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Developed state of Modern World Civilization paves way for Utopia of Everyone’s Dream!

Religious tradition, social convention, superstition and astrology make mad;
Knowledge, personality development and reforms only can change backwardness;
That is the way civilization can be imbibed in all to live modern life in the world;
All kinds of differences of society can be overcome by modernity and civilization!

Then only liberty, equality, fraternity and justice all follow in the modern world sure;
Further, living in harmony with Nature, cherishing best of arts and following human culture
Civilization in the modern world will be best comparable to best civilization of past;
If humankind is developed by reforms so, hatred, rivalry and enmity won't threaten peace!

When humankind lives life in that nice condition, food, clothing and shelter
All will enjoy besides having good education and jobs to show  one's talents sure;
Such kind of civilized way of living life in the modern world will be more than heaven
Making all enjoy bliss in the natural paradise of modern world leading to Utopia;

Such developed state of modern world civilization is the ripe condition to enjoy fruits
Of Utopia all great intellectuals and peace living noble ones have dreamt since long!

Let us be Wise to Save and Live on the Earth full of Beauty and Love!

What a beautiful sight to see and hear birds flying free singing songs in music!
What a wonderful view to see fish of various hues and sizes swimming in water!
What a joyful sight to see and enjoy the games children play in the playground!
What a magnificent world full of cars, buses, trains, planes and ship moving everywhere!

Where can such a sight one can witness full of noise and fun in any other planet?
Can we lose this wonderful and magnificent world due to wars, pollution and terrorism?
Are we humans having such a bad heart but call ourselves modern and civilized?
Is not right to evolve ourselves into divines rather than as animals or machines?

Don't we know that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush long, long ago?
When we feel proud of our advanced intelligence, why can't we be wise in life?
Is it not possible or difficult to live in harmony with Nature to maintain Earth well?
Why can't we cherish Nature, Culture and Art that have made us wise humans?

It's a boon and fortune that we humans are born in this world of beauty and love
Rather than in harsh planets somewhere in the Universe with no relief and progress!

Let us be Sane and Sensible!

This world does not end with land mass along, it has big ocean too attached to it;
Human beings indulge in all bad things to play as game for fun to see what happens;
Yes, pollution after indulging in corruption has paved way for terrorism to do havoc;
Now ocean is where they dump all junks as in other places being not allowed at last!

Marine life is affected by pollution of this big danger now making all affected too
With new diseases like bird flu, Corona from bat and so on we can go on adding endless;
Already man is behaving as animals forgetting his purpose is to become divine being;
So, if things go on like this, man will soon become a new kind of formidable animal of mythology!

Civilization will turn to savagery and modern world turn into ancient forest of past;
The zombie stories and horrible stories of Dracula and old stories become latest ones;
Then there is no end for such stories to be displayed on movie screens everywhere;
Adventure in real life will become more and more complicated to deal with as in classical ones!

So, before the end comes, let us wake up from dreaming such nonsense out of
Coma sleep to brightness of Sunshine to think bright to be sane and sensible!

The Deciding Factor for Peace and Progress!

People suffer due to climate change and also suffer due to Corona disease;
By self-disciplinary action, both are thwarted for the present very well;
The lessons learnt by suffering long, realization has dawned for the better;
What not to be done and what has to be done are clear now to all in the world!

Terrorism is great stumbling block for all developing societies in the world;
If all join together to control and stop it by elimination it will be a great step forward
To work for bringing peace to world by true efforts by all nations together sure;
This is where UNO can be activated for peace and progress of poor world nations!

World war nobody is interested and it's a wasteful venture to aspire for Nuclear power;
Limiting Nuclear weapons and destroying them finally is good for the whole world sure;
More than this, Nature needs to be paid much attention to save world from disasters
That are beyond the control of man by science and technology sure ever!

Just knowledge and intelligence are not enough to modern and civilized sure;
But wisdom gained by experience needs to be used to decide all future actions for peace!

Fool or Wise, Learn Lessons for the Good of All!

For everything Nature is the source and destiny in the world forever and ever;
Now civilization for modernization in all walks of life have brought in
Machines, Lap Tops and smart phones making people to people contacts
Not possible to the extent of ignoring and neglecting Nature altogether sure!

The greedy technocrats exploit natural resources and indulge in industrialization
Ignoring pollution of air, water and environment that has made Climate change ever
Leading to unprecedented natural disasters in the form of storms and rains;
People's unusual diet systems have infected new diseases to deaths incredible!

Realization of immunity to fight such new diseases has to start from Nature
And eating good food now everyone accepts and with self-discipline they
All try to escape from the clutches of Corona by discovering new vaccine...;
These all hit nail of the truth on everyone's head now to respect Nature!

Fools learn lesson only after getting affected by problems, but
The wise learns from the mistakes of others to be safe in life!

It’s an Art to Live in Harmony with Nature!

