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Strive for Better Status in Reality Shunning Illusion!

Who and what will come with one till the last in and after life?
It's is a classical question being asked by many for answer ever;
Love and friendship till home and outside will come and son will
Come till the graveyard, but who will come along with one till end?

Nothing will come with one except virtue and sin accompanies one;
It becomes necessary what good deeds one has done in the world to
Have a good status eternally in the other world of permanence and
Keeping that in mind all have to introspectively analyze and go on!

The material progress and comforts are not permanent for anyone;
This world itself is a prison and illusion unlike the paradise
In the other world of heaven which is only reality to rely on;
For that, what best, high and great we do, will lift us high..!

Nothing is permanent in this world of illusion so to say for sure
And keeping this in mind, let all do the best to have better status!

A State of No Pain and Pleasure!

What a great relief we enjoy the moment medicine relieves body pain!
Sans pain no one can live to the last day of life in this physical world

Unlike the spiritual world , where no heat or cold or rain or snow or
Fire or wind make one feel any discomfort out of body pain!

A body-less state one attains in the spiritual world after death;
All sufferings due to attachment, love, tragedy and failures, one
Won't have in the spiritual state, but no such feelings also one can
Experience in that real state of existence eternal in the Universe!

That golden state of reality one is offered only after one ever
Undergoes all pains and pleasures without any demerits on the Earth
of illusion making all belief it to be real with fluctuation of mind
Till one attains steady state of resolution to reach the eternal abode!

Unless one escapes from the physical world to spiritual world sans
Affected by bodily illusion, one has to undergo all pain and pleasure!

Spreading Best of Knowledge to World is Human Culture!

It's very rare to get the living presence of a friend like Coleridge for Wordsworth to get all information more than from knowledge of books and they wrote Lyrical Ballads with Wordsworth writing on Nature and Coleridge on Supernatural theme with greatest success! In Prelude, Wordsworth wrote all plan of action about Life, Society, Nature and so on he wanted to Write a great book in epic proportion though never done its intention is very clear and lofty one sure. But it's human culture to continue on that by followers in future!

Nature and Universe is the body of Universal Spiritual Energy with Natural spirit, Supernatural Spirit and Divine spirit activating all everywhere need to be realized my transcendental meditation or mysticism and all experiences need to be revealed to all for good! Knowing best knowledge, ideas and thoughts are to be known and passed on to future generations is human culture and improvisation on it is also Human Culture according to the present and future too as it is the purpose of Culture then, now and forever to spread best to world!

Great Philosophy within the Reach of Common Man through Poetry!

It's a great wonder if anyone can write a biography of Literature;
Only a great scholar of erudition can write Biographia Literaria
And A Collection of Table Talks by a Poet like S.T.Coleridge only
Inspiring and guiding budding poets in modern romantic poetry sure!

Coleridge, the great friend of Wordsworth has written of Supernatural
Spirit in his poems when Wordsworth wrote on Nature in Lyrical
Ballads opening route for writing simple and modern poetry for all
To follow as if poetry is so simple as common men speak everywhere!

Friendship of such Poet friends and their love of Poetry to be made
Easy even for common man can understand and appreciate great ideas
Of philosophy so simple that Poetry of a new kind said of Divine Spirit!

Not only wrote but also made it possible for all to realize the
Presence of divine spirit in Nature if one communes with mind with
Nature, one can enjoy divine bliss just as mystics do that miracle
By transcendental meditation in loneliness to fulfilment in life!

Mystical Experience in High Altitude of the World!

What a cold climate has set-in the outside town before rain comes!
Beautiful and lovely atmosphere makes it pleasant pleasure to enjoy;
Myna birds make lovely music sound as their voice call all fly free
In the Sky like the mystics do in harmony with Nature for bliss...!

Perhaps due to steady cold climate, mystics and seers go to the
Great Himalayas to indulge in transcendental meditation in the
Caves of snow in the highest altitudes in the world to make their
Mind commune with Divine Spirit like romantic poet friends do sure!

All spiritual ideas of high nature appearing in the mind, they all
Express in beautiful verses to entertain common men and take them
To the high level of divinity to forget all woes of the world to
Get energy of hope, confidence and courage to win in the struggle!

