Time - The Most Precious Gem

Time - the identity of our existence or non existence. Every forthcoming day comes to us in the form of today and it's gone as a yesterday. The famous writer George Orwell, has, in his one novel, talked about his imaginary 'time-machine' with the help of which we can easily travel to our past or our future. But still it's just imagination, nobody has ever been successful to make it really possible. It is said that our many rishi-munis (saints) could make ride to future or past. Maharishi Valmiki had written epic Ramayana like that. But interpersonally, our memories, our sweet/ bitter experiences do take us to the ride of yesteryears' for some moments, make us shiver with the past experience, but after a while, again, we come back to the present.

These are the birthdays and anniversaries, which remind us of our dear ones.. Time has its own flow, never early nor late. The difference is when our lives are prosperous and happy, it seems as if time is passing quickly but on the contrast whenever some body's dear is faraway from him, every moment of his life becomes elongated to years or centuries.

We, the human beings, have the power of logic, the power of thinking and then the capacity of shape it. We have willpower for further improvement, wish to make advancements.

Have u ever thought that if man didn't have the concept of time, our dictionaries didn't had the word time and the related vocabulary in it, what sort of life would be then? Perhaps sunlight or the moonlight would only differentiate between a day or a night ! If we had not classified the time into days, months and years, the term age would be nonexistent! 

The obvious example we have is that our one generation back, parents didn't remember birthdates/time of their children. If one asks about his/her birthday, mothers simply tell u were born on 3rd day of the Akhand path or Sangrand and things like that.

Early or late won't be present in our day to day life.

Today, we use watch or clock to know time but are u aware about the fact that the person who made the first ever clock, his aim was to regularize the sex life of a Chinese emperor.

Well, we didn't ever had the proverbs like 'Be punctual' or 'Better late than never'.

We all know that speed is calculate by dividing distance with time but if there won't be any concept of time, then speed would not been the part of our life. Calendar showing Days, months, years and fixed holidays, makes us all live in a society with uniformity. What would happen without that?

History would also be not included in our studies?

Wait for someone wouldn't be painful in the absence of time.

Nobody knows who made time the most important? Who recognized its importance? Perhaps he was the person who valued it the most. Otherwise, time would be passing only we won't be knowing about it.

Time is immortal.
Time is precious.
Once slipped, it never comes back.
We can't hold it, we can't bind it.
Our spring and summer, fall and winter come with time , go with time.
Life and death are bound with time.
So let's don't wear it as an ornament,
Let's make every moment successful, let's make every moment lively.


More by :  Puneet Kaur

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