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Forest of Past Life and Resort of Present Life are Symbols of Paradise!

Many went to forest seeking peace of mind fed up with court life of past;
Not only kings but also followers of them for justice to prevail in the nations;
Some became great philosophers, some mystics, some poets and some lovers;
Forest turned them all into what they really are by divine spirit in Nature sure!

Now every weekend many people go to resorts to renew their spirits in Nature;
Paradise of Nature no one can ignore as its effect makes all regain lost mood;
When this so, can destruction of forest, exploitation of natural resources for
Commercial profit and polluting environment to end world life wise at all?

Paradise of Nature is great boon and gift to humankind in the world sure;
Life of civilization should be super in all respects but never bad to destroy world;
Modern world does not just be machine world but natural world of advancement;
More than intelligent bad achievements, wise advancement of human life is best ever!

One modern world of civilization should follow the best culture of paradise of past
Besides all advancements in knowledge and developments to modernity to live best!

Sans Nature is it Possible to Know God there or not?

Without knowledge, it is not possible to understand, think, know and decide
To do anything in the world to fulfil one's dream, desire and ambition sure;
When this is so, what is the use of crying for liberation by praying to God?
Even to know God, knowledge is necessary let alone reaching Him finally!

We are like one thrown into a dense forest from the blue in the night ever;
Without light of torch-light, we cannot see what is before us by our naked eyes;
There may be a hill or abyss or deep lake or silent river or ocean or garden;
They all put together is this forest that we may call as God too in one way....!

Without torchlight we cannot know all those things there to realize infinite God;
With that light of knowledge only, we can see all and plan to reach out in freedom;
Yes, liberation and peace we can achieve only when we come out of darkness by
The light of knowledge which is possible by meditation in Nature or forest!

If forest itself is destroyed in the name of development in the modern world of civilization,
Can we think and know of the greatness of God and believe there's He or not at all?

Philosopher and Guide Nature Only helps to free Soul to Eternal Liberation and Peace!

Like human body, all things of Nature have divine spirit within with birth and death;
Spirit or soul is actually imprisoned within body of all living beings in the world;
Not knowing this and caught by illusion all are afraid of death and rejoice in birth;
Only by death, the spirit gets liberation and peace free from imprisonment of body!

Until then, all undergo pain and pleasure throughout world life brief or long;
All kinds of sufferings teach all it's better to free soul rather than wish to live in pains;
Realization of real freedom, joy and peace comes through Nature only in world;
That's why paradise of Nature is important to restore and preserve in world ever!

From Nature body is offered to soul to reside to realize pain and pleasure before
One comes to the decision of real total liberation is possible by spiritual means only;
All memories, pains and sufferings will be forgotten once soul departs from body ever;
A fresh and new beginning is offered to soul to thrive better or moksha is attained then!

Spirit that has come from Universal Spiritual Energy or God to human body,
By experience and realization in Nature, finally feels free to free itself of body!

Living Matters of Nature are Incomparable to Lifeless Matters of Man!

Machines and gadgets help ease a lot of works for man in the modern world;
Civilization has made way of life easier than before but pollution and diseases
Also have increased making man look for fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink;
Man has created machine matters sans life not as living beings in the world!

Human body is matter with life like Nature, the living scientific art impossible for man do;
Humans, plants, animals, birds and fish are living matters can't be created by man;
Nature has life but man's art is lifeless, frozen action of beauty as a copy of Nature;
Unlike man, machines can't think, imagine, dream, feel, intuit or predict to create new ones!

In the name of civilization, man exploits natural resources for commercial profit
And technological progress in the modern world to the extent of destroying Nature,
The mother of all living beings and the only incomparable and invaluable gift to man;
Sans Nature, we are nowhere and as gratitude preserve resources by recycling!

Man and all living beings are lively matters of Nature in the world sure;
But all inventions and creations of man are lifeless matters as toys of child!

Resorts are Matchless before Natural Paradise!

Modern resorts are nothing before real paradise as sans Nature it's nothing;
Paradise is more than gardens and parks we all know and love to visit often;
Such a green grassland surrounded with trees and flower plants and fruits
Paradise is real place of bliss much more joyful than heaven of angels unknown!

Crystal clear rivers going across the paradise is wonderful to swim in fun with friends;
Going on a jolly tour with friends only friendship develops with like-minded ones ever;
That is real joy far better than virtual friendship now many indulge in websites;
Many fraudulent guys and girls deceive so many innocent ones to tragedy in life!

Personal contacts in open only develop really reliable friendship in anywhere;
Not knowing this, many are thrown in abyss, when they are coming up in life;
This is the civilization in the modern world that spoils many in the world to nothing;
Real civilization based on maturity of mind and understanding only develops true friendship!

