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Poetry and Song of Culture and Civilization in Modern World!

From Poetry song is evolved for enjoying fun and dance in life;
Poetry expresses ideas with effective words full profound emotion
To amuse and instruct with wise things to entertain and enlighten;
But song expresses words as to the tune of music for fun and dance!

If culture is poetry, civilization is song like foundation and building;
Culture is born of wisdom in life to enjoy and live better in the world;
But civilization is time bound tune to do mechanically things with fun;
Culture and civilization reflect wisdom and intelligence in modern world!

Culture teaches art of living life best in the world despite it's uncertain ever;
But civilization is technical way of working life controlled by time in world;
Culture like Poetry combines entertainment and work together to live in ease;
But civilization is like stick with carrot before ass to move forward sure!

Culture is natural poetry to live natural life in love for pleasure and satisfaction;
But civilization is mechanically singing song sans involvement for fulfilment! 

Art of Living in Harmony with Nature is the Need Now!

The art of living in harmony with Nature is the need of the hour
For the modern world of civilization increasing pollution and infection of
New diseases testing even medical experts all over the world sure;
All should come to Nature to gain hale and healthy body to fight diseases!

Congested construction of city buildings and population living and working
There having very poor hygienic condition even to breathe air have to change;
Yes, space in needed between buildings with play grounds, swimming pools
And parks for men and children to have free access to play and breathe free air!

The more we live far away from Nature for earning wealth till retirement will
Make all lose immunity to fight new diseases like Corona and its new versions
Having no time at all to live a life of freedom enjoying the beauty of Nature
With all beloved ones as all will be bedridden in hospitals for treatment long!

From education time on outside activities in Nature only can make all joyful
Mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be complete persons to live brave life!

Art and Technology of Culture and Civilization!

Artistic mind dwells deep in things of beauty, if one is lover of beauty;
Lovers of beauty are culturally bound to indulge in achieving perfection
Unaware of the passage of time in art work of their own for joy and satisfaction;
But persons of civilization do things in time by technical means ever!

That's the difference between artist and technical one in doing things here;
Love and involvement of artist is trained by great culture to see perfection
Whereas civilization has made technicians do fast by technique quick;
The enjoyment of artist is really amazing when compared to technician!

Sense of beauty, love and artistic nature make one great and complete;
But timely work of technicians such a kind of keen workman-ship is nil;
In art, artist is having full responsibility to bring out the work in perfect beauty;
But technician doesn't enjoy that kind of zeal of work to achieve finis!

Technology is overtaken by innovation and new inventions ever;
But artwork lies in making perfection and it ever remains fresh as Nature!

Will there be any Redemption from Disasters unpredictable?

Technological advancement and development are amazing in the modern world;
But pollution and disease are now difficult to deal with causing climate change
That brings natural disasters and incurable diseases making brave world
Into sick world ever leading to many deaths of unexpected people everywhere!

Due to climate change melting of permafrost in North pole and South pole areas
It is doubted may release out ancient bacteria that could bring in horrible diseases;
More than Nuclear wars and natural disasters it seems mankind could
Die of such unexpected viral infections beyond man's power to counter them!

Man who is relying on knowledge now has to go to the help of faith in God again;
All these things are due to neglect of Nature, culture and art driving to the edge now;
Hell of abyss is readily waiting with hungry stomach to consume many lives sure;
This makes all think about man's futile adventure with new technology and its drawbacks!

Life of civilization by sophisticated technologies in lieu of taking all forward is
Driving us to backward worse than in the past to think of simple culture to live well!

Where is Life of Love and Peace in Freedom?

Freedom is the birthright of all living beings in the world forever;
Are we living enjoying full freedom in world life at all sure?
This is the question that crops up in my mind, when I see small animals
Like squirrels playing around my house and trees near by sometimes!

Comforts and luxurious life without any sense of freedom and peace of mind
Certainly does not give any pride of our achievements in the modern world;
This is we believe as the mark of human civilization in the sick machine world;
Slavish life of one kind or other is what we have achieved after all sure!

Why this is so, we have to think well and if we do so, we will know the truth
That we are living far way from Nature and we have forgotten to enjoy the beauty
Therein that gives us peace of mind and sense of love that all others enjoy there;
We have to return to live that kind of life our culture taught us long ago sure!

If we live without caring for freedom but only comforts and facilities only,
We have to live only life of slave forever and ever sans love and peace sure!

