Tree As My Role Model

Tree as a role model'ever given a thought to that? Well...I did after I read it for the first time in my dear friend Maalok's profile. In times when each of us seeks very specific role models - woman seeking a woman role model, singer seeking a professional singer for role choose tree as a role model does seem a little strange on first thoughts but as I was curious I decided to think over it and to see what I find. And so I began my contemplation in earnest.

What kind of model does a tree present to a human ? If I were to live like a tree - what could I learn from how the tree lives and leads its life on this planet.

Sitting by the shade of a tree, I pondered first at its physical appearance. The very first thing that strikes to me about the tree is its limitation - the fact that it is bound and almost chained to a portion of earth - the choice about which the tree could not make. However what makes the tree a source of inspiration is the fact that the tree never complains nor judges the richness or the poverty of the soil to which it is rooted. The tree extends its roots deep within the soil to draw the finest and the richest minerals and elements for its nourishment and growth irrespective of the type of soil. I immediately saw a lesson here for me if I chose tree to be my role model. Where I am born, under what circumstances and to whom I am born is not a matter of my choice, yet what I become is the result of choices that I make. It is up to me to extend the roots of resources that are available to me to draw the most and the best out of the circumstances and situations to which I am bound. 

The verdant leaves of the tree provide cool shade while the tree itself bears the scorching heat of the sun. The tree bears so many riches - the fruits and the flowers - none of them for itself but to give and share them freely with all creatures without distinction. The insects and rodents and squirrels dig into its bark and roots and the tree lets them build their home. The free flying birds come and rest and make their nest, lay their eggs and abandon it later- the tree welcomes them as freely as it bids farewell to them. The humans pluck the fruits, the flowers, the leaves - the tree silently and lovingly lets them reap the riches it bears asking nothing in return yet continuing to produce and reproduce more and more. The tree produces for the 'soul' purpose of giving. Very valuable lesson for me I think - Whatever I create and bear as life's riches - love within, my creativity, creations of my efforts, my faculties and my talents if shared freely would give a grander and more divine meaning to my life and its riches.

The tree rooted to its center appears to sway with the wind but does it really ? The branches and leaves on the tree sway yet the tree stays put and grounded and is not uprooted whatever direction the wind blows and continues to weather the strongest and the most atrocious storm and wind it can. Yet another precious lesson here. If I am centered well in my 'self' then no circumstance, nothing and nobody has the power to sway me from the divine purpose of my life which is giving and sharing the riches that I create and bear. In fact only if I am centered will I have the capacity and capability of fulfilling the divine purpose of my life. 

What does being centered in my 'self' entail and how do I ensure that I am centered in my 'self' ? Being centered in my 'self' means to ensure that my relationship to my own 'self' is not lost in the deluge of relationships with all others. For only when I nurture and nourish and protect my own 'self' or 'soul' will I be able to maintain and give to relationship with others. If I do not take care of my 'self' and 'soul', I lose my center and I will be easily swayed and uprooted by the changing winds of so many relationships, varying circumstances that flow through my life.

Continuing the process of contemplation, I thought, 'how does a tree react to the changing seasons?'  Well, one thing the tree DOES NOT do is RESIST. The tree goes with the flow of the season, so to speak. Changing its hue and color of leaves, flowering pattern, fruition period with each season. It blooms and beams happy with fruits and flowers in spring. The same tree withers, droops and drops the dead leaves in autumn. The tree never pretends to bloom in autumn nor does it hide its happiness in spring. The lesson for me is to let myself and allow myself the freedom to acknowledge and express my feelings with changing season of emotions in my life. The feelings are neither good nor bad, they simply are. Just as the tree lets go of the blooming flowers in autumn while it celebrates their arrival in spring, I need to learn to let go of the loss that brings sadness and sorrow while still acknowledging and expressing the accompanying feelings. I also need to give myself permission and freedom to celebrate the cause of joy and happiness when I am happy.

There is indeed a lot to learn from a tree limited only by one's thinking and I for one am inspired enough to emulate the qualities that I was able to identify. And so is true about 'nature' that surrounds us ' no correction ... of which we are an integral part a fact which we so often need to be reminded about.    

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