Global Warming & Religious Conversion

One of the few welcome offshoots from the twin dangers of globalization and liberalization is the conclusive confirmation of an earlier feeling that everything in this world is related to one another. No species, no nation and no individual can survive or succeed in isolation. All are related and it is becoming more so as the world is progressing in time. Modern technology, way of thinking and way of living are converging on same or similar lines. All recent developments on renewed efforts to combat global warming with true sincerity (usually absent among most of the signatories on any UN resolution) is an example of this new found optimism. Now it is more important to identify other such global issues and tackle them in a united and determined manner.

The three major issues that should have caught the immediate attention of any world body today were (1) Global Warming (2) Religious Conversion and (3) Growing Income Disparity. It is a bit saddening that only the first one has come into the limelight now. The other two are equally, if not more, important. All three factors have direct or indirect impact on our everyday lives and sooner they are tackled the better. It took almost one decade and few Katrinas for the ‘world policeman’ to realize and accept the dangers associated with global warming. But we may not be as lucky in the case of other two. There are vested interests in the establishments who want organized religious conversion to proceed unfettered and income disparity worldwide to widen. They have their own short-sighted agenda that is dependent on the success of such negative processes.

Silent Terrorism

Terrorism and Security are two of the most widely discussed issues everywhere. Confronting terrorism post factum is like treating symptoms and not the disease. If the world leaders have any sincerity of purpose they should realize the futility in spending billions to fight terrorism rather than spending a fraction of it to tackle the reasons that give birth to terrorists. Granted that religious terrorism is the gravest, providing a level playing field for all religions is the most logical solution. All individuals must be freed from the clutches of religious clergy who are indulging in organized efforts to increase their numbers. In one way or other the key to power is always determined by the number of people who can be influenced. Dedicated and salaried clergy of organized religions are increasing their numbers by harvesting souls by might and lure. What is happening in India today is exactly this and the pilot plot is unfolding in the state of Kerala.

In real terms the net result of any form of religious conversion is generation of suspicion, doubts and hatred among the followers of affected religions. This is nothing different from terrorism by means of guns and bombs. By repeatedly declaring to the world that souls will be harvested in highly populated and democratic countries in Asia, one of the world nations is challenging the sovereignty of others. In a world order structured along nation status, religion should not be allowed to undermine the very existence of nations. It is high time the world bodies and more importantly the ‘world policeman’ realized that it is nothing but a silent form of terrorism. This is so obvious from the fact that wherever religious conversion has crossed the critical level the bloody cry for separatism is also high. Papua New Guinea, North East of India etc., are examples of this. The much acclaimed war on terror must tackle silent terrorists also.

Increasing Disparity

If familiarity with evil designs of the organized religious clergy is breeding contempt in the minds of all peace loving people, the growing disparity in the income levels is breeding revolutionary ideas in the minds of the worst affected. The whole world is now much more connected and it would be difficult to progress further until and unless all are carried forward. In the last two decades, the rich in most parts of the world have become more richer and poor have become more poorer. This is definitely increasing the temperature of our social order to unsustainable levels. More governments are running away from their primary responsibility of providing the basic minimum requirements for their people and leaving everything to the market forces. The role and use of new organizations pushing world trade and tariffs is definitely in question.

Increasing disparity in wealth among the developed and developing nations in the world is another factor that is disturbing world peace. The proponents of organized harvest of souls (for increasing their faith) have something to explain in this regard. Prior to Asia, it was the African continent that was the target of these robed harvesters in the last century. They have succeeded in increasing their numbers too. But look at the condition of these nations where so many souls have been harvested. The television pictures of poverty situation in several African nations are highly disturbing. Harvesting of souls has increased poverty levels because the rice and milk powder promised by the harvesters never came. Now these miserable people are left with their new names (and the book) but much more miserable bodies and souls.

The strongest and biggest democracies in the world must realize the simple fact that the greatest threat to world peace is coming from the smallest state in the world. The silent form of terrorism unleashed by this miniscule set of faith hunters is fuelling hatred in the minds of other religionists and the end result is bloody terrorism which calls for billions of dollars to tackle. This money could have been better utilized for improving the lot of impoverished millions world-wide. UN must take the initiative in organizing an international conference (like the recent one in Bali) and declare all forms of organized religious conversions as immoral, illegal and tantamount to terrorism. An International Forum Against Religious Conversion (IFARC) – similar to IAEA - needs to be instituted under the auspices of UN to monitor the activities of the evil perpetrators of organized religious conversion.


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