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Our Real Home to Live!

It's a beautiful sight to see crows and squirrels taking food at lunch time;
Children of Nature, crows and squirrels how nicely take lunch in silence;
Natural unity in diversity they teach to all in the world of humanity ever;
They behave as if they are brothers and sisters of one world family here!

Who has taught them discipline, decency and dignity in behaving so beautifully?
It's a great wonder they are ever coming here for taking food as if children our home;
Watching Nature is a great pastime for me especially about birds and squirrels;
They don[t voice to say thanks to the host but they are gentle to do so in silence!

They come and go vising all places around here and take rest for sometime;
The behaviour they display who has taught them I start wondering often;
It is a natural trait they follow perhaps by blood consciousness since long;
Nature is the cradle, training school and destiny they know pretty well!

This makes me to think that our schools and colleges make us only prisoners
But not as free citizens to live like birds in harmony with Nature our real abode!

Live Balanced Life Together!

Cool Southern breeze comes to balance the increasing heat of Summer;
Like for hunger we take food, water for thirst and breathe to be fresh,
Nature has provided everything for and against to balance all for life to go on;
Sans Nature, there is no life and we are nowhere on the Earth our common home!

Like birds, we have to go to places to see the world in which we are living;
We can know culture, language, race, colour and all and unity in diversity;
Hatred, jealousy, rivalry and violence are due to ego, arrogance and domination;
That will rule one when one is always alone and is why we have live in company!

By living together only we can know about love and friendship and the benefits;
By so living, we help each other and do difficult work with ease from ideas from all;
Difficulties are eliminated when all things done as a team better and quicker than before;
Whole life is very well enjoyed in company and can be lived till the end in joy and peace!

Love and friendship develop unity in diversity and to live life in jollity and fun;
In fun and joy, we forget all ill will towards others and live as friends and lovers!

Develop Inspiring All to Develop!

Inspiration for development shouldn't be just in words only but also in action;
Developing oneself simultaneously encouraging others makes social progress;
Inspiring others by our action of development makes one an icon or leader sure;
That is what movie heroes and political icons do to fans and public people!

In this respect, the personality that comes to mind is Mr. Ratan TATA;
He has developed himself developing his companions and related people;
Not only in business or movies or games but also by writings of articles and Poems,
So many people can be inspired for development for all to shine in world level!

That too after Computer and online have become famous, all are connected to all;
The inspiring works of creativity and transactions among many make progress nice;
It is inspiring and encouraging at the same time to go ahead with real interest;
Unity developed so really make world peace healthy and long lasting sure!

By developing it is great to inspire all to develop individually and globally sure;
That is the healthy way of making progress of whole humanity in a best way ever!

The Window to See Out!

Present life is known, but future life is unknown unless we see future;
Beginning of life we all know, but ending of each one's life is not predictable;
Because we are born on the Earth, we know what it is, but after death, it is in darkness;
Nobody knows what it is, where it is and how one can return from there!

Mystery after death is not yet revealed by anyone to anyone so far in the world;
So many things so many say to the world, but all things are not yet proved;
The life we live only, we know and try to live better than before despite problems;
Days are going on and end also comes to many and go away sans any clue!

This is real adventure we have to deal with as long as living here and another one later;
Yes, after death what kind of thing will happen to each and everyone none knows;
Even it it is known, it will be surely another adventure we have to deal with to end it;
So, we have to stop speculating about life now and after and do the best we can!

By doing all things in the best way only, we can get peace of mind and rest;
That is what all other living beings are doing in Nature and that is our window to see out!

We are Nowhere If We Ignore Nature!

Good food, health and peace make one happy till the end of life in the world;
Food, vegetables and fruits are good for living a good life in the world;
Milk, fruit juices and water make one have strong immunity against disease;
Butter milk makes an unique combination in food and shouldn't be ignored!

Good thoughts, talks and acts of one make one a great person in the world;
Best thoughts, talks and acts are the mark of best human culture in the world;
With such attitudes and acts if one lives in the world, one will be a divine one;
From human to divine-hood is what all are actually trying all life in the world!

World of Nature is the open guide to give full training to all to evolve to higher status;
Not money, material luxuries and comfortable life will bring heaven to one;
Due to wrong craze for development in technology and economy, paradise is lost;
To regain lost paradise, Nature has to be worshiped and preserved ever!

We are part of Nature and sans Nature we are nowhere in the world ever;
With Nature only, we can enjoy divine life in paradise here ever and in bliss!

Communication Skill to Know Dreams!

We have so many dreams in sleep, but all dreams never come true in life;
If not in this life, perhaps in the next life, they may come true or by others;
If not in this world, perhaps they may happen in other world far, far away;
But due to lack of communication, we don't get information about that sure!

