Thought Process

Thoughts based on lifetime's experience help us to see things better and clearly. It is the cultivation of the mind which helps to simplify, eliminate all the meaningless actions that create hindrance in the process where the main focus is God realization. The purity of thoughts and constructive implementation of daily life helps to attain  self-realization which is the first Primary step towards God realization.

It is our thoughts that make or break chains of life, for the link to be permanent and our time continuity, our total focus should be on the objective and not on illusion.

Contemplate on the teachings.


Prayer with one pointedness can swell the Sea of Mercy, when the whole world is shaken with cries of grief .The Cry of the heart, the pleadings of the Soul that we are incapable to control the situations with the weakness of human heart would hope to reach the destination by prayer. Gandhi too was an ardent believer as he said in simplicity of word-“many things are sought by prayer than the world dreams of”. For this, the mental attitude has to be developed at all times. We have to call him for help as a friend. We are weak, and he is Almighty, all powerful.

Our mind is processed my pleasures. We have not yet developed a taste for truth. We have to put an effort to crack the shell of the tiny one way street to meet him within where he has been waiting for us from ever.

The bonds of mental and physical attitude will break the cage of captivation and let one Survive freely with the Survivor.

For attainment of truth:

– Good mental attitude: mind can make a living hell if drifted in the waves of the world. Be Positive.

– Positive attitude: Lead a relaxed happy life, retaining balance by putting the burden of mental complications to him with a childlike faith.

– Seek shelter: Adjust to the direction of winds and if you cannot change them then maintain positive attitude.

These simple theories followed on daily basis pave a path for self-realization and take you towards God realization. Don't get lost. Awareness is the key factor to focus and direction.

If lost, stop... don't travel. The focus is goal not getting side tracked. Follow map on regular basis, teach yourself with constant simran, it is like calling him to hold your rein, and cling to him with his grace. Then clarity will follow.

Thoughts at the point of focus

– Be one pointed focused in meditation

– There are no failures in the path

– mind is good for worldly knowledge not spiritual.

– mind is already distracted, does not need more knowledge to be distracted more.

– we are born and it is our destiny to die

– Death frees life from Cycles of births.

– we should have an attitude of gratitude

– we struggled to attain anything in the world, why not and meditations

– Don't judge others. Learn acceptance

– Be simple and not complicated

– He is our refuge. We are safe there.

– He will surely take us with him, either we go with his choice, on our own choice.

– The plight of separation from the Lord is like a sting of scorpion. The Joy of meeting keeps the fire alive.

– The reunion after separation balms the wound of separation.

– The wound of separation heals with the balm of meeting the spirit.

– Our thoughts make or break the chances of life, Specially thoughts based on life time’s experience help us to see God as a guide.

– Constructive thoughts help to simplify, eliminate meaningless actions, social entertainment unnecessary inputs.

He has to break the hardened thinking and open us to his magnificent love with our sincere efforts::

– make best of today. You can't carry good intentions for tomorrow 

– good life led quietly, stands testimony as to how it affects our meditation.

– thoughts, actions, words are of value if directed properly.

– real knowledge is within us, not in books

– your doubts are valid till your personal experiences satisfy them.

– Learn to trust. What he does is best for us. Accept all that is uncontrollable.



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