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Poetry is My Last resort!

Sans failure troubles come to disturb the work I do with much interest;
Suddenly I have to go to a city from the town to attend some functions;
It is an obligation I cannot avoid minding my work allowed by God as last chance;
All stored up ideas, feelings and thoughts I got time to express now only!

This is called irony of fate that tries to the last to put drive me to the corner 
As in the Chess game done to the King unable to move to safer position to win;
How many days it will take for my return to my paradise to sing as free bird;
My prime time is over in life but this rare opportunity how can I miss finally?

Do or die is said to soldiers to fight and win in the final battle to save nation;
But in my case I am left to somehow write all I can before die in the coming days or later;
This is for compensating for all the chances I have missed due to fate in my life;
Yet, I feel if I try a little longer, I am sure I will win in the battle to breathe my last in peace!

Before the end one has to do something worthwhile to establish one's name;
My Poetry is the last resort for me to save my reputation and show my caliber!  

Love Touch!

Whatever is swayed to be the slave of love is good living being whether human or animal;
Love makes even animals humble, humans swayed and angels graceful ever everywhere;
Love only has that magic touch that never fails to make anyone and all only kind and peaceful;
Anyone who knows the knack to love is ever supreme to rule the hearts of all anywhere sure!

Love only can make a hard nut into a soft feather to be sweet and tasty to feel, think and enjoy in life;
Such a sense of feeling is unique not only to humans and animals but also to the divine mystic  love;
Wherever we go, whether we have money, gadgets or not but the natural skill to love, one has  venerable welcome;
Loving soul is residence of kindness and power ripening raw hearted beings in the world!

Loving heart is angel residing heaven on the Earth that only gives greatest solace, comfort and confidence;
Heavenly life in paradise of Nature only Nature can create on Earth with body to feel joy and pleasure;
Love is unique and matchless with anything in the world or in the Universe except perhaps in heaven;
Touch of love how can anybody refuse or ignore as long as one lives in the Earthly Paradise?

Love is a rare virtue nothing can replace it however hard one tries by every new means what so ever;
Let us all honour this awe inspiring virtue as long as human world as long as Earth is in the Universe!

Migration of a Community and After!
Even after thousand years, a community hasn't forgotten its language though don't know script;
For, that community speaks in mother tongue but not read and write as it has no public use; 
They talk about it often but even if they don't, others who know them speak about it to others anywhere;
Their migration has become a history that cannot be destroyed because of their marks everywhere!
They don't have contact with anyone of own place of origin as languages there mixed with foreign ones;
But the language of the migrated people is original even after assimilating words from Southern languages;
After thousand years, govt. has started establishing contacts of them with people of origin now;
But there is no communication with the migrated people by present people of origin in any language!
Only by communication and exchange of cultural acts, a new chapter can be written about the two;
They have one language but speak entirely in different words both can't understand sans interpretation;
That's a strange truth both understand and laugh as situation of same language changed by many years;
But by transactions between them, unity of nation is developed due to contracts of same language!
Same language spoken with different words and meanings is strange and challenging the two people;
But by movements between them, surely unity of nation is established to a great extent indeed!

Regaining Lost Paradise of Peace Ever!

Peace in the place of paradise on Earth no one can forego  
For technological progress at the cost of natural resources; 
Environmental pollution has long been destroying Nature by
Natural disasters caused by climatic change anywhere sure!

Extreme climates of Winter and Summer have been effecting
All natural changes completely to fetch further desertification;
Air, water and environment are contaminated by industrial
Effluents and all kinds of wastes mixing with them forever!

Due to climate changes, the harmful effects of Nature are 
Destroying all productive agricultural activities the world;
Sans healthy agricultural productions, life and health of 
All living beings will be affected much sans any recovery!

New diseases, natural disasters and wars by humans act
As changeless nightmares to wipe out all developments;
The peace of paradise enjoyed in Nature will become a hell
Driving out the world to horrible end soon sans any mercy!

Regaining the lost paradise is the only way to set right 
All set backs the world has been suffering since long;
Social media and peace loving nations should work fast
Together on war footing to create realization to all in world!

That is the best way to turn the clock of time to the golden
Time the world was enjoying once in the past for good;
Until then, there is no rest for all in the harsh world of
Hell we have to undergo with bitter taste only sure!

Nothing can be enjoyed without peace of mind to live 
In the world with confidence, courage and boldness ever;
Unless mind and heart are at poise by fulfilling the idea of
The lost world, paradise cannot be regained forever!

Love and Knowledge Together Give Freedom and Peace Ever!

Love and knowledge only together give freedom to enjoy life in happiness and peace ever;
Knowledge gives intellectual power to rule all minds, but love gives power to sway all sure;
As all are just bundles of emotion, knowledge behind love sways controlling all for peace;
Physical strength and knowledge may control by force, but love rules heart and soul to be good ever!

More than force that controls by fear, love gives freedom to act aligning with the all powerful love;
More than strength and knowledge, love only sways whole soul to the last to lead a safe and peaceful life;
Without love and peace, a good life is impossible to live in the world not only now but also forever;
That's why life and works of all are decided by love with the use of knowledge and power all dreams are realized!

Love based dreams of world life is paradise on Earth to enjoy life in Nature in joy and peace forever;
That lovely life of paradise is the great dream of all love and peace loving souls advocate ever;
But technological development at the cost of Nature has driven world to the brink of hell;
Before the world falls down to the abyss of hell, if Nature is saved, it's wise to live lovely life here!

Heaven and hell are created by the intellectual power of humans only;
The mind that encourages force is evil and the heart that inspires love is divine!

Dreams of Real Progress of Humanity to Divinity!

