Sarkar's 'Sarkar'

Time, it maybe quite easily construed is at the heart of every image's power and longevity. It has, therefore, invaded our lives and consciousness. Why? Because it supplies us with the energy that runs our human machine. It is also the basis of our existence. Which is one reason why we live with images of everything we see, recognize, perceive, and dwell with. They are, in other words, images of the mind.

Images of the mind are highly charged with microvita [singular: microvitum] ' a perceivable alchemy that shapes our aspirations and realities. A concept developed by philosopher P R Sarkar, microvita are basically the building blocks of the universe. They are much, much smaller than atoms ' and, they act as a bridge between consciousness and matter. They are also entities that come from within the realms of both physical and psychic expressions. In the psychical domain, they maybe subtler than mind-stuff. Sarkar envisions that they will soon be recognized by conventional science.

According to Sarkar, the root cause of this universe, and the starting point of life, or vitality, are microvita. They are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites; they are not carbon atoms, or carbon molecules. They are living creatures with their mysterious movements. They create minds and bodies; and, living bodies in different celestial bodies. Besides, they also 'atomise' minds and physical bodies, or developed or undeveloped corpor, in any corner of our universe. In his words: "The basic cause of life is not the unicellular protozoa, or the unit protoplasmic cell, but microvitum." 

Microvita, avers Sarkar, maybe broadly divided into three categories ' first, those coming from within the scope of a microscope. Second, those not coming from within the scope of perception, but from the range of perception, as a result of their expression, or actional vibration; and lastly, those not coming within the scope of common perception, but inside a special type of perception, which is actually the reflection of conception within the periphery of perception. Such perception ' that special type of cognition ' Sarkar further explains, maybe felt, or realized, by persons having highly developed minds, or a veritable spiritual orientation.

Sarkar's microvitum developed as his frame of reference to Tantra. It affirms social structures as collective plexii, or chakras, that could be influenced by positive and negative microvita, just as much as the physical plexii, or chakras, within us. In so doing, Sarkar equates the human body to an ancient, powerful metaphor ' a change from an organic perspective rather than a managerial complex.

At the same time, collective plexii, according to Sarkar, are any grouping of people: the family, school, workplace, office, corporation, locality, state, religion, nation, etc., It also defines social structures in terms of consciousness ' as opposed to the features they mirror. Composite ' nay, simple! Here's why:

We are in a giant squeeze, today: a struggle to shape the future. There are heroes and villains. Besides, the two roles are cast so that truth and honor emerge for those who wish to know what-is-as-it-is. Inference? The basic premise of microvita for social change is, therefore, enormous. It is also apparent, because people who desire to change are empowered with the skills to effect change ' from within.

If only every individual could transform his/her small area of existence, even slightly, we would all be, in word and deed, helping in the overall shift towards a more equitable and safer future ' for ourselves, and our children. 


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