with sweet fragrance invite all to gardens and parks;
It's for Summer Solstice that begins South-West monsoon with mild rain;
It's a blessing in disguise that has hot weather into pleasant situation now;
Beauty of Nature is wonderful as it naturally kindles love and joy to be friendly with all!

Friendship gives greatest comfort whether the situation is harsh or horrible;
With zealous mood all adventure becomes nothing to go on in company of pals;
It reminds me of the famous romantic Poets like Coleridge, Wordsworth and all;
Their philosophic thoughts in Nature are eternally interesting muse over sure!

Nature and romantic Poets inspire even today of so many ideas beautiful and best;
Such a Nature we have to preserve even we get heaven as compensation ever;
The freshness and glory of Nature have no words to say in gratitude for their love;
The beauty and love of Nature is eternal companion when one is in loneliness in life!

The adventurous life of romantic Poets in Nature inspires with great aspiration;
The ideas got so are ever wonderful to compose into many Poems to share with all!

Where to Live Sans Earth?

Hot, hotter and hottest days are ahead in the passage of six months of Summer and Autumn;
Unless the source is kept wet, dry only the lakes and rivers become as desert sure;
Due to pollution of air, water and environment, fire, ice, fish, worm and snake rains fall;
Unless cleanliness is restored, all have to purify sea water for drinking and cooking food!

Due to climate change in Summer hottest climate will melt down frozen ice of two poles of Earth
Like in the past Egypt, Greek, Rome and India, cities under sea water will come true again;
If the whole world into water world, where can humanity go and live in the Universe as on Earth?
In this matter prevention is better than cure by mending mistakes for the good sooner the better!

Even after a rains, except for one or two districts, in all districts water has gone one metre down;
Unless rains fall now and then in Summer or Autumn, water scarcity will affect many nations;
Wise use of natural resources and water is most essential to survive on the Earth soon;
Extremes of climate affect all living beings everywhere on the Earth needing help by all!

We have to prepare by science and technology to live in Space station and under sea;
That is the end for all things going awry due to greediness of a few and lethargy of many!

The Best Natural Life!

One or two squirrels coming and going around my house give me smile;
They are like human children playing around till they get some food from us;
They play hide and seek when they see me coming to the balcony;
After I place some food on the handle wall of balcony, they come and eat it!

What a joyful life squirrels live in Nature making me smile and enjoy their game;
It beyond our capacity to live like them as we are living one among machines;
Like population vehicles have increased with accidents a common matter;
Human sense has disappeared with time to think about love or life in modern world!

That is due to the fact that we have foregone culture for civilization now;
Only mechanical life we are living with no time to think about romantic life;
When this is so, how can romantic love be known to our youngsters?
Only in Poetry it was studied once upon a time here so to say to all now!

If one wants to live best natural life, it is possible only by romantic way of life;
Romantic life only allows all to live in love, friendship, adventure and bliss in Nature!

One World Friendship!

For promotion of Love and Peace in world, Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry Web has come;
Doc PenPen of Philippines is the chief working on this great mission for many years;
From Philippines to Canada, he has organized Poetry conferences for that cause;
I was introduced to this organization by Poet Marieta Maglas some years back!

I am proud and happy to be one among many Poet friends in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry;
I am contributing my Poems everyday and assisting as moderator, admin and Poet Laureate;
Pentasi B is creating a great new history among many such Poetic organizations in the world;
All are enthusiastic in performing the works they prefer in this great organization ever!

Being a lover of Poetry, I am very happy to be one of the long standing Poets here;
Love, joy and peace have united as one world friends wherever we live in the globe;
Pentasi B is, no doubt, growing from strength to strength in a unique fashion;
Nowhere such a wonderful Poet Friends organization can be seen sure, I say!

Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry Web has no race, no colour and no differences;
Pentasi B World Friendship Poety Web is for One World for promotion of Love and Peace!

Nature Has Developed Us Much!

Life in Nature helps to breathe fresh air, drink natural water and spend happy time
On the lush green velvet like green grass surrounded with fragrant flowers
Not only alone but also with family and friends to extent happiness in us
And also to remember happy time life later in loneliness in world life some day!

Nature reveals all about our source, destiny and spiritual completion in heaven;
Nature is the abode of paradise all cannot forget though caught by modern civilization;
The culture of living in harmony with Nature cannot be superseded in any way;
For, we are part and parcel of Nature and also the spring board to eternal spiritual state!

Being the friend and philosopher, Nature gives us all we need and the peaceful end too;
Though we forget it in the fast modern world, climate change reminds of it by natural disasters;
Nature is both humble and furious to show love and anger too impossible to forget in life;
Our gratitude to all things good Nature has given to us is nothing before what it has done to us!

