The Wheel of Time

How fortune and relationships dance on its rim

In the grand theater of life, nothing remains constant but change. It's a force that shapes our destiny, binds our relationships, and even defines our sense of self. Time, being the ever-rotating wheel, leaves nothing untouched - our fortunes, our friends, our relationships, they all metamorphose under its relentless turn.

This change is most evident in the flux of fortune. It is often said that prosperity brings friends, adversity tests them. Prosperous times often see us surrounded by friends and relations, some new, some old, some even rekindled. But when the wheel of time turns and we face adversity, it is often accompanied by solitude and abandonment, even by those we hold dear.

Consider, for instance, the profound tale of King Harishchandra from the Indian Puranas. The king, known for his truthfulness and integrity, was pushed into abject poverty and separation from his family by the sage Vishwamitra. His prosperity attracted friends and kin, but his adversity shunned them away. Yet, Harishchandra's steadfast adherence to truth, even in the face of dire circumstances, ultimately led to his redemption and reunion with his loved ones.

In the world of glitz and glamour, the story of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, mirrors the cyclical relationship between fortune and relations. At the peak of his career, Bachchan was surrounded by adulation, friendships, and familial bonds. However, a financial downturn saw him in dire straits, alienated and isolated. His resurrection was as dramatic as his fall, teaching us that while time may sever some bonds, it can also resurrect them in ways we never anticipate.

A similar tale is of Rajesh Khanna, the superstar of his time, whose fall from stardom saw him receding into a shell, away from the adoring fans and friends who once thronged him. Yet, his memory still evokes a deep sense of nostalgia and respect among many.

On an international scale, the life of Steve Jobs stands as a testament to this interplay between fortune and relationships. His ousting from Apple, a company he co-founded, saw him alienated from many of his professional and personal relationships. Yet, his return marked a turnaround, not only in Apple's fortunes but also in his personal relations.

The epic tale of the Pandavas from the Mahabharata also underscores this intricate dance of relationships with the ebb and flow of fortune. Their prosperous times in Hastinapura saw them amid familial bonds and friendships. But their adversity in exile led to their solitude, their closest relations turning into their fiercest enemies.

These instances highlight the complexity of our ties with fortune and relationships. They are intertwined, shifting with the sands of time, reflecting the dichotomy of human nature. It underlines the unfortunate truth that many relationships are often founded on convenience, prosperity, and shared success, rather than genuine emotional bonds or enduring respect for one's character.

This understanding teaches us a valuable lesson about resilience and the transient nature of life. As we navigate the turn of time's wheel, we must cherish relationships that weather the storm of adversity and remain anchored in our lives despite the ebb and flow of fortune. After all, it is the test of adversity that truly reveals the worth of a diamond, be it in the case of fortunes or relationships.

As the saying goes, "Time and tide wait for no man," and so it seems that fortune and relationships, too, dance to its rhythm. Recognizing this intricate ballet can help us appreciate the enduring bonds and navigate the fleeting ones, ultimately enabling us to steer the course of our lives more wisely.

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