The purpose of high intellectual and spiritual efforts is to bring
The highest spiritual ideas within the reach of all to attain real
Freedom of mind to have non-attachment from all things and beings
To go forward to higher level of mind and spirit for eternal liberty!

Sans The Sanction Of Almighty None Can Shine In Art!

Lifting up one's status in profession and life by a selfless friend is rare to find in the world full of competition in all walks of life. Such a one has to be duly honoured through out in the life time sure. In the absence of such a help, only the Almighty can do so forever! Lacking friendship and love, it is rare for one to come up in world. If it happens despite helplessness, it can be only said as miracle. Especially in the field of writing and that too in Poetry, art and also, Nature have rarely helped one to the light of the day ever! That too Nature with Divine Spirit hidden has done miracle in the case of Poet Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Shelley in World Literature inspiring the presence of the Universal Spirit helping the truly deserving one by miracle rare to find in hopeless humanity! However high an ambition one has by inspiring dream of high calibre, unless one has Divine grace, it is impossible to shine in Art Ever!

Aspiration for Divine Bliss Forever!
Transcendental meditation in Nature takes to super-conscious state. That is possible by long practice of yoga under a well versed master. Like instinct in animals, intuition in humans work here for one to return to normal state of consciousness, but otherwise death is sure! High spiritual experience one undergoes in such a super meditation,
which is possible only by Nature mystics of high order in the world. For such mystics everything is clear in mind of past, present and future too of one's Self and also, they know when their end comes!

That is the high benefit one enjoys in Nature meditation in world. Only mystics, philosophers and romantic poets have attained that status to overcome all drawbacks in world life by cooperative and helpfulness of Poet friends in love of spiritual development sure! This mundane life of the world is nothing, when one aspires for such a great mystical pursuit in Nature leading to divine bliss forever!

Dystopia or Utopia by Industry or Agriculture?
Despite no friends and loving care of anyone in the world,
Best knowledge, thoughts and ideas can culturally help,
If searching and selecting suitable one to solve issue
So as to make oneself manage life in the world well sure!

Paradise was lost due to disobeying the Loving Power high;
But paradise was regained due to accepting Loving Power again;
Realizing that truth, mute Milton wrote that great Epic that
Lives eternally even benefiting in today's world too sure!

Not only Milton, but also all noble personalities since long
Like Aldous Huxley despise dystopia instead of utopia as
That is the best way to return in the world by the well
Known Agrarian one the best after realizing destruction!

Industrial world developments of human society is the worst
Harbinger of new diseases due to pollution, corruption,
Militarization and domination of one over all in the world
Reflecting greed at the cost of its cent percent loss ever!

Nature is the Best Compensation for Deception by False Love!

Human love is equal to divine love as it's best of feelings;
Friends may change colours and false love may deceive one;
True love of friends and hearts are great boon one has sure;
For the deceived, what and where is the best compensation?

This world is not left with nothing to console, solace and
Bring great alternative by the creation of Almighty through
Nature that absorbs heart, mind and soul for the disappointed;
Otherwise, what is the purpose of Nature creation in world?

All living beings are part and parcel of Nature that why are
Men forget and go for developments that destroys Nature in
Its glorious existence by pollution, destruction of natural
Resources, forest and all, another form of paradise forever?

Nature in all its beauty is glorious to cherish as God for
Rejuvenating worn out souls to go ahead in noble venture as
Compensation for all the losses through false friends and
Duplicate love supposed to be divine in nature if true...!

Nature The Way Out Of World Mess Sure!

Seers, mystics and Poets are the friends, philosophers and guides. With their friendly love they take humanity to divinity in life. Besides best knowledge, they get enlightenment from Nature and the Divinity present within Nature by experience in deep meditation! Even if friends, loving persons, books and all fail one in life, the divinity within Nature only can compensate all losses sure turning one into a great personality independent to do great feat and guide world people towards salvation like the mystics and poets!

The Universal Spiritual Energy present in Nature as divine spirit s hows the way out of the mess of world life to overcome all the b etrayals by all around one out of jealousy, envy, hatred and enmity or rivalry towards eternal bliss in spirituality to absolute! nn Becoming absolute is the purpose of life in the world whether all friends and loving ones help or disappoint one and for that, the way out of all cobwebs is mystical experience in Nature only ever and is the real eye opener to all truths and ultimate Reality sure!



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