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Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Humorous talk is a skill that makes all laugh and live happy life in the world;
Laughter caused by humour makes one forget all worries and regain natural spirit;
It's a God given gift that makes society to live in joy whatever be the difficulties;
Worries, doubts and fear make all forget sense of humour and never remember laughter!

In Shakespearean time, fools were also employed in the court to make humorous situation;
They talk full of wit and ideas of wisdom to make quick laugh and think of wisdom;
Serious situation is changed to usual one to govern matters of nation very well;
What a technique to make odd situation into even one to tackle most difficult case!

Humour is used in literary works of social satire to correct disorder to order;
In this respect, Poets like John Dryden and Alexander Pope were well know then;
Literature was used to amuse and think by humanity to live best life as culture;
Such an art no one can forget even though technology and all have developed now!

More than heroic action, comic action is most tedious to do in drama and cinema;
Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin whole world knows!

Resurrection of Poetry A Miracle!

To create or invent beautiful and beneficial thing, ideas are necessary;
From the flowing ideas, mind composes words into lines to produce Poetry;
Profound power of words capture the minds, hearts and spirits of all by poetic spell;
Such a one is called as Poet with fans and friends ever eager to read one's Poems!

Words of appreciation and views of readers feed his mind with further ideas to write;
Composing many Poems, Poet compiles anthology of poems into Poetry Books;
After publication and reviews of Poetry Books, except some readers, buyers are less;
Many believe that Poetry is difficult to read and understand as novels or short stories!

Publishers stop publishing Poetry Books and indulge in publishing novels;
After sometime, readers are fed up with such publications and stop buying books;
Then Computer comes into vogue with Poetry websites taking lion's share ever;
Poetry resurrects like Christ to make readers to have faith in Poetry again!

Poetry covering all subjects under one roof, spread interesting ideas to whole world;
Poetry only was there, is there and will be there in some form or other everywhere!

Exploration of Romantic Poetry!

Romantic mood kindles beautiful, meaningful and wonderful ideas to create Poetry;
Creative work of art poetic talent of Poet ventures on to say new matters to the world;
Absorbed by the beautiful expression of words composed by Poet all dream;
A world of fantasy they all travel to enjoy poetic bliss as a mystic in Nature fresh!

Poetry is magic that creates all wonders by imagination and flow or words by miracle;
The edifice built by the great artistic Poet stays for long never destroyed by any explosion;
Poetry is another greatest wonder of the world created by the genius only ever;
That later remains for all curious minds to explore to find new ideas as hidden treasure!

Ideas rule the world since the time immemorial to mankind starting from Poetry;
Poetry turns into songs with music to dance in ecstasy and enlightenment ever;
What a joy and pleasure like the divine bliss the Nature mystic enjoy in high state of mind;
Always like a free bird Poet travels everywhere here and Universe to know new ideas!

Having explored and enjoyed new facts, truths and ideas, conveys in Poems
All for the ardent seekers of novelty and ideas new to be happy and free in high spirit!

Do We Have Friendship of Astronauts of Distant Stars?

In search of love, we try to have friendships with many in various walks of life;
Now internet links have made that thing easy to have and explore relations;
But love is not an easy thing to have with anyone at first sight itself as in romantic life;
Many have become machines due to civilization in modern world way of life!

All live and work as machines mechanically from morn to night everyday here;
We don't even see Nature and the living beings living there in beautifully ever;
Modern man doesn't care about cleanliness and pollution due to lack of time;
By such mechanical way of life, man is about to destroy Nature itself one day!

Likewise the ancient astronauts too would have done so to their planets then;
That's why, they on their exploratory journey visited Earth and made their marks;
Pyramids, constructions in caves and drawings on walls tell their stories of advancement;
Now after thousands of year, we are trying to reach their level of advancement!

Had we developed like them then, we could have had their friendship visiting their Stars;
But as we have not taken proper steps to protect Nature, Earth is at the verge of destruction!   

Keep Rivers Clean for Good!

Wind comes from the West and East paving way for rain to fall with lightning and thunder;
This is Summer rain that everyone loves to drench oneself to cool down body heat;
If rain comes like this for the next six months, Water problem won't be there 
And Summer heat can't be so much sever to bear tp welcome Autumn and Winter later!

Farmers will be happy going on with their agricultural activities with relief and joy;
Water level that has gone down more than a metre will be filled up for pumping it out;
Crops and rice fields will be green and grow rich sooner than usual there after;
For irrigation and drinking, good water supply will be available to everyone's satisfaction!

Water of life everyone will welcome by throwing flowers on river opened from dam;
What a joy and festival like as people come and watch the flow of river water;
So much is there for water in the months of hottest climate in this part of the world;
If such waters are polluted by drainage, factory effluents and wastes, Nature blinks!

Without water where is life in the world to sustain in love, joy and peace as in paradise?
Let us all think about this and pray for rain God to wash and clean rivers for good!

Honeybees Collect Honey Everyday!

