Civilization of Unity in Diversity promotes Friendship for One Modern World! 1

Poetry is Ever Interesting Discovery of Man Sure!

Concentrated work with great interest Poet composes poem
Involving whole soul into activity lasting forever in literature
Of the world entertaining and making all think with interest
To see a new world of thoughts, feelings and images novel!

Of all forms of literature, Poetry alone never makes the Poet
And poetry readers lose interest ever musing over the ideas
That look to be fresh ever absorbing in creation and reading
With heart, mind and soul actively involved in great venture!

Such a form of writing Poetry is that profitable or not, ever
Urges myriad mind completely absorbed both in creation
And delivering sans any tiredness and boredom what so
Ever as a greatest wonder man has discovered in the world!

Poetry is the best diversion for all types of souls needing a
Change of mind not possible in any other way anywhere sure!

As We Sow, So We Reap!

Exceeding all limits rains have fallen for many months long;
Even in January rain has come like a blue Moon after a lapse
Of one hundred years it is said and finally bright Sunshine
In all its glory now appears beautifully in the Sky regularly!

Whatever hot the season may be, it is possible for all to live
With not so difficulty as cannot be borne in winter months
With cold impossible to bear sans heaters, hot water bath
In the morning and thick blanket to cover up in the night!

Both hot and cold climates we have seen in one year with
The hope that the current year will be moderate in Summer
And Winter as far as climatic conditions are concerned sure;
For all good and bad effects of Nature, we have to bear ever!

Knowing well this fact, we have to be careful in keeping
Cleanliness and avoiding pollution so that we can enjoy well!

Love and Peace Promote World Peace and Progress!

Naturally our Earth is one world with pieces of many nations,
Where we all live by birth, for studies and work through out
Our life as we have freedom, liberty and rights to think, talk
And do deeds creatively and inventively for the benefit of all!

This truth is natural justice for all humans everywhere here;
Boundaries, pass ports and visas are for the convenience of
Administration to stop crimes of all kinds by international
Law needing to be simplified by international integration!

By good education and international friendship nations are
modernizing by economic and technological developments;
By exchange of new ideas in arts, literature and culture all
Favour civilization by unity in diversity for one modern world!

If all unions of nations join together for this noble cause,
Sure love and friendship promote world peace and progress!

Freedom to Explore All Necessary to Know the Ultimate One!
Sans love and knowledge, freedom cannot be realized and
Really enjoyed in the world to explore many unknown ideas;
Book knowledge is not enough as world and Nature are vast
Field to explore to find answers to our doubts, ultimate truth!

Along with education free movements of all are necessary
Not only in our nearby Nature and far off Universe but also
The whole world to feel it is really one as it is necessary for
The creation or formation of One Human World forever sure!

A border-less world with freedom to live and work any
Where is what all have to try to achieve by civilization of
Unity in diversity through international friendship n the
World that's trying to be modern in all respects everywhere!

For exploration of and expression about Self, society, world
And Universal spiritual energy, Poetry can help more than all!

Higher Level of Thought to Achieve Total Liberation Birth-less!

Unity in diversity is perfect example of civilization to live
Modern way of life by friendship in peace and prosperity;
This is what expected of modern world to do rather than
In racial hatred, ideological rivalry ever and violence or war!

This is the way high level of thinking can be possible to
Evolve oneself from human to divine nature to accomplish
The purpose of life in the world before one is sure to attain
The perfect state of liberation for spirit to be birth-less ever!

That is possible only if mystically one explores the presence
Of divine in Nature so as to get the realization that ultimate
Reality is the Universal Spiritual Energy which is source and
Destiny for all beings and prepare oneself ready so for transform!

Realizing and knowing the ultimate reality so, one truly has
Reliable faith and belief to begin transcendental journey sure!

The Ingredient of Modern World to Progress in Peace!

Modern world to be so, has to function with new thoughts of
Mind for maintaining peace and normal function of life ever;
There despite differences of religion, nation, culture, race,
Language and all, unity in diversity is mark of civilization....!

If such way of life is followed in public, that is real human
Culture that sustains civilization in modern world in peace;
This discipline and order is developed through education,
If educational institutions follow secularism and pluralism!

Hatred, violence and wars are mainly caused by political
Idealism quite orthodox and undemocratic in governance
Without changing over to modernity by developments of
Civilization promoting unity, friendship and love in all sure!

For modern world to progress in peace and prosperity, unity
In diversity and friendship are the ingredient of civilization..!

One Modern World of Human Civilization!

Military power ruling all nations as one world nation for so
Called peace by Alexander, Chengiz Khan, Julius Caesar,
Napoleon and Hitler had failed like long religious wars of
Conversion, but new version of terrorism is trying in vain!

Religion is private matter, democracy is public matter of nice
System to decide who has to rule and how things have to be
Done for the benefit of all whether it is industry or business
Or agriculture or social matters like culture or civilization, etc.

Secular democratic system with free individual development
On the basis of human culture is best modern way of life all
Love to follow as civilization for the formation of One World
For peace to prevail for prosperity and progress of humanity!   

That's the way One Modern World of civilization of humanity
Seems to be best to follow unity in diversity in harmony with Nature!

Living in Harmony with Nature by Unity in Diversity!

Industrialized world rule by military force had failed long ago;
But industrialized world society with scope for human progress
All welcome but rare to see happen due to materialism;
Best seems to be agrarian world for all to live in harmony with Nature!

One agrarian world society can put an end to noises of harmful issues;
Nature only gives opportunity to enjoy aesthetic, intellectual and mystical pleasures;
Intellectual and spiritual progress only develops human sense to higher level;
Pleasure enjoyed so fulfils human nature to divine nature to enjoy bliss divine!

Unity in diversity puts an end to all complexities that collapse all peace and progress;
This civilization in the modern world is to be cherished most for real human development;
That is possible by human culture of love and friendship with all people far and near;
By doing so and education, one modern world of peace, prosperity and progress is realized!

By unity in diversity life can be lived in harmony with Nature
Promoting the culture of love and friendship in one modern world!

Poetry is Old, New and Best Ever!

Poetry is old, poetry is new and Poetry is ever best sure;
Literature and Poetry ever reveal what history has failed to
Record facts that are vital to know truth in any world issue;
Literature and Poetry suggests new ideas of human progress!

Poetry inspires and energizes heart, mind and soul to ever
Venture on new direct and new things to create change sure
In society and world at large for freedom to flourish forever
To create and invent new and great things for the benefit of all!

Reformation of world to modernity and civilization are seeded
And planted by poetic literature whether it is governance or
Social change or discovery or intentions of new machines or
Electronic gadgets helping all activities in all walks of life...!

Poetry is wonderful discovery, powerful weapon and most
Useful boon to do all kinds of works as harbinger in the world!

How Far Modern World Civilization Can Go?

Modern world civilization is mainly created by Science and
Technology through inventions of machines, cars, trains, ship
And plane to go ahead fast and quick in all things in such a
Way that men live as machines and even after death live so!

Yes, by saving the memory of man by scientific development
It may be transferred to a cloned man of the original one
And that way man may achieve death-less state by changing
Body to a new one by bio technological development soon!

Perhaps the secret of ancient Indian transmigration of soul is
Known and learnt, in the replica of cloned body, one can live
Immortally in the world carrying out the ambitious projects
Started earlier by the original man to perfection later on sure!

The progress of modernity by science if done for good use,
Then modern civilization is worthy one to follow ever sure...!

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