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Robot Man of the Deceased One!

Modern world is machine world giving importance to value
Of money as yardstick to estimate anything as great or poor;
In this materialistically oriented society, more than human
Money making one is respected as long as one mints money!

Such a man is protected more than King or President of a
Nation in the world in such a way that researches are being
Going on to make Robot man of such a one with one's full
Memory is saved even if one dies to transfer to it to work!

So, Robot man with the memory of the deceased one will
Continue the left out work to continue the process of money
Making business to keep the corporate ever enriched with
Money to beat all other competitors anywhere in the world!

Who knows, in the future, Robot man of a genius or talented
One capable of enriching institution will go on so even after one's death!

Can We Shun the Invaluable Earth Ever?

If man finds out the way to overcome death and hunger,
Sure he can achieve immortality to live forever in the world;
But, in his pursuit to discover and invent so many advanced
Things, man is destroying natural resources to end world...!

So, to overcome that tragic stage of world, man is exploring
The whole Universe to find planets like Earth to live there...;
Moon and Mars are under his microscopic research to find
Water and grow green plants for food to settle there ever!

Can anyone neglect the bird in hand worth two in the bush?
is it not too much of anything is good for nothing in life.....?
Instead of trying such wise-less things, why can't save Earth?
Only art-less and culture-less ones don't know love of Earth!

Like the swain cannot understand the value of pearls or ass
Can't understand the value of Book, modern man lives life!

Which is Great – Nature or Art, Real of Artificial?

God has created Nature and man with real intelligence;
But man has created Art and Robot with artificial intelligence;
Can artificial intelligence win over real intelligence ever?
Can Art of man ever be equal to Nature of God in anyway?

Nature is full of life, activities, beauty never fading and lovely;
Art has stilled emotion and feelings of humans as beauty and truth;
But if man's works interfere with God's Nature, will that be steadfast long?
Before Nature's wrath as unseasonal rains and storms, man is helpless!

God's creations like horse, fish, bird and man are lively in action;
But man's creations like bikes or cars, ship, plane and robot run by technology;
God is eternal, infinite, omnipotent and omniscient, but man can’t be so;
For, man is just like a child before God playing with toys of technology!

Realizing his limitations, man has to maintain himself with all
The creations of Nature and all not for competition but completion!

Need to Resurrect Great and Noble Dream, Vision and Desire for World Peace!

Unity, brotherhood, friendship and peace all noble persons
Love to prevail over one human world sine longtime sure...;
The list of Poets, novelists, litterateurs and intellectuals are
Long starting from Francis Bacon to H G Wells and so on...!

Lord Tennyson in his Locksley Hall, Francis Bacon in his well
Known New Atlantis and Thomas Moore in Utopia have said
That intellectuals and scientists all over the world would join
together as one humanity to share and discuss new ideas...!

They all would wish for the creation of One World Govt. for
The whole world, where friendship and unity would prevail
Everywhere for peace, prosperity and progress of humanity
To make this world into a war-less paradise in the Universe!

Such a dream, vision and desire of great and noble persons
Since long remain in dependency needing to be resurrected!

Preventing Civilization of Modern World Meeting With the Fate of Past Civilizations!

Saving world from pollution of air, water and environment
And protection of natural resources from exploitation by all
Corporations for fuel, raw materials and food sans recycling
Are the best legacy we can leave behind for the posterity!

Civilization of modern world should not meet with the fate
Of past civilizations like Egypt, Israel, Greece and Rome...;
For that uniting all nations following the civilization of Unity in diversity,
One modern world has to be formed for peace and Progress!

International integration of economy, society and culture by
Friendship, real civilization can thrive in one modern world;
By unifying unions of nations, hatred, rivalry, violence and
Wars can be eliminated for developments in various fields!

By unity and friendship only, world peace, prosperity and
Real progress are possible for civilization to thrive in world!

One Modern World of Humanity can make Civilization Real!

The culture of international friendship fosters unity in diversity
To uphold civilization of modern world for peace and progress
To overcome hunger, poverty and unemployment of humanity
Making freedom, liberty and rights constitutionally available to re-public
And strengthened by liberty, equality and fraternity of democracy!

