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Cyclone as Untamed Forest Elephant on Rampage in fields and Villages!

Due to Nivar cyclone, dense rains are falling everywhere;
Brim full of rain waters in panda, lakes and rivers over
Flow going down to low lying areas previously the water
Course in the past some decades ago now forgotten full!

Due to heaviest rain, many new residences, multi-storeyed
Flats and offices are made to stand as islands in big
Ocean making all in-dwellers unable to go out for anything;
Yet, there is no water to drink due to surplus in scarcity!

Like untamed forest elephants that goes on rampage in
Agricultural fields and villages, cyclone Nivan has fully
damaged many buildings in towns and villages of remote
Areas and destroyed crops in acres of agricultural fields!

Despite hundreds of lakes full of rain water, unless drainage
And industrial effluents mixing with them are diverted by
Some other way to mix with sea, poisonous pollution and
waste of lake water in vain can never be stopped for good!

Two Sides of Nature!
New Moon comes up despite cyclone and rains heavy
November and December months being for rains ever;
Yet, the Sky is clear and still blue in colour now
With a few Stars visible before night nights comes!

Night queen Moon and coupled lovers as Stars shine
Bright in the Sky highlighting significance of beauty;
But the lonesome Moon though exquisite has no companion
And feels envious seeing loving Stars all over universe!

Being an angel Moon lives alone surveying night love of
Stars as queen as others cannot survive alone forever;
Such happenings in Nature are common as fate does harm
In the life of humans compensated by beauty and love!

That's why cyclones, rains, floods, drought and long
Dry seasons affect world so that joy can be enjoyed well!

Determination of Heart by Love Solves All in Life!

Heavy East wind blows from the Sea in the evenings;
It may be due to another cyclone coming in a day or two;
November and December months are for cyclones, rains and snow;
But morning Sunshine gives warmth to body to bear winter cold!

Sunshine personifies love to warm heart to survive in cold world;
Soldiers live to protect nation in high snow mountains too out of
Love only that makes them face death too to martyrdom;
Snow mountain or dry desert, love only gives power to face all!

Alternating weathers in tropical region too people live nice;
That's due to adjust ability to all weathers by patience and tolerance;
By love, where there is the will, there the way is anywhere at any weather;
By internal perseverance of love, all outaide odds are nil only in life!

Love helps to attain determination to face all situations and circumstances
Having a broad ambition to survive, sustain and succeed all in flying colours!

Kamadenu the Universal Mother of Love!

Nature follows the way of lov by patience, tolerance and peace ever;
Like tree, Cow too follows way of love personifying as mother of love;
Cow gives milk secreted from its own blood to calf and mankind;
Can anyone live sans tea, coffee, yogurt, butter and ghee ever?

That's why Indian mythology depicts Cow as divine one called Kamadenu;
Kamadenu is personification of Universal mother of love worthy of worship;
It's a greatest boon to one like sage Vasista who hospitably welcomed
King Viswamitra and his big army with feast by Kamadenu Cow!

It was an insult to a great king who took a vow to be a king sage
And becoming so, created another heaven for Thrisangu as he wanted
With human body not permitted in the heaven by any means ever!

Coldest winter months like November, December, January and February are enjoyed by love -
Yes, December by Christmas, January by Festival of Harvest and February by Lovers' Day!
In Indian Festival of Harvest, one day is celebrated for Cow;
After celebration of Lovers' Day, Spring starts with Nature in all its glory!

Inspiration to Venture on an Adventure of Love!

Coupled butterflies flying high in love.
Lovers imagination of dream world of life
Take them to the edge of opting for adventure
In the life of love to achieve objective in victory!

Novice lovers seek a place of isolation to breathe a sigh of relief
In open air park or beach to see waves moving forward and back;
Sitting close together seeing the waves of seas in motion
They get inspiration and apt mood to take bold action!

Lie sea waves continuously taking forward moves ever
Though ebbing back only to take a fresh start again,
They get this idea to venture on an adventure
That will lead them to hell or heaven sure!

