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Sans Nature, World and Men Won’t Be there in the Map of Universe!

Romantic exploration in Nature by romantic poet friends have revealed many matters many don't know even now in the world. Neglect of Nature in modernity has increased pollution long, and exploitation of natural resources have changed climate! Children cannot enjoy animal or boyish pleasure in Nature. Artists cannot enjoy aesthetic pleasure in beauty of Nature Philosophers cannot intellectually think od society in Nature. Poets loving Nature cannot enjoy mystical pleasure in Nature!

Great Poets like Wordsworth have expressed beautifully about those pleasures they have enjoyed in Nature in poems many.... Such pleasures only seekers of bliss and peace in Nature in loneliness only can know, realize and enjoy benefits unknown! Sans Nature, we are nowhere and the world itself won't be there in the map of Universe and this realization should make all not to disturb the course of Nature and live in harmony with Nature to enjoy spiritual bliss and peace..!

Change is the Need of the Hour for Health, Peace and Progress!

Noble friendship supported by love explores truths in all matters, discovers new ideas and creates beneficial and beautiful things for world human society by changes and reforms according to the modern situation and future changes in the world everywhere sure! Social life needs changes so as to overcome ills in humanity due to politics, religions and competition fostering selfishness destroying natural resources in the name of technological progress and economic development at the cost of humanness and unity, peace!

Unity in diversity cherishes humanness and harmony in living with Nature, balances climatic changes destroying everything on Earth by floods and earthquakes besides new diseases caused by man's careless scientific researches for destructive purposes here..! Rivalries due to various reasons and scarcity in plenty as in the case of water make mankind respect, preserve Nature and live healthy  life for the promotion of world peace and real progress of humanity  by living in harmony with Nature and loving unity in diversity!

Romantic Poet Friends Serve as World Teachers and Leaders for Unity and Peace!

Friendship of romantic poets was lasting longer than other
Relationships in the world for their philosophic search of
Truth on even established creeds, experiment with new ideas
And serving as model to other groups later on in literature!

Romantic poets like Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, Coleridge.
Keats and Shelley became world teachers as friends and guides
And also, served as world leaders ruling hearts and minds
Not only in their time but also beyond many centuries too!

Following them, even now through websites like World Literary
Union for Peace and Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry, poets
From all over the world are zealously working for friendship,
Love, unity and peace of world people across all continents!

The model friendship of romantic poets is indeed truly doing
Great social service for whole of humanity for unity and peace!

Scope for Romantic Literature is Endless in the World!

Lovers of Nature, dream, freedom, love and beauty are romantic poets
Starting from the romantic king Shakespeare such as Wordsworth,

Coleridge, Shelley and Keats and before and after them no one has
Ever worn their crown of romantic king in the whole of literature!

Due to those romantic poet friends, world literature got a high
Degree of electrified power so much that fans and disciples of them
With great inspiration followed in their footsteps in literature
And that special effect still continues till today and will go on!

After classic literature romantic literature takes a lion's share
In the art of creative writing sans an end though modern literature
Has come into vogue sans making the grande mark romantic literature
Has incorporated ever for many generations to follow as culture..!

Romantic love of Nature, dreams, freedom, love and beauty has endless

Scope for literature influencing humanity to enjoy life better in joy and peace!

Adventure is the Essence of Romantic Life as Magic in Reality!

Adventure is the essence of romantic life of heroes in the world;
Like heroes, the adventurous experience Poets express in verses;
Adventure is the thrilling effect of romantic fiction that ever
Inspire and lead the life of many otherwise insipid and valueless!

The support of friends give great strength to romantic heroes
To undertake impossible risks for the sake of love and friendship;
Feelings, thoughts and spirit act in unity there for the hero
To great act of sacrifice to win in the adventure to be joyful!

There is no gain without any pain in the adventurous life of
Romantic persons who are always in function as men of action and
Indeed better than men of thoughts only in moments of emergency;
Result oriented action of adventure goes on thrill to success!

Like the invisible blades of fan running on full speed, adventure
In romantic life act giving incredible power to romantic person;
Like the wings of bird on long flight at full force are invisible,
Adventure too plays in romantic life like great magic in reality!
Poet Friends of Romantic Mood Achieve Miracles in the World!