Radio signals are being sent to distant planets and galaxies in the Universe;
Even if signals come from far off planets, due to undecipherabity, nothing is known;
About aliens and UFOs are also notified by many on line, but that may be hoax;
Without knowing their languages or our languages translated to them, we do none!

Without knowing language we can only communication by hands as dumb people do;
It is believed aliens are very advanced people as they could travel in Space;
Also, it is clear that many ancient aliens had done what we are doing now only;
This is deciphered by analyzing over the inscriptions on pyramids and walls!

Communication to make others understand matters is a great skill indeed;
Simple way of talking will certainly serve the purpose very well to know dreams!   

Only Real Education Makes One Complete Person!

Nature and Poetry are divine blessing in disguise to solve mystery of human life and after!
Nature gives solace to the lonely soul to be independent though there's no company;
The pleasure enjoyed from childhood to manhood in Nature make one well developed;
From William Wordsworth to Emerson, literature if full of examples for proof!

Romantic life in Nature and the poems created therein enriches literature for all to enjoy;
Great philosophers and Poets have acquired wisdom and great ideas to say from Nature only;
Nature has connection with arts, science, philosophy and all in one all know from romantic literature;
In fact of best of knowledge one can get only from Nature say experienced authors!

Without knowledge of Nature and literature one has only wasted life time in the world;
Education in four walls of schools is a prison house learning only sans freedom sure;
To know value of freedom and joy, all have to live in Nature both for joy and sorrow in life;
With that great experience only, maturity of mind, development of heart and spirit take place!

To make one a complete person, education of both science and literature is necessary;
Also, knowledge of history only make one know where the world goes and what has to be done!

Stages of Development to Eternal Freedom!

Human life lies in good existence, true knowledge, natural bliss and peaceful completion; 
This world is for all to live life, love, be happy, enjoy bliss and attain absolute state; 
This is for bodily life, for mind, knowledge and intellectual practice needed and for spirit, meditation! 
Following standard life, mind and spirit need to be developed for going higher up level!

Black Hole is consuming Stars and Matters to change them to the dimension of energy; 
Likewise mind by meditation in and communion with Nature enjoys natural bliss; 
Next, spirit in mystical communion with Nature enjoys super-conscious state; 
By such step by step, spiritually one is made ready to commune with Universal energy finally!

By knowledge, intellectual thoughts to know truth and spiritual practice man becomes superman; 
Superman hood is the spring board to become one with the Universal Spiritual Energy or God; 
This realization only can make one be confident and free to die and pass away in peace; 
Sans this realization and preparation as said earlier, it is difficult to believe and be bold to die!

Dying we live in this world and living we die to go to the other world one day; 
Pleasure, joy and bliss are the stages of one's enjoyment to attain eternal freedom in joy!

All are Players in the Drama of Nature!

Nature, Universe, all Stars, planets, comets and asteroids are all in Space;
Energy present everywhere in the Space is activating galaxies, Stars and planets;
 This universal energy is the all pervading Spiritual Energy or God we pray;
Just a speck or dot of Spirit in each and everything is activating everywhere!

From energy matter has come and after its period, it again turns into energy;
Likewise Stars and Matters in a galaxy are consumed by Black Hole;
That turn into energy in another dimension as our body also turns into spirit;
That is how all ionic sort of spirits become one with the all pervading energy!

This is the function of Energy and Matter taking place in the Universe;
All these activities by electromagnetic and gravitational force are balanced in Space;
This is like the scientific formula Energy = product of Matter and velocity;
Space, Universe and Stars are realized by relativity of all of them as a whole!

Nature is called in Greek as Physics that says about all forces acting in Space;
All living beings including humans are parts of this Nature just as players in Drama!

Faith by Knowledge of Truth Gives Happiness in Life!

Without peace of mind, many live in fear by unnecessary doubts in the course of life;
When the doubts are proved to be mere illusion, smile and laughter return to all;
It is like imagining that there is some evil there in darkness we see outside ever;
When search is made by lights and all seem to all right, confidence is regained!

To overcome such state of mind often, faith based on truth is necessary in life;
Even if some untoward thing happens in life, facing danger is best to solve all;
What will happen will happen but living in fear ever is due to lack of knowledge and faith;
Knowledge clears all doubts and faith based on truth makes one confident to go ahead!

Life is an adventure all have to remember and see new things like a child wonders at all;
Discovering many things in life, we gain experience and attain maturity of mind to live bold;
This's the way one has to follow having knowledge that life is existence, knowledge and bliss;
By experience and wisdom, human culture is being followed to live better in life so!

Empty place has echoing effect for all noises are made by people in fun;
Confidence is built up by acquainting oneself of such situations in life to live best!

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