Intellectual Sound Reasoning -v- Authentic Intangible Meaning

Can people who are in a vegetated state of mind for long periods of time adjust to the sensation emitted from all the billions of cells in the body that are perfectly healthy and have an intelligence that is beyond intellectual thinking... Just as a blind person adjusts their vision so that they let their finger tips become their vision....can a brain-dead person experience joyful sensations from such organs as the gut and heart?

Secondly, What role should the intellect play in determining a persons way of thinking. In other words, is intelligence and intellect the same or is their a big difference?

When sound intellectual reasoning sentences a perfect bodily healthy woman to death by starvation and dehydration, it is time to rethink the true meaning of life? The human brain is only one of the components that make up the structure of a human being. Of course, the brain is the most important factor in living a naturally active, objective and thoughtful life. However, it is not the whole mind, for every cell/atom in the brain and body has its own in-built intelligence that links with each other cells intelligence ... Accordingly, we can say "The Mind" is the whole of the person that includes the gut, immune system, liver, kidneys and heart etc, not just the brain. So, just because a person is deemed to be brain-dead and in a vegetated state, it does not mean that person cannot feel the invisible joys of life through all the living intelligent cells/atoms of the whole being/mind.

The current chaos about life and death is nothing new, for humanity is constantly trying to find answers to questions that seem unanswerable. Einstein said "I want to know what God is thinking everything else is just details" Well, if we metaphysically look inside a human brain, examine how it was formed, perhaps we may get an inkling of what Einstein's non-religious God was thinking.

The universe is a united unit of evolving creation, but it needs to magnetize opposites, in opposing directions and have them smash into each other to shape material forms and shapes. Therefore, unity requires conflicting energies to form various forms of matter.

For simplicity, lets think about the cosmos in terms of a universal caterer who wants to cook a new delicious, delectable life force called 'cake' and everything that embodies life is a variety of cake.

Before the beginning of time there was a void waiting to be filled. All the ingredients to bake a cake were simmering on a low light, waiting to be formed. A master baker was dreaming up a whole cook book full of recipes filled with intelligent energy. At the appropriate moment the oven was opened and there was a big bang. All the ingredients flew out of the black hole oven. It started to form elements and compounds that would eventually make a variety of cakes on a planet called earth. It infused earth with all the physical ingredients and compounds to make many different types of cake.

The universal mixture was put together over billions of years of evolving/creating. Eventually, planet earth was formed and it developed into a world filled with many cakes. In the genesis of life on earth, all types of micro-crumbs were formed. These microscopic bacteria would one day evolve into a very excellent cake that named itself ... homo-sapiens.

As time progressed animalistic type cakes were formed in the shape of some variety of life that could move and grow through its own evolved/created intelligence system. A few mixtures later and after many millions of years of cooking, larger mammals were formed...It was at that period of time that the mix really started to heat-up and the primate cake was at last a reality. Humans became a homo-sapien cake on earth, that contained all the 'good' wholesome ingredients the universe could supply... "All was good"

Perhaps the first human type cake was baked some two hundred thousand years ago? They only thought of themselves as just another type of cake ... Possibly they could tell they were a little different in appearance and skills? Nevertheless, they thought of themselves as a cake like all the other cakes. They shared life on earth with all the animal cakes, plants and vegetation cakes, respecting every-bodies space.

The beautiful human cake contains multiple layers of intelligence. The superb part of the cake is regulated by a cake brain. It comprises of three distinct stages of evolution/creation. As far as any scientific chef can ascertain the present-day cake brain contains three interconnecting parts

Section one is the ancient member that contains all the elements to survive dangers and climate changes. It also contains the intelligence to develop two other sections and to recognize how to evolve in-tune with earths constant, sometimes violent, changes.

Perhaps it also has open channels to access information from outside its own fields of intelligence. Maybe it has an Ariel (invisible to science, in the same way thoughts cannot be read) that can access intelligent vibrations of energy waves, which are encouraged to travel into other compartments of the brain, to be analyzed and understood?... One part of the brain will perhaps turn the information it receives, from the central arena, into some new hi-tech material shape, or perhaps a new composition of music, poetry or art?

The human cake was not the source of the information, for even the human cakes intelligence needed to be constructed from the same source of information it now receives. Maybe in today's world, some cakes don't like to be called cakes, but that maybe because they are passed their sell by date?

Section two, the vintage section, leant how to evolve from all the other cakes. It learnt how to stand upright and use its hands to create tools, which in turn, helped to develop and spark section three into action.

