For Your Happiness

These are the days of Covid pandemic and riots and marches and fear and destructions. So, I thought that I can find some quotations from various writers and compile them interlaced with my thoughts, to share with you. I keep on smiling and want you to do the same.

Good and bad happens to all of us, yes, each and every one of us. All you and I can do is do no bad, do no harm, only do good.  That’s all. So read the following and let me know how you are coping with your beautiful life, family, and friends. Have you called yours at all, to find out how they are?

The darkest nights have the brightest stars, that is why I look for rainbows when it rains and stars when it is dark.

And Alice asked where I should go, she was told,” Go where you want to be.” Because everything that is real was imagined first, like the I phone and TV and Spaceships and electricity.

Did you know your home is a space to live and not to store stuff! A room to pray and a room to eat and a room to read makes a perfect home. Yes, dinner is served on a dining table, but without love it is only food. It is love that makes food a dinner. The only thing you must know about me is that I am not you, from there on everything will become clear.

I thank the Sun and the moon, but most of all I always thank the one who Created them all. Because the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. If you imagine you are happy you will be, but there is no way you can know what makes you happy, no way. Just smile and be happy.

One method of stealing is to buy what you do not need. Just look in your home and see how much you have stolen.

Just remember that WRONG is WRONG even if everybody is doing it and RIGHT is RIGHT even if no one is doing it. God has given you and me and everyone else wisdom to know the difference.

Did you know, I bet you did not, that Coca Cola sold only 25 bottles the very first year. And you think no one likes you, created by God himself. Negative people have a problem for every solution, stay away from them. Every inventor, every emperor, ever General, every successful person resorted to prayer and Gods blessings before their actions. You can do it too always remember that a person with no feet, climbed to the top of the Mount Everest all by himself all the way from New Zealand, and a blind person climbed it eight times and one 85 year old man climbed it and an 11 year old kid did it too. Truly nothing is impossible unless you think so.

So yes watch the NEWS, and yes it will depress you, but life is more than just news. It is also about looking at a beautiful rose, a smiling child and it is also about loving your spouse and respecting your parents and saying hello to your neighbor and praying.

I love you.


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