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Which is Real Civilization – Ancient Civilization or Modern Civilization?

Which is real civilization in the world - ancient civilization or modern civilization?
it is a great wonder to see temples, pyramids and monuments of ancient world;
They stand as great achievements in desert, high mountain and impossible places;
In the least technological developments of the past such wonders are achieved!

Now also great bridges and towering building are built in metro-cities of world;
But will they stand so eternally as the ancient towers of world we see everywhere?
Survival of the fittest is Nature's rule in the forest and in the ancient world too;
Now due to medical progress death is postponed long but can't stop or cure it!

Have we excelled the feats of ancient world culturally, healthily and in life art?
Knowledge-wise we are advanced but have failed to stop wars and diseases;
Discovered and invented so many things new whether it's needed or not sure;
We have more problems and difficulties than before and have no peace at all ever!

So, what's real civilization we have to establish realizing our faults of modern world?
It's all in the researches we make that destroys world's sanity, reliability and longevity;
There is no wisdom in the modern philosophy neglected as vague and useless;
Real civilization lies in making decision by sensibility, logic, reasoning and analysis!

Is Man Same as Animals to fight and fight Ever?

War climate never seems to change anywhere in the world as of now sure;
Defence budget takes a lion's share more than funds earmarked to
Other sectors like agriculture, industries and infrastructural developments;
Money wasted on war preparation if used for researches on diseases is wise sure!

More than killing, saving lives is best act of love and humanitarian service;
If nation's activities are diverted to such human welfare measures, it's well;
This will become an example to other nations too to follow same for good of all;
Restraint, tolerance and patience are other aspects of love best for humanity!

War and peace world has witnessed in the past and it's farcical to repeat
History of the past once again, when we call ourselves as civilized people in
The modern world of developments in so many other fields of human endeavour;
This is wisdom better than war strategies by intelligent acts of nations in the world!  

Wars have changed to gorilla war, terrorist war and like that quite
Mad and meaningless making man and animals have no difference!

Who will Enjoy Eternal Peace at the End of Life?

Attitude of competition has led to violence and wars to win ever
To have control over all as the Lord sans knowing how to win one's self;
This is the question asked by a sage to a world conqueror in the past;
Unfortunately he became sick and returned to his native place and died soon!

By his deep thoughts he came to a conclusion and asked his subordinates
While carrying his coffin show his empty hand out of it for world to know
That all things one possesses won't come with one after death sure;
This is true not only to world conqueror but also for all men in the world!

In this world nothing belongs to one as it is the property of Earth only;
All can use it till they are in the world to do whatever they want to do good;
The virtue one does only goes with one as token of identity to have sure
A good resting place ever but sin of one will push one down abyss of hell to suffer!

The good we do may not bring any appreciation from any anyone,
But that will bring eternal peace at the end of one's life sure there!

Construction But Not Destruction Makes One Great!

What does make one or nation great in the world full of problems?
Winning in war and enriching oneself with wealth more than all are not,
But bringing peace everywhere in the world and making all rich is sure;
Competition should be for peacemaking but not ever for destructive wars!

After cherishing civilization and making modern world destroying them
By violence and wars long does not make any sense to humans sure;
Greatness lies in doing great things but not in mean things of no use;
Only good for nothing fellows indulge in bad acts to destroy good things!

Such things rowdies, rogues and rascals in the streets do for short cut gains;
If so called super power nations too indulge in such acts, how can they be superior
And be termed as civilized in the modern world all like to be in the real sense?
Destruction does not make one great but only construction make one great!

Constructive criticism but not fault finding utterance does promote wise
Acts of greatness making civilization meaningful and modern world a feat!

Preaching is Easy But Practising in Difficult!

Preaching is easy but practising is difficult whether it is religion or morality;
All religions preach about love, brotherhood and peace to have faith in God;
Morality is more important than anything else in world life sure ever for all
And that only can make one truthful in implementing all ideals sans failure!

Especially a leader governing the nation should be morally good and truthful;
Politicians are good at the art of talking or preaching but not in implementation;
Statesman has long range thoughts or foresight to great good for the nation;
But such persons are ever kept in darkness and the world is in chaos ever!

United we stand, but divided we fall all have to know to make truth to succeed;
Good things can succeed only by the united efforts of peace loving persons of world;
Poets and writers inspire with golden words to all to make a great stride to achieve all;
Unless they are there to remind all of practically possible ideas, nothing will happen!

Morality, truth, dedication and devotion only can make the world go forward
Ever in the right direction towards peace, prosperity and progress of humanity!

The Necessity of Quality Education for One World Union!