Bright morning Sunshine has started the day for all to go ahead with the day's works;
Sans forgetting all, one by one all works have to be carried out to be free in the evening;
This is how the routine timetable works do on everyday in the life of the world for many;
Freedom is wanting for all to be happy with all things well done sans any pending in life!

Likewise each day is going on but nothing seems to have an end in completion ever;
This is how life perpetuated in the human world since time immemorial to mankind;
If all wants of all are met out soon, the freedom all long for may be achieved one day;
Praying for that, everyone go ahead with the works in hand to do well then and there!

Till retirement, all have to do all works as complete as possible to be happy everyday;
Works done well really gives joy, satisfaction and peace nothing can give in this world;
With that in mind, all do better everyday all works to be done by each and everyone;
Appreciation, praise and prize are the incentive one gets to do better further sure!

Winning laurels in flying colours certainly is a boost for one to feel better in life;
Likewise whole life is being lived like the honeybees collect honey everyday! 

Mesmerizing Beauty Out of Artistic Work!

Beautiful implementation and execution of plan certainly help to achieve objective well;
Artistic mind always seeks aesthetic pleasure in beautifully doing all things in life;
For such kind of persons nothing will give satisfaction unless one does all with artistic touch;
That indeed gives immense joy and pleasure after finishing a great work in the world so!

Love of beauty has so much to do even for a small work or serious work ever;
Such persons do not do things just for the sake of doing but for achieving beauty in work;
It is just like the saying goes "work is worship", some do by full involvement to create beauty;
Not only by art but also by sense of beauty one achieves greatest feat in any job!

People of such mentality make any kind of work the best one to indulge in forever;
Instead of spending time to live life, it is a best intention and interest to do things so;
Distant look enchants the view but near too it will mesmerize, if beauty is great therein;
Divine beauty of Gods and Goddesses are out of devotion are created so by art!

Useful or not, extraordinary workers follow art for art's sake policy to engage in works;
Such lovers of beauty in all things are indeed gentle and graceful beings in the human world!

Say and Win to be a Master!

Winning without any steadiness is by fluke chance, but losing by steadiness is fate;
This is commonly witnessed in games like cricket and football and cinema also;
More than the players, spectators and fans are caught in great tension till end;
But it is a great experience to see and undergo before becoming a master in any field! 

Without bothering about victory of failure, one should go on doing all roles long;
After all techniques and pit falls are well known by experience, one is well versed;
Then only a great time and chance begin in one's lifetime in any walk of life;
Afterwards no one can stop one's onward march to achievements and victories!

One will certainly make a mark in the world and become a legend too ever;
But such an one only all can praise that one's steadiness in profession and life;
People in mass praise and follow one as leader and even as God to worship ever;
This is the nature of the world that has failed one miserably in the start of life!

To overcome disappointments and over victories by fate and luck , games help all much;
All games are great challenge to indulge in to become masters to say and win finally! 

Nature is a Lover of Beauty!

Beautiful Nature's designs of all living beings and things are awesome indeed;
Nature is a great lover of beauty that kindles love in the hearts of all in the world;
Paradise is the best creation of Nature for all to live love and joy forever sure;
Stars twinkling night Sky in the Universe kind dreams of romance to bring nice sleep!

Sans such arrangement, where is possible for man to get good rest to work in life?
Working, dreaming, loving and enjoying life in paradise are great boon on the Earth;
But how ugly all things have become in the modern world of developments;
Sense of beauty, goodness and truth should prevail over all things we do for the better!

Technological developments are man's inventive progress at the cost of Nature's beauty;
By beauty, Nature has achieved progress in evolution that develops heart, mind and soul;
If beauty of Nature is destroyed, can ugliness everywhere make us think of love ever?
From animals, Nature has developed man and from man developing divinity!

Understanding this great intention, our progress should go on parallel to Nature;
Nature has planted seed to grow all beautifully like artist paints picture all love ever!

The Spring of Poetry!

When any creative or inventive work is very interesting, time is not enough ever;
Poetry is one such a work of art that engulfs one if one becomes dedicated to ti;
Ideas flow, poems churned out and days go on unnoticed by the Poet for long;
As in other profession, for want of subject or ideas, one struggles to write Poems!

Even then the urge doesn't leave one free to feel it is all over and mind other works;
After Computer internet has come into vogue for Poetry, it's like resurrection for Poetry;
Even if there is no plan or idea to write, when one sits before Computer words flow out;
Words turn int line and lines produce unique Poetry to share with all in the world sure!

Even after composing thousands of Poems, the habit of writing of Poems has not stopped;
All those who read them, ask to write 10,000 Poems and with that in mind, I go ahead;
According to my estimation it will take at least one year to do that feat in my life now;
Creative work has become mechanical work that makes me to change it for better!

The spring of Poetry is endlessly flowing out from my heart, mind and spirit;
I also go on as if it is an adventure besides all disturbances and troubles here!

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