It is an art to live in harmony with Nature in this world ever by basking in Nature
Like enjoying morning Sunshine heat well, breathing free air in the beach long
As walking for long to get better circular of blood and purification with oxygen
After every day getting energy and vitamin D direct from Sun in the morning sure!

Doing yoga exercises and meditating in Nature seeing the beautiful flowers
Nature has manifested in many colours smiling as beautiful angels to inspire all;
Also, it is better to enjoy mystical bliss by communion of mind with Nature 
To take inner spirit to higher level to touch the Universal Spiritual Energy!

By so doing, all can get the spiritual power far higher than physical and mental;
The freshness and energy got so keeps one high in mind, heart and soul ever;
That's the way to get fulfilment in one's Self before one gets joy in the world
And get ready to have communion of soul with Universe finally in life sure!

Such higher level of life one cannot think of, if one is ever immersed with
Machines and martial advancement only ever disappointed by disasters unprecedented!

Renovation of Nature, Arts and Culture Best for Real Civilization and Modernity!

Sans Nature's influence and inspiration, scientists, mystics, philosophers and poets
Could not have appeared in the world to enlighten and show new path of life;
Sans living scientific art of Nature, they couldn't have created art or invented all
For civilization to be the cause to the coming up of modern world good and bad!

The sincere and noble intentions for discoveries, creations and inventions are
Blackmailed by the hardliners in the name of ideologies and technocrats' ambitions;
As is well known that too much of anything is good for nothing modern world of civilization
Too could not overcome their exploitation of natural resources to the present fiasco!

Instead of creation of one modern world of humanity, political technique of divide and rule
Have laid the foundation for chaos leading to violence, disaster and destruction
Instead of peace, prosperity and progress for the development of world  
Not as hell but as heaven and paradise for humanity to live in love, joy and peace!

Preservation of Nature, revival of best arts and life of culture are the means for
The dream of making the world really modern and civilized sooner or later sure!

Nature and Art are Part of Human Culture for Life to Live Long!

Art thrives on natural beauty in all things we see in the world and Universe ever;
For, Nature is the inspiration for art to flourish through the genius of artist;
Beauty attracts all to love and imbibe such things in all things we do in the world;
But when Nature itself lost its beauty due to pollution, art now stands still sure!

Sans the inspiration of Nature and art, nothing can be done with interest now;
Renovation and revival of art is possible by sanitation and cleanliness everywhere;
Beauty lies there and all things of beauty are the inspiring joy forever for all sure;
Not only that, perfection then only begins in all works to attain beauty all love much!

Let us maintain the health of all living beings in Nature by recycling and preservation;
Pollution and climate change have even started breaking permafrost and glaciers
That melt into water flowing fast as floods destroying even hydroelectric power stations;
The destruction spree Nature should be turned to be in the order of construction!

Nature and art are part of human culture to cherish and go on with for the life of
All living beings to enjoy beauty, love, joy and peace for progress of civilization!

The Friend, Philosopher and Guide Nature None Can Defeat!

From fear to courage to control of Nature man has advanced by knowledge;
But the crooked ones at the top helm of affairs spoil to destruction of all;
Nature is inspirer and instructor of all things of knowledge and life to mankind;
This friend, philosopher and guide how can anyone think of destroying ever?

Nothing can move Nature to budge as none can assess the whole of Nature ever;
If one believes in power, Nature has shown its power by natural disasters now;
Even after becoming so called civilization in the modern world he is in square one only;
Man has not escaped from fear even after all developments and intelligence!

That is the pitiable position of man before the all-powerful Nature sure
The personification of the Universal Spiritual Energy in its another manifestation;
This at least now he has to understand and rectify all mistakes he has done
So that all can live as before in peace, joy, love and fulfilment to be absolute soon!

Nature is player among players, gambler among gamblers or trickster among tricksters
Like the blue as Sea and Sky Lord says in his great song of preaching to the novice!

Nature Can Never Be Neglected in Literature, Art and Life!

Nature cannot be destroyed because it is greatest destroyer too in the Universe;
Nature is greatest creator and sustains all its creations eternally by evolution;
The ever renewing Nature is ever fresh as morning blooming flower as bright Sunshine;
Also, Nature is cool and beautiful like the Southern breeze in Summer like Moonshine!

Nature is the beginning and end for all stories in literature of the world ever;
In that way Nature gives hope and confidence for romance to sustain as solid stone;
Best of Art never leaves depicting the beauty of Nature from the past to present and ever;
For, Nature can never be neglected as it is the source and destiny for all beings!

Neglect of nature in Art and Poetry is like song without rhythm or background beat;
Nature is the flavour giver of coffee or scent smell giving aspect in flowers beautiful;
Nature is the light of Sun and coolness of Moon in the day and night forever sure;
Nature is the life giving essence of all living beings in the world and everywhere ever!

Even if Nature is led to the brink of destruction as modern world does by pollution,
Natural destruction shows out reality of its power to be careful to pray in awe for mercy!

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