Future of good humanity lies in the re-creation of natural paradise to meet
And have good human relationship for harmonious development of personality!

Natural Atmosphere only can Save Paradise Lost Sure!

Freedom loving birds fly and live anywhere in the world of Nature as they wish;
Modern world of machines and civilization of people have driven them out now
In the cities and towns expanding into villages too as expansion programme;
The first prey for this jolt is sparrow and myna birds in many places nowadays!

Microwave towers with its electromagnetic waves are disturbing birds' life;
Small and cute little birds have flown away searching for paradise outside now;
As expansion of urban is fast going on, farms and gardens are disappearing from sight;
At this rate, it seems, villages and farms won't be there except industries and cities!

Mainly due to this, resorts are developing the modern form of paradise perhaps...;
World without farms, villages, agricultural lands and gardens will look like desert
Losing their natural resources , beauty and fresh air bowing to Pollution and diseases;
Saving gardens, parks, trees, grass lands and natural resources, paradise returns!

Yes, sure saving natural atmosphere with all its fresh beauty as flowers only,
Paradise lost of past can be regained to save human world forever and ever! 

Make UNO Effective and Efficient to govern World Well!

To prevent war and promote peace, United Nations Organization is there;
Yet, wars and competition in all fields are there in the world ever;
Consequently, pollution, climate change leading to rains and floods affects all;
All nations are not making use of UNO to solve those world problems even now!

Is it not time to make UNO strong and work effectively and effectively well?
Trees are need everywhere to absorb carbon gas and produce oxygen air
To control pollution in air and take measures to clean rivers and lakes so that
Agricultural lands can be made fertile to produce food and vegetables to feed all!

People dying due to hunger and poverty can be fed with nutrient food;
They can be educated and trained in useful jobs to work and survive well;
If such deeds are coordinated and cooperated among all nations surely
One day paradise can be established for humanity to live heavenly life!

The so called Super Powers of the modern world should strive to make UNO
Into a World government to govern whole world to prove civilization is worth it!

Ignorance is worse than Sin Not Knowing Paradise in Nature!

Can small islands be called as paradise beach in some resorts?
For commercial profit in the name of tourism some do so ever;
Natural paradise has trees, lakes and rivers and birds everywhere;
In beach islands such things are ever missing with no naturality!

Modern world people are unaware of what paradise is at all sure;
They all go to resort islands and spend time in fun sans knowledge
That what they believe to be paradise is nothing but sand and sea;
Without green vegetation how can they be called as paradise.....?

Only real lovers of Nature can enlighten them with true knowledge;
That seems to be a great art in poetic expressions of paradise now;
It becomes a vital duty to remind all what paradise is by poets to
The world that goes by false knowledge about Nature and paradise!

Ignorance is worse than sin in the world of Nature noted for good
Atmosphere and paradise all know pretty well in the past race.....!

Natural Disasters warn All to Live in Harmony with Nature!

Sudden rains and flash floods at unseasonal time cause colossal havoc;
Towns are inundated and crops ready for harvest is destroyed putting all helpless;
These things happen due to pollution, climate change as final warning for doom's day
And indicate to take corrective measures immediately to save Earth to restore paradise!

It requires joint action by all nations through UNO for the future of mankind;
Unless farms and villages are protected, source of life will be in jeopardy sure;
Dredging of lakes, rivers and ponds are needed to arrest over flowing surplus rain water
Wastefully flowing into seas and oceans sans any use now and drought time!

If such situation goes on occurring often, not only floods but also desertification
Sure the world will be subjected to leading to no plants, trees and leaves growth;
That will increase tremendously heat in Summer time and lead to wild forest fire;
Instead of paradise world will be driven to Stone Age with no sand and plants' life!

All these dangers tell the truth that Nature is all powerful against man's technology
And advise all respect it and live in harmony with Nature to live as in paradise!

Living The Life Of Paradise Again!

Humans are born of Nature in the world of paradise beautiful, lovely and lively;
Manmade climate change by pollution is destroying natural life everywhere;
Realizing what we have done and where we are going, we have change course
For restoring lost paradise before it is too late for sustaining all living beings well!

Class room study should be shifted to outside in Nature to feel its warmth with love;
Bookish knowledge should be combined with works in industries and agriculture;
Along with bookish knowledge, all should go round places to see world in its reality;
World history and literature should be known by all before one completes education!

Mistakes of past and nature of human life and how it has to be dealt with will be known;
All these things will clear idea of what one has to do choosing the field one in best at;
With that knowledge and vision, one will know what ambition one can have for progress;
That is the sure way if all work later in coordination and cooperation paradise is saved!

Studies in Nature, world, history and literature will help one to do right way all works
And that is the way life has to be lived to save Nature and Earth to live life of paradise!

To Be Continued


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