Self Improvement for a Happy Living

Nothing seems to be working- it is time to work on yourself. Do NOT whimper and do NOT whine, do NOT blame circumstances and do NOT sulk - for God’s sake be different- do NOT be a quintessential human being, the one who cries at every small prick. These are for losers to do. The only ones who blame people and circumstances for their failures need nothing but a jolt, to make them feel alive and responsible, to make them believe that they indeed have the power to succeed.

We hardly make the most of what we have, instead we focus on what we do not have, we cling to our problems more than it is necessary, we feel that we SHOULD cling to a problem-we are the ones who make it bigger, and we are the ones who give it the chance to affect our psyche. We can either count our blessings, or count our botherations-it is totally up to us to choose. Now counting our blessings doesn’t mean we sit back and relax, it means being satiated with what you have for the moment while striving to achieve more.

After all, change is Life, stagnation is Death.

The potential within us is infinite, but we usually get struck in a rut, the banality of life takes over and we find ourselves bound and caged, unable to get high on happiness. Instead of thriving, we merely start to exist. We need to break this. Steal a few minutes from your uber busy schedule each day and sit back, introspect and evaluate yourself. Is there a habit in you which you know is wrong but which you cannot seem to get rid of? Is there something which constantly pricks your conscience? Is there something around you which you want to be changed, but you do not have the guts to make the right effort or speak to the right person? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you certainly need to work upon yourself first to make a difference.
Speak up, before it is too late, self confidence is the key. Believe in what you decide upon, if it doesn’t work out, you shall have the power to fully discard it-perhaps it just wasn’t meant for you. Whereas if you half heartedly believe in your decision, not only are you sure to fail, but also you will not have the power to completely get it out of your path- but did not believe it in anyways-you were bound to fail. You shall be caught in a vicious circle and that is no less than a trap to be caught in.
You do not need anybody to keep an eye on you or point out your follies. You are your own master. Therefore LIVE and LEAVE life with a colossal bang instead of a distressing whine.


More by :  Ananya Dhawan

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