Freedom to all people of all nations in the world governed by democracy
Real civilization makes technology of modern world truthful Sure
And by that way if unanimously all nations work for the creation of
One modern world for the prosperity of humanity, humankind
Indeed will enjoy love, joy and peace in the paradise of Earth ever!

For that, hatred, rivalry, fanaticism, terrorism, conflicts, violence and
Wars should be averted by peace talks and tolerance paving the way for
Unity in diversity of religions, races, regions, nations, cultures, languages,
Colours and classes one modern world of humanity can make civilization real!

Like Poetry, Culture is Mother of Arts and Life in Modern World of Civilization!

Culture and civilization are like Poetry and song, literature and grammar;
Sans the first, the latter cannot thrive serving all for good ever;
For remembering oral poetry, rhythm and rhyme are created;
Poetry is the source and mother of literature and songs ever;
Songs are for fun only but Poetry is for fun and thoughts to live life better!

Culture and civilization are foundation and building that beautifies cities;
If culture is village, civilization is town that exists by the food of the first one;
Village is in the home of Nature with all resources of water and fields complete;
Nature is health of body that survives strong functioning and enjoying life;
Only if they go together, creativity of beautiful art can inspire hope to live life long!

Nature, culture and art are the source like Poetry for literature, song and fun;
Without strong foundation, towers of buildings in big cities cannot stand long;
Without health, wealth and life cannot be enjoyed with love, joy and peace sure;
Like Poetry, culture is the mother of all arts and life in modern world of civilization!

The Status of Civilization in the Modern World!

Modern world means a well-developed world with no one has problem
Needing the help of someone or the governing body with good solution;
Developed state of the world means no poor people suffering for anything
Like hunger, poverty and unemployment sans food, shelter and subsistence!

Civilization means not pomp and luxury but merciful and helpful nature;
Civilization of society lies in the state of all having food, clothing and shelter;
Not only that all should be having good education, job and home of one's own;
Otherwise, modern world and its civilization are fake one only  helping well to do!  

Civilized state of modern world means all are well fed and engaged with occupations
That help all achieve high standard in all activities of life and work anywhere in world;
If not, first the so called advertisers of modernity and civilization should do that;
That way only, modern world state of people can really enjoy life of civilization!

At least, whole world should be governed by democratic principles
Like liberty, equality and fraternity to be called as civilized sure…!

When will Crimes and Violence be Over for Peace to Bloom!

Violence and crimes take place due to displeasure over the
Governance by arrogant political party in power for long sure;
Difficulties faced by the people are so much that they even
Commit suicides with whole families’ too hating life to live....!

Mercenaries for want of more money indulge in violence quite
Horrible as terrorists not only in one nation but also all over
The world and live as stateless extremists caring little for life;
Rape and murder by Love Jihad groups terrorize world people!

After big wars of the world such small range crimes and violence
Happen and the news of them are very common in many newspapers;
As the things stand today, it seems nonviolence and peace are out of order
Needing all intellectuals and poets to highlight such things to bring peace!

Life without peace is disliked by all in the midst of modern world
That has been boasting of its civilization sans culture since long now!

Selfless Service Leaves Legacy that Inspires All!

Poets, farmers and film directors do selfless service to humanity;
Especially sans the nonstop service of poets and farmers in the world,
There is no life for humankind in the modern world of civilization;
They are as important as human culture that shows way to live in uncertain life!

Sans inspiration for spirit by poets and food for body strength from farmers
And entertainment from films of directors, people's life will not go on with hope;
Inspiration, energy and encouragement make humanity to go ahead in life adventure
To realize all dreams all love most in life by possible ideas from them!

The selfless workers of humanity like the three of the human world are
Example of relentless efforts one can undertake to accomplish deeds
Sans expecting any reward or award or honour or recognition ever sure;
If not immediately but in the long run, they get reputation reliable and lasting!

Living all die, but dying the selfless service doers live ever in
The hearts of humankind leaving a legacy that's inspiration for all!

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