The Status of Civilization of One Modern World!

Countries in South America, Africa and China still don't have freedom
Due to monarchy, communist and military rules running the governments;
Freedom and democracy in all nations of the world only can ensure
Civilization in the modern world despite technological and economic progress!

Ideological differences and military rule along with religious diktats are
The impediments blocking freedom and democracy to people there long;
Unions of nations other than Europe and Africa still need to be formed
Before all unions of nations can be unified into one modern world union!

Only if such a union is formed, one modern world can be called civilized;
To happen so, hatred on the basis of religion or politics ever perpetuating
Violence, terrorism and wars need to be brought to an end paving the way
For peace, friendship and cooperation for unity to create one modern world!

Unless such a turning point takes place in the course of world history,
The civilization of one modern world will be only a dream ever….! 

What a Pity of the Life Style of Various Living Beings!

Before Sunrise, daylight appears despite mist everywhere now;
Yet, calls of crows in the nearby tears and little squirrel's calls I hear
And that wakes me up from bed to think about the day’s work well;
Till Sunset, they all work to collect food and look for shelter to rest!

After Sunset, the rats come out of hideouts to look for food available;
Before Sunrise, they all disappear and some die also in the rat trap;
This is the life of small animals’ everyday happening for all to see sure;
They live in freedom to take available food and take shelter available anywhere!

But humans even if have all at their disposal, they fight for various reasons
Like class, caste, religion, region, colour and status and fail to enjoy freedom
By sharing with the less privileged following unity in diversity by good heart;
What a pity by greediness and hatred lose good time to live well in life!

Life necessity compels to take risks in life to survive in the world for many;
But the well to do out of arrogance and greediness do untoward acts and suffer!  

Follow Non-Violence for Peace, Prosperity and Real Progress to make Civilization Meaningful!

Calls of all birds wakes me up from bed to welcome morning Sunshine;
Among them, the calls of the brisk activities of myna birds take lion's share;
Are they all reminding of Mahatma Gandhi's death day to assassin's bullet?
The only great soul of peace in the world reminds us of non-violence today again!

With two minutes' silence be enough to pay respect and forget his work;
Violence has increased beyond limit in the modern world of civilization today;
How to bring it to normalcy saving natural resources and hygiene of people
to create the atmosphere of peace instead of war for all matters forever?

The aspects of non-violence like patience, tolerance and endurance if
Not love with all to talk and settle all matters in the world need to be followed;
Let us take oath to follow at least this way to start with to settle all issues
For love, friendship and peace to prevail over everywhere for real progress!

Peace, prosperity and progress are possible if all save Nature, Art and Culture
Living in harmony with Nature to make civilization real and meaningful in world! 

Technologically Might has become Right again in the Modern World!

In the ancient time, physical fight decides who is right or wrong;
For. might of one is right it was believed and accepted by all then;
From physical to moral thereafter was taken to be right decided by learned;
Now truth is the deciding factor about who is right and wrong in the society!

Might was right when savagery was ruling the world as culture was not in vogue;
After culture came into use based on best thoughts, talks and acts, good was right;
After mankind has become civilized, animal fight is replaced by court of justice;
So, might which was right is wrong now and right is might now all agree sure!

But now in the courts, the clever with intelligent arguments and circumstantial
Evidences, wins the case making use of right to justice in that way by intellect;
But between nations the fight with new and new weapons decides who is right;
As there is no truth, morality and righteousness, might of force has become right!

Savage act of cannibals has become the way of settling the matter in the
Modern world of civilization with sophisticated and new technology now!

What Makes Moon and Gandhi Smile at Modern World?

Queen of night sky Moon is smiling at the farcical civilization of modern world
Like Gandhi is smiling on the currency notes of India seeing politics today!
Technological sophistication, economic supremacy and military power
Are not enough to be really developed and civilized in the modern world!

Material progress is not enough sans intellectual, emotional and spiritual progress
As that are the real progress of humans and called civilization in modern time;
Maturity of mind by cultural progress only helps one to make wise judgement
Over any matter whether science and technology or intellect or spiritualism!

Due to lack of such a possibility in the competitive material world sure has
Made modern world to be farcical as it is only apparently civilized but not
Actually made any forward move as society lacks touch with art, Nature and culture
And never bothers about the consequences of pollution and corruption in all!

Hence the wise and forward looking minds smile at madness
Of society like Moon and Gandhi waiting for change and peace!
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