Time spent in Nature from childhood on to the end has developed us much Physically, aesthetically, intellectually and mystically not only as romantic but also as human!

Stop Destruction and Start Construction!

Sans discipline, decency and devotion in doing duty, development in impossible;
That should be well trained in the school itself before going for higher studies in college;
That is culture necessary to take wise decision before venturing on new things for development;
Had that been done well earlier, problems like pollution and climate change wouldn't have come!

Now restoring the world to the earlier best condition, problem has to be solved for sure;
Natural resources shouldn't be exploited to serve commercial interest of the greedy;
Pollution of air, water and environment has to be rectified by all means for the good of all;
Terrorism threatening world peace has to be tackled by united efforts of good nations!

Moratorium has to be put to production and testing of Nuclear weapons by all sure;
Peace talks between warring nations should be started for settlement by all means;
World peace should be restored by a world agreement of all not to go for war ever;
Love, friendship and developments by all should be encouraged by UNO often sure!

Natural disasters can be stopped by restoring normalcy of Nature by cooperation of all;
World wars can be stopped by friendly countries interfering with war mongers for the good of  humanity!

Day and Night of Life!

Just before day break at dawn, Myna birds as a group gather;
Their noise seems to think about what to do and where to go;
With unanimous decision, they all fly away nowhere to be seen;
Slowly the noise squirrels occupy the sky around here next!

At dawn, Sun God comes on his chariot driven by seven horses;
The white horses represent seven colours of rainbow we love;
The full power of Sunlight then overwhelms the darkness of night;
Another day of struggle, adventure, bliss and achievement begin!

This is how the passage of everyday goes on in the life of the world;
That we think about and have new plans to overcome failures
After Sunset and after the Stars have appeared in the dark night;
Then the beauty of crescent Moon and twinkling stars occupy us!

The world of fantasy begins its rule in the dreams of night then;
Only in love all swim deep down the ocean and take rest in sea- shell!

Live as Birds in Nature!

Freedom and natural flying capacity help birds to fly anywhere for food and live life;
They need no other aids like men enjoy by scientific technological gadgets;
Birds live in Nature, for they free to go and do what they wish and survive in world;
But man is aspiring to achieve that status still though advanced in capacity ever!

Man has the confidence to do anything to excel Nature but does adverse things;
Due to that, Nature's wrath is provoked to indulge in disasters like storms and rains;
These show Nature is supreme as humans are come only from it but can't beyond that;
Realizing this great truth, man has to set right setbacks to live in harmony with Nature!

By unity in diversity, man has to create one world to go anywhere and live doing what he wishes;
Wars and destructive weapons man has to put an end for sustaining world peace ever;
By uniting all the Unions of world into one, one world union can be created for living in freedom;
Only then, man can fly like birds free in the sky anywhere he wants to do anything he wishes!

For that, knowledge, natural talent and wisdom man has to use to achieve miracles;
Not ego or greediness will help him to promote peace but only rivalry and wars!

Nature of the World!

Pup is crying and crow is crowing around my place but there's no response;
The noise those living beings are silent for sometime when I see outside;
When the poor people are crying for food, who can care for the animals;
All are busy with their own works going on in competition with time everywhere!

What can one think about when one is on a great race modern world?
Here winning the race is most important but not the sufferings souls out;
Social service people or politicians have to take care of the suffering lot;
They do something only when they get big advertisement in the newspapers!

All public services are done for show business and gaining popularity only;
They all never care for service for humanity doing works silently somewhere;
Only the philosophers and Poets think about humanity and suffering people;
They only inspire the suffering ones as to how to overcome their plights ever!

Whoever works for the well being of all, no one knows unless they are popular;
This is the nature of the world ever whether the pup and crow cray or not!

Love and Peace Ever!

Helping the poor, suffering and needy makes one great in the society;
More than that, it makes one happy, satisfying, fulfilling and peaceful;
Even the crying of pup or crow outside makes us feel pity for those creatures;
If we give some food, they eat with great satisfaction and that give great joy!

The feeling and the outgoing concern for others are the mark of love in humanity;
The joy of living beings in Nature gives us joy too and makes us one with them;
In this world, if one laughs, others too join and laugh, but if one cries, no one joins there;
But making the crying one get joy in life by some one's help makes humanity great!

Love is infectious to make others also to be so and as chain reaction love grows;
Unlike nuclear chain reaction, it doesn't explode with greatest devastation, but only joy;
This is the thing great and noble souls expect to happen in the world to be happy;
Once the world becomes so, automatically world peace will spread like wildfire!

Buddha and Gandhi have shown the path to follow to stop miseries in life;
If that path is not forgotten and followed with faith love and peace will be!

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