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What Makes One Great - Character or Personality?

When morality goes down, qualifications, ability, skills and all lose significance;
Good character is most important rather than personality development alone;
Good personality with knowledge and skill are well developed has special value;
Naturally good character with personality development makes one great in any field!

Greatness does not lie in intellectual, physical or military power to beat all ever;
That is artificial strength only but not real power making one great before all;
Loving nature of a person only can acquire that status in local and international level;
In brief, it is manifestation of human ability, capacity and capability in life!

Love only makes one great as such a one approaches and solves all with human sense;
It is like the activities of Nature that preserve existence of flowers to kindle love to all;
It is Nature's design that all that wield power with love only are great naturally;
Simply good is great as it governs by love but not by force to show oneself to be great!

Natural Poet who writes for the good of all inspired by Nature is really great to rule all;
Humans abiding by Poets' words are truly great in performing all deeds in all walks of life!

Development of Body, Mind and Soul Only Real!

Confluence of increasing hot air and cool Southern breeze gives relief to all in town;
Life has opposites side by side for suffering ones to enjoy and easy ones to suffer;
This is the dictum of Nature for all living beings since creation till now everywhere;
Like the waves of sea ups and downs are common in life to know values of hard toil and joy after it!

To realize bothering effects, body with feelings and thoughts all have to have experience and wisdom;
This natural lesson gives all the thought of eternal joy and peace only can be enjoyed by Spirit;
For that, intellectual and spiritual exercise in Nature are needed to be free in high mind and spirit;
With that development only, man can become superman in world before finally attains divinity!

Civilization and modern world has developed only economy and technology but not society and spirit;
For that, living in harmony with Nature only selfless development can make humanity to live as all in Nature;
All should never forget that our source and destiny are in Nature and go ahead in life;
This world is for living of body, mind and soul for spirit to fly high to eternal union with Universal Spirit!

Material development lone is not enough to make real social progress to get that freedom;
By total development only, eternal joy and peace can be achieved in the spiritual state!  

Human Life in the Modern World!

Poets have become rulers of the world by ideas for the welfare of humanity ever;
Poems of social criticism are pointing out drawbacks of progress of modern world;
Due to lopsided development of economy and technology at the expense of human existence;
This is due to insanity and pollution making world a hell to live new diseases!

Even after three years, Corona pandemic has not disappeared but only resurrecting again;
New disease is a common feature in each and every country in the world with nightmares;
Freedom and peace are superseded by disease in developing modernity so ironically;
Sans disease, it seems, civilization couldn't be seen in any of the country in whole world!

In the past, people were living natural life as culture in harmony with Nature quite lovely;
Now in the civilized world ever in dress style no one seems to reflect anything high;
Every dress is funny and tight making one and all breathe with difficulty and not free at all;
If we are unable to live in free style, what progress or civilization everyone starts to think!

These things and all are what provokes Poets to express all as if reflected by a mirror;
Life is for living in freedom, love, joy and peace but not suffering physically, mentally and spiritually!

Poetry is Mirror of Life!

In modern time, Poetry is mirror of world life to know good, bad and ugly therein;
Social criticism is of two kinds - one reflects positivism and another one negativity;
Best Poetry gives constructive criticism for the upliftment of humility in world;
One who says destructive criticism reflecting sadism of the creator only!

Good one is like the song of skylark singing happily about all in full throated voice;
But the bad one reflects harsh voice of the villain in drama or movie we see;  
Sadists not knowing how to correct their route of like indulge in tirades on all;
Hitler supposed to be a great artist, out of failure, turned to be a world dictator in vain!

Extremism of mind makes all beautiful things into chaos in the human world;
But a real artist full of promise, like Poetry, creates beauty out of chaos ever;
This is the great difference between positive and negative criticisms ever;
Good or bad time, it is always the positive and high mind only creates best of art!

Great art not only satisfies the creator but also takes humanity to golden time;
Criticism should judge well the truth and make encouraging report for all to appreciate!

Achieve Life of Paradise!

Paradise is the place of peace making one to be in joy with birds around there;
Joy and peace together make bliss complete in the beauty of Nature;
Living in harmony with Nature enjoying the songs of birds and love of flowers
One is elated to heaven here itself rather than after our life in this wonderful world!

As a result, it is the duty of everyone to keep this world clean and beautiful ever;
That way surely all can live a wonderful life of love, jy and peace forever;
All developments at the cost of this treasure of Nature shouldn't be forsaken;
Making this heavenly paradise an abode of angels by the divinity of humanity!

Physical evolution is over paying the way for intellectual and spiritual progress;
Knowing this forward move of Nature, all should cooperate well to attain perfection;
Perfection is attaining absolute state by existence, knowledge and bliss in life;
That is what all high holy scriptures say for the promotion of human spirit to divinity!

