You Have been Billed!

In a world suffering from recession, the growth and boom that India enjoys must be in some way credited to the Government. They are doing something right for sure. 
That kind of success comes from people using their intellect and hard work for productive purposes and with the amount of man hours lost in this protest, I wonder if it’s a step in the right direction. 
Most of the people who supported Anna could not say, even in brief, what the Lokpal was on various TV channels. So what are they supporting really? Anna, and anything that he says? How dangerous can that be? 
He was right when he claimed that the people are in an inebriated state when they go to vote. They seem to be in the same state now as well. If Anna breaks the law in his protest, he has every right to be arrested. Expecting nothing to be done is again breaking the law system.
Not that I’m saying he has broken the law but if the law and order situation is threatened, the police are within rights to take a pre-emptive step.
Let’s not take a skewed view but let’s credit the government for the good they’ve done and ask them to pull up their socks in the areas that need to. I would like to see someone, for once, say something nice about all the good that has happened. We are all ready to jump up and point fingers. Who will be the first to stand and applaud the people who did things right?
All that we remember are the scams and the dubious honours. We conveniently forget all the good, all the growth, all the benefits, all the business that has poured in. We have more millionaires than ever before in this country now. Where were all the compliments when that was happening?
Let’s just accept it. We love nothing more than feeling we have been wronged and have someone else to blame for it. Can you say you’ve never accepted or given a bribe? Can you say you’ve lived your life ‘clean’? Are you willing to stand up and take responsibility for it before blaming the government?
Talk about putting a law to deal with corruption and Team Anna demands that the Lokpal bill be passed within the next four days after extending the current session of Parliament, bypassing scrutiny by the Standing Committee. We know what to expect from a Bill which starts by breaking a standing law to ensure that it gets passed.
God bless my country (Thank you Mel for the input).


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