In love, both victory and failure are nothing,
But taking bold step forward only counts much!

Long Life Lies in People's Hands!

It has come into practice buying cans and bottlesfull og water
For drinking purpose as lakes and rivers are polluted ever;
Recent cyclones and heavy rains have purified lake waters;
Yet, they can't be used as drainage and effluents mix with them!

Unprecedented heaviest rains have cleaned rivers, cities and towns;
By this act, Naturr indicates all to follow the same regularly
To maintain cleanliness and health to be immune to diseases;
The question is - Will people follow the lesson by Nature?

Due to lack of vaccine to cure Corona, strict measures are followed;
Will this discipline be continued by the people to avoid infection?
That's the question needs to be answered by people's act;
Real development lies in disease-less socio-economic progress!

Nature alters all wrongs done by rulers all over the world;
Only if mankind lives as per the will of nature, all survive lon

Silence is Beautiful and Golden in Life!

Calm after incessant rains is so unique indeed sure;
But being used to noise of trafic and strikes, it's peculiar;
Some like noise and speak all in noise even over phone
Not knowning how annoying such acts are to others!

Silence is beautiful as at dawn or cool hill station besides
Real beauty of morning and green grass meadows everywhere;
Such a beautiful atmosphere with breeze cool is fine ever
To breathe and enjoy peace in life in loneliness especially!

Nature in its best beauty with fully bloomed flowers in the
Parks and gardens of such high hill stations everywhere,
One has to enjoy at least once in life time sans fail;
After such an experience, will anyone refuse such beautiful life?

Silence is not only beautiful but also golden in human life
To enjoy and live so doing best of things in life sure....!

End of World!

Recent radar scanning of South America, Guatemala and Mexico
Has revealed the existence of ancient Mayan civilization in forest;
Mayans migrated from there to somewhere due to longest drought;
Now, due to pollution in everything by false progress, world will end soon!

If we lose world, will we be able to live in Moon or Mars?
Sans forest and water, life cannot thrive in other planets;
This realization should make us wake up to save the world;
Sans this knowledge, our advancement of knowledge will become waste!

modern civilization of the world should not meet with Mayan fate;
Before late, it's better to rectify mistakes made to live well
So that history can be stopped to repeat itself once again;
if technocrats and world govts. fail to change, people should force it!

Mankind should not forget the good old saying that stitch in time,
Saves nine stitches later, if we call ourselves smart ones sure!

Nature the Saviour of Our Life!

It's a beautiful Sky with a lot of colourful clouds
Just above mountain like ranges of trees with green leaves;
Slowly evening Sky with Stars are poping up sure;
Cyclones and rains have gone away for this December month!

Cleanliness, beauty and fresh air fill in the atmosphere;
Nature is beautiful so kindling love in all to appreciate it;
Maintaining such a beauty is everyone's duty sure;
Unless such an attitude develops in all, good life is impossible!

All love the world to become like paradise and heaven,
Which is not possible by technology but by preservation of Nature;
That's possible by going along according to Nature's will only;
If we respect and love Nature, we will live in heaven here!

We are children of Nature evolving to be divines sure,
If we live in harmony with Nature, the saviour of life!

Ambition A Driving Force to success!

Honesty, sincerity, discipline and beautifully doing all
For the sake of beauty make one a lover of Nature and art;
Then what Nature inspires, one creatively expresses in art
As successful expression of one's self is art of living!

Just expression of art is not enough in anyway in the world;
Arts not only please but also guide all in world life sure;
To create such a masterpiece, a great ambition is needed;
For, sans such an ambition, it won't be interesting to achieve!

Yes, ambition only can serve as good driving force of life;
Like humour is the spice of life, interest is the driving force of work;
Against all odds and stumbling blocks, ambition helps to go ahead;
Till matter is completed, interest of ambition won't leave one free!

For achieving great work of art, it's not bed of roses;
All impediments are thrown away by ambition leading to success!

To Be Continued


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