Life of paradise is what all developments have to lead but not to hell to suffer;
Realizing this great truth, let us all strive for real progress in the world!

Is Poetry Writing A Puzzle or Mystery?

With great expectation one engages oneself in a creative work of Poetry driven by ambition;
It is an adventure on a no man's land to do so with much zeal to do miracle sure;
It is a great enterprising work based on one's ability as a Poetry writer only;
Success or failure is not the Poet's hand but fate has decide by luck or otherwise!

Whether the work is completed as desired or not, efforts to do it is indeed a great thing;
Each Poem is tried so to do something new and unknown field never tread before;
Poetry itself is new art work for the creator and a new matter of readers to decide it;
Likewise so many Poems are regularly produced by the art of the Poet anywhere!

Many encomiums come the form of appreciation from various corners of the world;
But each one is always a sort of puzzle or mystery to explore while composing Poetry;
Where it will lead or where it will stop is completely out of anyone's guess sure;
That is Poetry no one can precisely define as it happens in love or music in world life!

Philosophical depths of each and every idea composed certainly thought provoking to all;
But the end result will be a great mystery to see finally after the project is finished!  

Love True Knowledge!

More than what we think and speak, what we do is most important in life;
For, what we do is permanent to say who we are, what we are and all ever;
Schools, colleges, temples and asylums speak ever about the creator of them;
That is the mark one has created in the world for the benefit of all forever sure!

Philosophers, Poets and Scientists have a unique place in the hearts f many so;
Ideas of such great souls never deceive and tell the truth eternally to all;
World relies on what they have done and said for generations sure ever;
They not only inspire but also instruct and guide all to go on the right track of progress!

Developments should be a complete one for all starting from knowledge first,
Even for praying to God, one should have a knowledge about God to love;
With love and knowledge only, one can know the way to reach God finally;
That is the first duty of all humans living in the world before the breathe the last!

By knowledge and intellectual thinking only we know truth to follow in life to victory ;
Without knowing truth, what we follow is not right and what we do is surely wrong!

Gypsies and Hippies!

Of late I see gypsies still living in their old ways;
Instead of living outside town, they live on platforms;
In families they live with dogs to warn them of rogues;
Such a scene caught my eyes now and then in town!

Gypsies hunt little birds and sell them in the towns;
Their dresses are typically identity them anywhere;
But they too have changed nowadays wearing well
and selling some hand made garlands of beads!

Scholar gypsies are hippies of sixties roaming in groups;
They preferred to live in Nature singing, dancing and all;
They are poets, pop singers, wanderers and romantics;
They embraced ISKCON society, but vanished by disease!

Singing, dancing, wandering and Nature loving romantics are
Once were scholar gypsies but they failed to establish well!

Poetry and Song are Ever Lasting!

Entertaining and encouraging poetry and songs are interesting to many hearts ever;
The classical ones with power of amusement and great message have become immortal;
Such great arts never go as waste when read or played anywhere ever sure;
Cherishing such great literary arts cannot be forgotten even after many centuries!

Every Poet and song writer should never lose heart if their works are not popular;
For, they are all golden greats and classics as time goes on in the world of men;
Literature is enriched by great ideas and philosophic truths such classics convey;
Those indulging in these kinds of creative arts feel proud for what they are doing!

Poetry and songs become immortal their creators even many centuries go by;
With that in mind if all have inspiration to create immortal works of art, life is best;
Greatest satisfaction and fulfilment one gets only by this art only in world life sure;
Each day if such a work of art is not created, it will be a great waste of time!

Life will be ever interesting to enjoy like free birds in Nature, if classical art is practiced;
Poetry and song are ever lasting art no one can replace them with any other ones!  

Do What You Can with the Gift You Have!

Without knowledge and working skill, one can do only manual labour to live life;
Without proper education and work, life is hell in the world forever sure;
Good education, friends, interesting job and government only can provide good life;
Knowledge, skill development and creative work make one a great personality!

If one has good education, job and life, world will be heaven to live sure;
For the exceptional one even if education is not good, one can live well with talent;
Great artists, philosophers and scientists belong to this category in the world;
All should know that where there is the will, there is the way to win in world life!

Despite improper education and work, one becomes a philosopher or poet to live life;
For them, Nature is the friend, philosopher and guide for work and life in this world;
This world is full of opportunities and challenges to deal with to create great things;
Such personalities are the gurus for mankind to face challenge and live in victory!

Hereditary and environment make one what one is and world is gold mine to explore;
What we are is God's gift to us and what we do with it is ours to Him in this world of opportunities!

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