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Turn Chaos into Beautiful Poetry of Modern World!

High standard of living provided by civilization in the modern world is a pride of man;
But humans are not birds to fly high in the air forgetting ground reality of world;
World is not free from pollution, terrorism, climate change and violence of all kinds;
With all these drawbacks, civilization of modern world is meaningless sure!

Top of all drawbacks is Corona disease and other new ones we are not free of;
Unless we free ourselves of drawbacks, we cannot boast as civilized in modern world;
For effecting such a great relief and redemption, we have to unite shunning all chaos;
All politicians and technocrats need to be brain washed with good ideas to do that!

In this respect critics writers, poets and social media should educate people of this much;
That way only the good of the world can be rendered in the acceptable proportion;
Though this looks to be a distance chance, it has to be done right immediately;
Before it is too late, all from all walks of life coordinate and cooperate inn this venture!

Unity in diversity as culture and international friendship as civilization sure,
Present world of chaos can be created into beautiful poetry of modern world!

What Picture of Nature One Can Draw in Art?

Whether many are watching Nature or not, the artistic works of Nature capture hearts;
Beauty of Nature no one denies to be unacceptable anywhere at anytime in the world;
Beauty of flowers, sea-shore with Sun at the horizon, green lawn with fountain and
Many such beautiful scenes of Nature are put in frames to hang on the walls of house!

Past or present or ever, Nature in art will be there to cheer up the moods of all people;
Now what such beauties one can see in Nature with pollution and dirty lakes around us?
Such nasty scenes of Nature no one likes to paint to put in a frame to hang on the wall;
Modern world of machines with its civilization at its top has no place for Nature now it seems!

No clean place, no fresh and clean air, dirty ponds and bees buzzing around environment
There is no chance for anyone to sit outside to muse in such an atmosphere for enlightenment;
First the picture of Nature needs to be beautified by keeping all places clean and neat
For the artist to get the best of mood to draw a beautiful picture out of his imagination!

Living art of Nature only can inspire art of Nature to be eternal in the hearts of men and women
To make modern world modern and civilization to civilization to love and live here in cheers!

Everything is Illusion Except Nature and Spirit!

Everything is illusion as nothing is permanent in this world ever;
World itself is a precarious here due to volcanoes, Earthquakes,
Natural disasters and Nuclear bombs anytime could explode ;
Only Nature is permanent with its creation and destruction acts!

This reality cannot be changed by Science and technology;
Modern world itself is not permanent as it will be changing ever
By sophisticated technological advancements by research and developments;
But even then, they all cannot excel or replace Nature as man wishes!

First let civilization be steady to stand steadfast with the support of culture
That shows wise way of human life to live in precarious world beyond prediction;
Let humanism sustain to make man human before religion makes him divine;
Let intellect make him clear in mind to live spiritual life to attain peace sure!

Like the body nothing is ever strong except spirit within that is permanent
As spirit has come from Nature and will finally reach Nature for peaceful rest!

Advances and Developments of Mankind Shouldn’t Go Waste!

Pride of modern world is groundless due to pollution of air, water and environment;
Natural disasters are kidding at civilization of mankind due to climate change;
Smokeless vehicles powered by solar energy is best to stop pollution of air;
Diverting drainage and effluents by separate pipeline is way to stop water pollution!

Sanitizing environment as in Corona time is best to avoid pollution and disease;
Civilization is meaningful in modern world only by cleanliness everywhere forever;
Maintaining self-hygiene by discipline only modern world can survive in health and wealth;
Culture of living in harmony with Nature is best art needing to be followed ever!

Outward show of civilization and modernity of world should be real and reliable;
That is the way humankind can be said as really advanced in all respects sure;
Just technologic and economic developments cannot he the yardstick of progress;
World civilization and modernity lies in safeguarding all from disasters and diseases!

The advances and developments man has achieved should not go waste by careless
Handling of natural resources and environment as a Blemish to the beauty of world!

Governments’ Drawbacks Result in Scarcity in Surplus!

The unprecedented heaviest rains recently drained by over- flowing
Lakes and rivers only to the seas and oceans of the world in waste;
Due to lack of dredging of lakes and rivers, only weeds and sediments
Have settled therein sans saving rain waters but allowing to overflow only!

Now the ever dry river beds filled with rain water to brim full runs in branches only
With sand well dried as in summer time reminding of the long drought soon;
What we have got in hand, cannot reach the mouth to enjoy food in satisfaction;
This is the acute reality modern world sees under the dazzling light of civilization!

Industries and corporate companies at the cost of agriculture and small businesses,
Have enriched government confers like they throw pieces to dogs waiting with awe;
For the sake of showing upward graph line as if real economy has grown up to people
National governments play this kind of game and run party rules everywhere!

