Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence

A human being is the combination of intellectual and emotional sides and aspects.

Humanbeings are unique among life systems. Only humans can talk and have language abilities. This unique and useful ability helped humans to develop alphabet, digits and languages. And through languages ideas, intuitions, understanding, insight, experiences, skills, thoughts, feelings, etc., are learnt and communicated and vice versa.

Our mind distills what all we read, know, acquire, understand, get insight of, experience and forms its own essence. It will communicate that essence when it expresses about various aspects, types, perspectives, and understanding of knowledge acquired of various fields of knowledge, science, philosophy, arts, spirituality and experience.

That is why each one of us will have different perspectives and observations. Our perspective appears as Truth to us; others need not agree with it.

Thus through our education phase and profession-phase we learn and communicate and enhance our knowledge and widen the horizon of our learning. Thus knowledge is acquired by us.

In addition, human beings are both emotional and intellectual beings. Very few are intellectual and most are emotional and are guided by emotions during the course of life. 90 percent of human beings won't further their knowledge because of abilities, restraints and constraints of mind and preferred interests.

Only 10 percent further their knowledge. But of these many don't know that their already acquired knowledge and field acts as obstacle to acquire fresh knowledge.

And most of these are confined to the subject of their field. Inter-disciplinary

nature of human knowledge, learning and skills are scarcely accepted and welcomed by some.

What they already "know", their strong likes, dislikes, preferences, views already formed, will restrain the individual to view fresh knowledge with an open and objective mind. Most have either intellectual or emotional capabilities. Very few have both.

People with intellectual abilities study and contribute to natural sciences, mathematics, philosophy, law, language theories, spirituality and many other like disciplines and related technology.

People with emotional abilities will contribute to  fine-arts, love, human relationships, devotion, religion and culture.

Human beings need both emotional and intellectual contributions to be a complete being. But certain individuals with their limited knowledge, interests, horizon of human endeavours will feel great of their vocation and strongly "feel"  and find that other disciplines are not interesting or not their cup of tea.

They want "improvement" in their field only; because of their strong footing in their chosen field and disinterested-ness in rest of human endeavours. Their already acquired knowledge won't allow them to appreciate other kind of knowledge and achievements.

Some of them feel that they own their field and rear it dearly. They don't want to or can't come out of their limited horizon and subjective preferences and love to be and live to remain in that box, like particle in a box of quantum mechanics. Also they don't want their endeavour polluted by other kind of human endeavours.

It will be very difficult for many people to objectively welcome other endeavours. They use logic which always need not lead us to reality and truth.

Nowadays logic has given its place to intuition and emotional intelligence. Many personality development gurus are stressing on emotional intelligence for harmonious living and  enjoy completely of human being.
Even intellectuals can't live without emotion and emotional fulfilment.

Various people will have emotional fulfilment in various ways. Human beings can live not being an intellectual but can't live without emotional fulfilment. Many intellectuals "transcend" societal norms in their behaviour just to be emotionally fulfilled.

Man finds emotional fulfilment in woman; some in religion; some in spirituality; some only in the pursuit of science; some in literature; some in music like that.

Though a person is a science student in the real sense of the word, he can have interest in fine arts and other fields of human endeavour.

Very few people confine to their field of study - science and technology, arts, fine-arts, philosophy, spirituality - and have varied interests.

An intellectual need not confine to intellectual studies and most have emotional needs and abilities.

Intellectual intelligence is based on logic, reasoning, discretion, discrimination and understanding.

Emotional intelligence is based on experience, intuition, feeling and faith.



More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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