Friends of free, frank and fearless minds have romantic mood
To venture on any adventure to achieve something novel in life;
International poets of broad and high mind only have such a kind
Of nature to explore all matters in quest of truth to do so...!

Poet friends of romantic nature starting from Shakespeare to
Shelley have shown the golden route to realm of paradise to
Do great marvels in the world with romantic mood incredible
But possible if one is free, frank and open in heart and mind!

Romantic mood of such high minded souls only can undertake
Such a journey to dive deep in the ocean and fly beyond all
Stages of Space in pursuit of mysticism to discover the high
State of spiritual bliss to get fulfilment and satisfaction!

Poet friends of high calibre with romantic mood of openness
Have the guts as none ever to explore and achieve bliss high!

What a Relief and Pleasure to see Green Trees in the Outskirts!

What a great relief and pleasure to see green plants, trees
And green leaves everywhere far away in the outskirts of busy
Cities and towns with full of pollution, noises and dusts
Ever floating to the sy level with no clean air to breathe!

I have come out here feeling fed up with that atmosphere of
Hell always going on mechanically competing with time ever;
The world is too much to bear with conflicts, violence, wars
And terrorism doing havoc ever with bomb blasts everywhere!

The serenity and calmness of Nature outside is wonderful
As if making me to have seen a new world of paradise like
The romantic poets of the past felt long. long ago indeed;
Yes, it is they real world teachers and leader to guide all!

Madness of speed in everything in the modern world and the
Artificial way of life called civilization surely needs to be
Changed to live natural life in harmony with Nature following
The culture of romantic life enjoying Nature, art and culture!

A Life Journey to the Complete State!

Life is living, learning, enjoying and completing as a whole;
Friendship and love help all do things well to be complete;
Life may be a bed of roses or a journey from start to end;
If start is good, end is bad and if start is bad end is good!

Many are like crew of a shipwrecked one in the ocean somewhere;
Someone seeing the lighthouse light guides all to shore as pal;
There the journey of all begins and leads somewhere each likes;
With experience, complete journey finally leads one to an end!

The complete life journey first begins on the sands of sea...;
Crossing plains and forest, one reaches the foot of the hills;
Climbing the hill one sees the full path one has travelled...;
Sea, shore, plains, forest and hill lead to the peak on top...!

Top of hill is full of mists touching the clouds of the sky..;
After body and mind works, there only spirit can lead high up;
Spirit only finally shows the staircase leading to Milky-way,
From where if one is good, clear and steady, reaches heaven!

The Final Resort of Man in Loneliness!

Unable to live natural life of human, live mechanical life as machine. Unable to bear violence and wars of the world, many lose peace of mind. For all the ills of life and losses in the world, where can one seek solace? Nature is the only bode one can get comfort and peace in its serenity nowhere else! Nature is the only place outside of all vicissitude of life and violence of world, one can attain peace of mind, serenity of Nature in heart and calmness of spirit. At last, forgetting all woes of world and worries of life, one gets mystical divinity and that is where even in loneliness one can get the poise of heart in line with it!

A friend or lover can assist and encourage, but cannot decide about one's life course. Only in calmness of mind, serenity of heart and divinity of spirit, one gets all, for which how long man has suffered and suffering due to artificial life of modernity. Aligning the core of heart, mind and soul with the divine within Nature bliss is got! Life, world, Nature and mysticism on analysis one finally arrives at the finality not in the machine world, but only in the spiritual world of divine nature sure!

The Map of World Life to Heaven Eternally!

In the absence of friends and the loved ones, I am left alone now;
Musing deep in Nature as the best refuge, I am caught by Poetic
Spirit compelling me to compose poems about my mystical experience
Whether the world understands or not, appreciates or not forever!

Life is like a dream, journey, struggle, war and peace finally;
The picture of life is like an island in the middle of ocean
With desert, plains, forest along a river and a hill with water
Falls touching mist and clouds in the sky with steps to Milky-way!

That is the map of world life before one climbs up the staircase
To reach the Milky-way and open the golden gate to heaven last;
After crossing the stages in this journey one becomes a mystic
By experience of hardship in life for purification of soul long!

Unless the gold is smelted, it cannot be pure to be noble metal
To last longer with value higher than all gems to be treated as
A thing of divinity for wearing it to deities in the temple for
Worship by devotees aspiring for heavenly life eternally sure!

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