Can Human Existence Be Possible

Sans Friendship and Love in Life? - 1

Dawn will come to Do Deeds to Achieve All Dreams!

Love of Nature, Poetry, music, song and dance make life happy to live in the world despite many discrepancies in all walks of life to bear and go on in pursuit of our dream we cherish most in heart searching for suitable ideas to realize it soon! Flower bud first blossoms to bloom into a full and beautiful smiling flower welcoming me with best of mood to proceed in the direction to achieve my goals of ambition to fulfil my great, best and noble dream one day or other in the world!

Green pasture fresh and lovely welcomes the cattle to graze from morning till evening before sunset for them to take rest having beautiful dreams of their own enjoying the beauty of Moon and twinkling Stars of the night till dawn! Dawn also surely comes in all its glory to bring joy of
light to see all clear and sure to do deeds to achieve all!

Human Existence is a Great Opportunity to Do Best for Humanity!

Human existence depends on acquaintance, friendship and love to experience joy and peace so as to have a good fulfillment. Romance in reality is what all want and that can be possible by friendship and love in a natural surrounding only forever! Love, joy and peace in human life make life enjoyable in the world, if Nature is respected and preserved by lovers of life inspired by love and guided by knowledge based on good vision and ambition paving the way for achieving best of one's Self!

Sans broad and high ambition, which is the driving force of life, successful expression of one's personality is nil sure. Such an ambition one can have based on one's dream and vision to do great, best and noble deed for humanity to live better! Knowledge and love are necessary to overcome fear to rely on true faith to live a life of confidence, a basic need of life. With confidence only courage and endurance develop in one to do deeds with involvement and enjoyment to make miracle sure!

Benefits of Friendship and Love are Many for World Humanity!

Following international culture of friendship nations unite and go if they are interested in love among world people for exchange of cultural and natural ideas for world peace and progress of humanity. That's the way suspicion, hatred, enmity and rivalry can be shunned! People to people contacts for sharing works of art in various fields bring closer many for making easy for love to bloom as beautiful flowers in the garden of paradise to venture on united efforts in promoting great masterpieces among the people of many countries!

Instead of arms ruling the world nations in fear, noble ideas then rule humanity of world in love cooperating and coordinating in joint ventures to protect natural resources of the world to avoid climate change due to pollution of environment for good of posterity! Benefits of friendship and love are many, when nations unite for the good cause of world protection, peace, prosperity and progress!

All Interests Unite People by Friendship and Love for Peace!

Art, music, song, dance, Poetry and sports unite people
Leading to friendship and life in world life for long;
Not only from childhood, but also later on in the course
Of life love of such hobbies unite all to keep peace sure!

Festivals bring together people interested in spiritual
Development leading to high friendship on the basis of
Devotion of deities they love most for enjoying bliss
In the worship of God fostering unity, love and peace!

Various interests of people unites with new acquaintances
Leading to lifelong friendship for creating and inventing
Many beautiful and best things beneficial to humanity for
The promotion of unity of world people and peace sure..!

Friendship promoting love among people of common interest
In art. literature and spiritualism is best way to unite all!

Friendship and Love have become Rare in Modern World!

Self-centredness may make one developed to a great level;
But selfishness at the cost of fellowmen makes one a narcissi;
Due to TV, Cell phone and laptop all are separated from
Social movement and the door is closed to friendship now!

Competition in all walks of life has totally unconcerned
Nature of each and everyone has made many inhuman beings;
When this is so, how can friendship for cooperation to
Make common good possible to promote love among fellow men?

Only for making money, unity and friendship are followed
In practice till development but not for love and good
Life to promote human culture with realization that men
Are higher than animals and machine life civilization!

In the absence of culture in the selfish modern world by
Civilization, friendship and love are rare to see forever!

Only True Friendship is Trustworthy Forever!

Veni, vidi, vici means came, saw, conquered were words 0f
Emperor Julius Caesar of Rome, who was killed by friends;
Sea no evil, hear no evil, Speak no evil were saif for all
Through dolls of money by Mahatma Gandhi killed by own men!

Great emperor and great leader of masses were killed by
Their own men but not by their enemies in world history;
Their position in national affair made them greatest power
Not liked by opportunists led them to kill them for change!

Unless the friendship is true and not of opportunist ones,
Truly great souls working for the national good or for the
Common benefits of all meet with bad end but their deeds
Never die for reminding of their sacrifice for nation sure!

True friends only keep up love, reliability, faithfulness,
Trustworthiness and unity against all odds forever and ever!

Selection of Friends of Real Love Decides Whole Victory of Great Deed!

Intention may be great, but, if implementation is poor sans
The support of faithful and loving friends no project will
Meet with whole success as it won’ t be benefiting all people
Sans any consequences full of troubles and conflicts ever!

Not only great emperors but also people's leaders fail to
Materialize any dream of world progress unless they are not
Careful and alert about apparently trustworthy friends and
All loving supporters moving shoulder to shoulder since long!

Humble or ambitious leaders working for world progress if
Not assess who are all envious, jealousy, rivalrous and
Opposing ideas for change from slavery to freedom, cannot
Really fulfil great vision due to dubious friendship, love!

Selecting faithful friends of real love decides whole and
Complete success by wise leaders venturing on great deed!

Love Spreads Ever for Life to Flourish!

From the Romeo and Juliet era to Titanic time and on, love
Bloomed among youths supported by friends caught its passion;
But modern world of machines and speed in all walks of life,
Love has become a matter of fact matter sans any feeling!

Natural love feeling is something that involves instinct,
Intuition, emotion and natural desire quite indecipherable;
That's why love is divine or blind or greatest power in
The world and so on all feel, think, analyze and say sure!

Love is unique feeling and natural urge for all living
Beings in Nature in the world perpetuating species to
Have life again and again nonstop like the plantain tree
Or leaves that grow everywhere even if plucked or destroyed!

Natural love of humans or any living being is a spell
That infects spreading itself ever for life to flourish!

Education for Unity and Friendship to be Best Humans!

Rich or poor, high or low, black or white, Indian or Greek,
Only education unites all races and nationals as equal and
Human by knowledge and love to live in harmony with Nature
In one world for world peace, prosperity and progress sure!

That way only knowledge and truth give freedom to everyone
To life a life of love, joy and peace in creative and also,
Inventive deeds by cooperation and coordination to coexist
Producing beautiful, best and great things for benefit of all!

By such kind of education and training, unity in diversity
Can be achieved in the world paving the way for international
Culture of friendship to avert hatred, rivalry, competition,
Domination, enmity and wars to turn the world into paradise!

World peace and progress can be achieved by world class kind
Of education that unites all by friendship to be best humans!

Benefits of Friendship are Many and Necessary for Humanity!

Friends are free birds flying high in broad sky of friendship. They are heroes and heroines go round places new in the world as in a great adventure to know life and activities of people with love to adapt best things from them as to their broad mind! Out of love friends after such adventures express in Arts and Poetry all unknown best things in beautiful images and ideas for the world men to know, appreciate and welcome them for the promotion of world peace, unity and friendship to go forward!

International clubs of such great friends have better chance to do best and beautiful things beneficial to humankind sure ever. Pen friendship does great deeds by exchange of new and best ideas necessary for solving many problems of world in simplicity! Deeds of friendship done with love not only satisfies individuals but also benefits humanity in a great way not possible otherwise!

To Be Continued


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