Democracy under able leader only can function successfully sure;
Democracy under the army control cannot function naturally ever;
Democratic rule of all nations only can do greatest benefit to humanity;
Freedom and democracy only can make the real modern world!

Democratic rule of the whole world only can enjoy to see real civilization;
Such a situation when comes, the unity of whole world will run  as one family;
The natural status of the Earth is then only reflected there for the good of all;
This is the dream of Poets, intellectuals and dreamers of one world union!

By education from the childhood on oneness of religions with one God
First needs to be taught along with the knowledge of history, literature
And science to give completeness of understanding to explore all about
Self, world, Nature and Universe to have vision and way clear to do all!

Without such a quality education, one world cannot be ever created 
To see prosperous paradise of world with love, joy and peace in life!

We have to Bow to Nature’s Command We being Nothing to It!

Whatever be the drawbacks, discrepancies and disadvantages in the
Seasonal adjustments, Nature balances itself to normal course of action;
This is going on happening despite it is slow or fast in change every year sure;
But before the end of a season, Nature makes itself normal as usual ever!

For normalization Nature takes any possible measures that is quite pleasing sometime
And also very harsh and horrible in some most awkward situation due to
Man's meddling with Nature for his developments in exploitation of resources;
If recycling of natural resources is also given care and timely action, surely it's okay!

Our Earth is at the mercy of Nature, all living beings are living so long and so forth;
This is the reminder Nature makes to all by its reactions to  man's actions by disasters;
To have a smooth treatment, the illness should be mild or wound not big sure;
Best policy for all is it is better to live harmony with Nature in all its acts of mercy!

Because we are granted with bountiful benefits by Nature, we don't know its power;
But when it is reacting to our mischief, we come to know its power we have to bow to!

Sure Realization of Dreams by Ideas of Modernity!

Worthy civilization lies in the modernity of thoughts, words and deeds in modern world;
Modern thoughts on religions, cultures, nations and personalities depicting
Oneness of all of them on Earth as One World union say of real civilization sure;
This high, good idea is the same for all noble, great and forward looking personalities!

That is the way unity, love, friendship. peace, prosperity and Progress of all lies;
This noble idea should be taught from the educational institutions on
Paving the way for united workmanship of all arts, science and all human activities
Indeed help making the chaos ridden world into one paradise on Earth forever!

This is the great dream, vision and desire of noble and great souls of past, present and ever
Needing to be highlighted and popularized in all kinds of writings of poets and writers
So that noble thoughts of those great personalities will revive in the minds of all people
Leading to the creation of One Human Modern World of love, joy and peace sure!

This great dream, vision and desire can surely be realized one day if the ideas
Of unity and modernity of civilization are implemented in truth and spirit sure!

Be Civilized to Put an End to All Chaos in the World!

All realize we are all living on one Earth though separated by many nations
With their own languages, cultures, religions, natural resources and arts;
Uniting as One World by modernity by all nations is the work of all sure;
That is the purpose of creating United Nations Organization after World War II!

Then cold war has started with arms race going on to prove who is a great power;
International politics is like a fight between capitalism and communism in the world
Needing to stop that nonsense by bring all under the roof of democracy for good
So that all will become free, liberal and have rights to think, talk and do deeds!

With that individual liberty only the heart desires and dreams of all can be known;
That dream and desire will be One Modern World by civilization of humanity;
That is possible by unity in diversity and is called human civilization in world;
This noble dream can be realized by the good idea of unity in diversity by humanity!

In the present world full of pollution, corruption, terrorism and wars ever for all causes
Can be put an end only by becoming civilized following the idea of unity in diversity sure!

Save the Only Human World in the Whole of Universe!

This is the only human world in the whole of the Universe everywhere;
No artificial arrangements by science and technology can be as natural
As our world, where life, love, beauty and joy are anywhere incomparable
Like the smiling flowers of morning glory by Sunshine not possible anywhere!

Beauty of flowers, sweet taste of fruits shade of trees and green grass lands
Along rivers or around lakes, mist and blue sky are beauty and bounty of Nature
Nowhere it is possible to recreate by any means in any planet in our Solar system
Or anywhere in other constellations in the Universe beautiful, wonderful forever!

Such an incomparable wonderland is our world that how can anyone destroy
By wars and bombs useful only for destruction and not for any construction ever?
Such bad acts are savage and unbecoming of humanness, the mark civilization
That we all have to cherish and foster ever so in our beautiful world forever and ever!

Our human world is on the only Earth full of life and beauty all have to
Save by all means from destruction by wars or violence or disasters!

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