Modern world to be so, has to make hay while the sun shines by utilizing ample rains
As big reserve in dredging deep rivers or lakes besides removing weeds before time!

The Irony of Water Scarcity in Surplus on the Earth!

Don't spend money like water, they say in the past;
Now, we have to spend money even for water sure;
Water is everywhere in the sea, rivers and lakes;
Yet, pure drinking water is scarce due to pollution!

So, all are planning to refine sea water for drinking;
Also, by science and technology some are trying to
Get water out of moisture in the air in the atmosphere;
As this goes on so, time will come, there won't be water!

Realizing water status and condition, it has to be protected
And preserved well with sparing use to manage problem;
Best thing will be, it is better to keep pollution of water out
So that water problem in the future can be avoided well...!

During flood time, even with money, there was no water one
Could get to drink staying safe on the terrace of buildings..;
This is the irony of water scarcity in surplus on this Earth of
All natural resources exploited foolishly leading to bankruptcy!

Wisdom Lies in Learning from the Mistakes!

By flash floods causing formidable havoc to everything and everyone everywhere
Due to bursting of permafrost and breaking of glaciers caused by climate change
As a result of pollution of all kinds, Nature mocks at modern world and its civilization
Underlining the need to correct unwise advances and developments made by man!

Climate change caused storms, heaviest rains and breaking of glaciers are indeed
Seem to be the penalty shot of Nature as last warning to man of his reckless deeds
Of exploitation of natural resources for food, fuel and raw materials for commercial gain,
Destruction of forests, striking of villages and farms for urbanization sure!

That too everything is done fast leading to the present crisis of storms, rains and floods;
Nature's anger shows that doom’s day of our world will be not far off but very close;
Taking this last warning as merciful act of Nature, man has to change his ideas of advancement
And that can be the wise act humans can follow to redeem all for a better life in future!

Wisdom lies in learning from the mistakes by trial and error method ever
But not continuing in the same beaten track of meaningless route to nowhere!   

Poetry is Greatest Art!

Poetry is greatest art and that includes everything under one roof
And in a nutshell says whole story of life unforgettable forever sure
For all to know present to live better life and leave a legacy for posterity
As human culture to cherish best ideas for all with whole heart ever!

In the past many poets have written about life, world, Nature and Universe
Leaving nothing new to create in the present modern world sure;
As Mathew Arnold said Poetry is the criticism of life, only criticism
A sensible Poet can write to correct, reform and revive better humanity!

That is the way real civilization can be introduced to make the  world today  
Into really modern world with humanity living best in harmony with Nature;
Living such a life of human culture is an art all have to cherish reading poems
That say in details of the drawbacks and remedy to live best life forever!

Poetry is not just flowery one, but criticism and creator of new ideas to realize
Dreams of beauty, truth, love, freedom, joy and peace to live in One World! 

Making Civilization Shine in Modern World with Joy and Peace!

Coexistence is the mark of civilization promoting unity in diversity
By international friendship for developments in various fields sure
Starting with promotion of cultural programmes and exchange of ideas
On science and technology for the creation of one modern world!

That is the way United Nations Organization can play important part
For bringing an end to enrichment of nuclear fuel for production of arms
To promote world peace and employment opportunities to budding youngsters
And strengthen bond of friendship among all people of the world sure!

Activity of civilization is that only for making modern world really great
Rather than controlled by a handful of men at the helm of affairs for worse
Leading only to chaos as of now struggling to be free to breathe free air
And safeguard the advancements and developments worthy ones so far!

Forgetting the past mistakes, if all join hands and clap hands together,
Nice music of hope and joy can all enjoy in love and peace sure ever!

Civilization of One Modern World by Unity and Friendship!

Unless civilization follows culture of unity in diversity, this world has
No chance to become one modern world of humanity to be peaceful;
One modern world will be one human world of Utopia or one world family
Or one world union or one world govt. of liberty, equality and fraternity!

All coexist following unity in diversity sans aggression but only by cooperation
Coordinating all works for world unity, peace, prosperity and progress ever;
Such a one modern world of humanity assures freedom and democracy sure;
This great dream of noble personalities ever will be a reality of civilization in deed!

More than mere dreams, words and slogans, civilization will be real in one world;
Civilization of unity in diversity will be promoting friendship for one modern world;
No borders, no passports, visas and all nations are part of one modern world;
Based on education and jobs anywhere eliminate hunger and poverty to zero!

One world family or Vasudeva's Kudumbakam or one modern world
Of humanity will function in joy and peace by international friendship ever!



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Comment Rightly put...nature is truly all encompassing. It is beautiful yet can show its fury. Wisely done development without disturbing nature is the need of the hour in this modern and diverse world.

Komal Singh
14-Aug-2021 01:50 AM

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