Lovely dreams of developing knowledge kindle to have 
Great ambition to achieve creating things of high feat;
They have ideas of wisdom revealing unknown truths
Quite enlightening and encouraging great adventure!

Life full of adventure develops one's nobility to be great 
To guide mankind to joy and peace world life ever;
Such kind of living only can create one world paradise
For all to work and live in unity despite diversity ever!

By love only knowledgeably great ideas of progress 
And peace can be made popular among all people sure;
That is the best way to achieve unity of all and create 
One World to live as one family by friendship as culture!

By so doing, friendship inspires all to venture on nice
Joint activities in many fields to achieve progress real;
That only helps all enjoy happiness and satisfaction in life
To live in unity, love, joy and peace against all odds!

Dreams of love, peace and prosperity only ever help all
To achieve doing all things by cooperation and coordination;
There only healthy competition to do best of all great things
For the progress of humanity in one world paradise sure!

That is the way to live life of heaven in one world as in
Paradise all love to dream and achieve anywhere ever;
Prosperity and progress achieved so in one world will
Make this world of dream a heaven to live in love sure!

Dreams come true, if they all are developed by true
Knowledge and wisdom of great ideas of noble souls;
The charismatic works of noble persons are sure to
Inspire and develop humanity to live in divinity as angels!

Human Existence Will Be A Miracle Ever!

Human existence is in good condition, if all enjoy good food, air, water, health and environment;
If human existence is in best status, life on the Earth is paradise to live long in joy and peace;
All these things happen if all live in harmony with Nature sans disturbing ecological condition;
World is a great paradise in the Universe as such a planet is not seen anywhere so far sure!

Due to environmental pollution, new diseases caused by careless researches world people suffer now; 
Also due to exploitation of natural resources sans recycling them and disunity of nations, humanity suffers;
If natural resources are undisturbed and all nations follow unity in diversity by friendship, world will be peaceful;
If world is destroyed by natural disasters or by wars due to enmity, human life will vanish ever!

By preserving Nature and maintaining peace by unity, human existence will remain as miracle ever;
It all depends upon love, friendship and cooperation, humanity can enjoy divine life on Earth as in heaven;
If united, humanity will stand tall on the only Earth of the Universe, but if divided, all will fall to nowhere;
This is the great truth and reality all should realize before it is too late to save Earth in time!

To save Earth, all should not forget world history and literature while blindly indulging in material progress alone;
Our downfall is worsening bitterly due to lopsided economic and technological development due to materialism only!

Make Human Life An Interesting Journey!

The journey of human life is work interesting to creative and inventive ones ever;
World is full of opportunities for artists and scientists to create and invent things making history;
What they created and invented are making life to go on fast pace to do new things;
New thinking has changed world to go on high level as free flying bird singing songs now!

New things are of greatest interest for creativity whether meaningful or meaningless;
New things cannot be created always with interest but can old wine be filled in new bottle;
Only old design is changed and beautified but the contents are well enjoyed music of the past;
Music, Nature and Poetry are like love that cannot be created in a new and different way sure!

Love by knowledge makes wonders due to freedom as that only gives free will to do all very well;
Like a child plays as it wishes and wonders at its own creations Poets are interested in novelty ever;
Poetic art is born of love and creative talent that has no limit to control what so ever in any way;
such ones only create wonders in all fields for entertaining and guiding all to new things ever!

Modern in style and novel in manner what they create is always one of a kind that fulfills all;
That is what all love to see and enjoy in life to make the journey interesting till the end sure!

Live in Harmony with Nature for Love and Peace Ever!

All living beings come and go, but life goes on forever because love is the soul of life in the world;
Because Nature is the source of love in life that kindles all love to live peaceful life in joy;
Life has time limit, but love is limitless like Space and Time as music and Poetry in literature;
Source and destiny of life are in Nature that regenerates life in various forms for evolution to go on!

For evolution to develop living beings to higher level, Nature is the spring board for all ever;
Modern world that challenges Nature is only leading to towards destruction as life is lead out of it;
Only by living in harmony with Nature evolution of all living beings can develop to divinity finally;
For, Nature is mother, source, friend, philosopher and guide for all lives to go on a process forward!

If Nature itself is slowly destroyed by pollution and wars, natural disasters reign supreme sure ever;
That after effects of Nature bring destruction of man's technological progress of modern world;
This is not the actual dream and progress of man's great explorations of all his life time;
These drawbacks are informed by creative evolution of Poetry as warning of literature to world;

Knowing this forewarning and prediction of Poetry, people should respect Nature for all its benefits;
Not only that but also, all should live in harmony with Nature cherishing love and peace to live long!

Love is Soul of Life Ever!

Love is soul of life ever and without which life is meaninglessly hellish to live in the world; 
Terrorism, war mongers and pollution makers rule the world only by fear to destroy all to be a desert; 
All should never care for fear but ever stand for loving souls in the world to live wise life; 
Not by fear but by freedom based on love always only we can live great life as model to others!

Love is eternal power that perpetuates life in the world to live as angels of heaven in paradise; 
We are born to live free and meaningful life to achieve all things for the benefit of all by love ever; 
By this great idea only, many have done things of miracles to turn the world into lovely paradise; 
When this is so, why should we all deliver things to selfish and fear creaters of a small group?

Love based on knowledge of truth is ever real power to defeat war mongering fools of no goodness; 
Loving souls are good and naturally great to command respect by their awesome act of goodness; 
Sans goodness, no one can become great to deal the world in love and peace forever sure; 
Life without fear is possible only by love and truth that wield real power to unite mankind!

Good is ever great as it is a great truth that love as the soul of life holds say all religions in the world; 
Nature unites all by love to live life of paradise in the world as love only sustains life sans failure!



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