The Relativity of Experience

Relativity is an Einsteinian concept.  But Einstein makes no apologies for the absolutizing of things as identities.  He deals with light and time as concepts, but never realises the limitation to an abstract level the definition of them is.  Indeed, all reality is an abstraction in identity – that is why it is with us in realisation, and gives dimension to our experience.
At any given time, we are physically tied to one spot, as I am at present to this chair.  But the presence of, in a word, the world is represented in identity that is proven as an abstraction even as I deem it the reality: what is going on outside, from the neighbourhood to the wider city, to the operation of businesses and of nations.   I am aware of TV programs and of newspapers, their coverage accommodated in instant summary begging only the recourse to them – their reality identified in the concept – even as I sit here.  Likewise, the content of my thought, of everything I have read or written, or done, or plan to do, achieves its present reality in concept.  Everything is present – yet where is it? –in abstraction that identifies the reality.   
We do not distinguish between perceived reality, for me at present my limited experience in this room, and the identified reality of all outside present perception.  We do distinguish between what is known for sure and that open to doubt as to outcome – yet, it is all accommodated in concept, that identifies all on-going scenarios, even their uncertainty of outcome.  In identification is reality.  Identification is an abstraction – in truth, there is no such thing that can be analysed by science! – but that is the nature of reality, and all experience.  
The relativity of experience is one of reality identified that is essentially an abstraction.  This apparent anomaly lifts the whole of creation, which is the sum of identified, thus conceptualised, things, so that they mutually affect each other as identities, to the level of reality in concept only.  Thus can everything be accommodated in present realisation, the creation achieving its reality in the abstraction of identity.


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