Tree As my Role Model - 2


Have you noticed how the tree behaves when it encounters an obstruction to its growth? When the way to its growth is blocked, the tree simply changes its path to the one that is free for its growth. It doesn't resist or fight the obstruction but simply chooses another path. My role model seems to be telling me with its action - If you find the choice or the path that you are walking on is not contributing to your growth'to your highest good, all you need to do is to simply make another choice, choose another path. You do not have to condemn yourself for having made the choice that did not turn out right for you nor do you have to condemn the choice itself.
Another striking quality of the tree that I pondered on and found worth emulating is the fact that a tree always' always'always seeks light. Put a sapling or a growing tree under cover and away from light and it is amazing to see how the young tree invariably and inevitably spreads itself towards the direction of light. It is the very nature of 'nature' to seek and absorb light. Without light the growth of a tree gets stunted. This creates the consciousness within me that keeping with the nature of nature of which I am an integral part and in the interest of my growth  my endeavor must be to move away from darkness of ignorance and always seek the light of love and light of self-awareness and knowledge both of which will nourish my growth just as sunlight nourishes a tree and helps in its growth.
Extending my thoughts further on the 'giving' aspect of the tree I notice that the tree 'gives' to anyone who seeks its riches. The tree does not stop a traveler on her way and ask her to take shelter under its shade. So will I give only to those who come and seek my riches. For by allowing the receiver (of my riches) the choice of seeking, I respect her wishes before I give.
Irrespective of how many creatures derive benefit from its riches, the tree continues to be and produce and create its riches. The tree doesn't produce more or less depending on the number of creatures that derive benefit from it. So will I continue to create myself and my creations and although I will do so with the purpose of sharing and giving all that I create, I will not be attached to the outcome of the purpose. In other words, irrespective of who and how many people and creatures benefit, I will continue to create.
The tree also strikes me with its state of loneliness. It stands bound to the soil all alone - as a hermit ' in a state of blissful solitude. It does not seem to be sad or depressed about it. It stands alone and seems to be priding in its magnificence and reveling in its own glorious being and existence. It seems fulfilled in just being itself ' a magnificent and glorious creation of God ' a tree. I imbibed yet another valuable message while I continued to get absorbed in the inspiration' magnificence, glory and bliss can be found by simply being me ' a human being !  


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