Section three is the modern section of the brain cake at the advanced primate intelligence/intellect level. In all three sections there lives a duality of thoughts, within a unified field of intelligence. The more developed the brain cake, the more intellectual duality thinking expands and the further removed it becomes from the original model.

The modern layer of the brain, namely the outer cortex, is filled with intellect that no other cake possesses on earth. It can reason and logically work things out that no other cake could ever do. It labels things and has a self recognition that divides itself from all other cakes. It no longer calls itself a cake. It thinks it is a species named human being. But no other cake in the universe knows what that means? This does not stop this cake from changing its identity and today it really believes it can control the world it inhabits.

Science understands that refined foods are depleted in goodness and nourishment because all the natural wholesome essentials are taken out of them. Perhaps the human cake brain should not become too refined, for it may deplete all the original wisdom it was programmed to project?

It could be claimed the modern section of the brain is the icing on the cake, considering it does contain great genius skills, but sadly, in many instances, it also believes it is the whole cake itself. Unfortunately the good ingredients have become tainted with an opposing force that is not designed to be in the cake mix.

The human cake reinvented itself as a sophisticated intellect and it has taken over the whole planet and all the other perfectly formed cakes. The human cake turned into a refined human being that began to bake its own cakes and eat and destroy too many of the other cakes. It even inflicts damage to the store room (earth) that supplied all its bodily, physical compounds and elements essential for survival

The outer section of the brain is designed to use the wisdom of the ancient part of the brain that has evolved through millions of years of development. Regrettably, many times, the powerful modern outer rim of the brain bypasses the old parts and fabricates its own refined skills to be stored in the memory banks for future reference. This means it is ignoring authentic information built into the system over millions of years and is now living with beliefs, and ideas derived from thoughts, that desire control of everything it thinks it should possess.

The human brain has created its own sophisticated monsters and has allowed them to take over every section of the mind (whole person) it can consciously control. In turn, it tries to control all the other human cakes on planet earth ... (Golly Gosh! says an observant five year old child, all that will do is to turn well formed cake into crumbs!)

And that is exactly what has been happening on earth for the past six thousand years (give or take a few thousand) The more advanced the human intellect/ego becomes, the more destructive are its powers over everything it wants to control.

Humanity should be able to look towards the universities and other education systems to solve humanities problems. Regrettably, in many instances, it is the education system itself that has become the biggest problem......Large sections of academia are locked in a brain-wave-set that cannot be changed by authentic meaningfulness.

It has baked its own pies-in-the-sky.... Its own man-made erroneous flavors and seasoning are being taught to students who hunger for knowledge and leaning, so that they can earn lots of money to spend on all the luxuries they have been programed to believe will bring them happiness...Today we find a world filled with greed and fear, with no real remedy available, that will be acceptable to those who control academia. We have produced well baked cakes with half-baked ideas, beliefs, philosophies, religions, science and knowledge.

Perhaps academia would do well to remember an old saying from Zen legend/sage Bodhidharma....

"If you use your mind to study reality, you won't understand either your mind or reality. If you study reality without using your mind, you'll understand both. People capable of true vision, know that the mind is empty."

That passage was written around fifteen hundred years ago ... Maybe the scribe meaning was ' To balance the mind, we have to go into the ancient center, and within the center, in the silence of a pool of wisdom, true thoughts can be located, that will give humanity all the information it requires, to live an authentic life on earth.

  1. Maybe, at the center of the human mind is a doorway or wormhole that takes the mind to an infinite source of wisdom?

  2. Maybe that is where all the great discoveries and creativity of the past and present derives its information?

  3. Maybe that is where all authentic people find the wisdom to live objectively detached from all the anxiety and worry the modern world fabricates.

  4. Maybe humanity can progress with all three sections of the brain working in unity within its whole mind and all other minds on earth?

  5. Maybe this essay is just a figment of the authors mind and contains no truth? You can easily dismiss it if you believe it is.....But, if it could possibly contain elements of truth, why would you disregard it?

When a society uses the law of the land to end the life of a person who cannot speak for herself and everyone is helpless to save her ... then it shows the extent the intellectual brain will go to prove it knows better than its own intangible intelligence. Humanity will forever be troubled by the memories of how American justice was used to end the life of a lady whose blood-family wanted to care for her with authentic loving devotion.

With the advance of technology, even a non functioning brain will be repaired to full working order...Hopefully when that day comes, humanity may have learned the difference between intelligence and intellect... Between the mind and the brain... Between life and death    


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