Establishing Lost Paradise Again! - 1

Can Paradise of Past Be Established by Civilization?

Beauty of Nature and love of beloved are heavenly to live life
In a place like paradise in the world whatever be one's status;
Perhaps such a life was once thriving in Atlantis of West and
Lemuria of East that had submerged in the oceans by natural disaster!

That was due to man's fast advancement of civilized life then;
Everyone has to think so that Nature was not interested then;
Now we are struggling to establish such a paradise in world
Full of technological and material developments quite different!

By fast advancement due to greed of politicians and technocrats
Now has driven to the world full of pollution, climate change,
Disease besides terrorism in the name of religion to fight out
And man is struggling to establish one modern world by civilization!

Will this civilization be challenging to the past civilizations of
The world that was pride of great personalities of ancient time?
Nobody can say for sure dazzled by the glittering civilization
That is dancing on peak of hill to fall down by lack of human culture!

Creation of Paradise by Love of Action!

Paradise of ancient world no one has any idea in the modern world;
Like oasis in the desert, a miniature paradise is present day park;
Parks may be big or small, but it is the model of paradise we know now;
If such a park, when becomes a whole world, it will be the Paradise!

But modern world doesn't seem to recreate such a paradise in the world;
Only paradise, like the park, where lovers meet to share their love
Sure will create romantic atmosphere for love to bloom into beautiful flower;
That time only will become the proper moment for lost paradise to appear!

Again perhaps then only, the value of paradise lost will be realized by all;
Love will become a common aspect of life for all in a higher level in the world;
Modern world with such a setup of paradise will become a great achievement
Mankind has created out of the dream and vision of literature into reality sure!

Juts lovers' day celebration for love to flourish in the world will not be enough,
For, it is only a matter of fact act needing to be done in love of action sure! 

Our Love Story!

I never forget hearty love of anyone in the world forever sure;
I judge everyone by their love and good nature anywhere ever;
Dissatisfied in education and job, I was happy in life due to love;
My better half is also like me in nature and mind till her end here!

We were not merely husband and wife but lovers first and last in life;
We respected all people moving with real love whoever they were;
The days we spent going to temples, parks and beach ever remain fresh;
Day and night all things we did ever make me as if we are still together!

In the fag end of life, I am alone living with her thoughts in mind alive;
We are lovers not only of romantic literature but also classical literature;
The love story of our life like epic literature is written in Poetry of high level;
Our love story is not castle created on beach sand but beautiful song!

Our beautiful love story is classical poetry can be sung by angels only;
My end of life will be making a full stop to our love poetry all love ever!

The Hurdles of Paradise!

Without plants, trees and crops, we cannot see flowers, fruits and vegetables;
Without green leaves of grass, trees, flowers and fruits, will there be garden?
Without gardens and parks, can anyone imagine a place called paradise?
Modern world is born of industries and concrete jungle sans vegetation now!

Without changing this sad state of affairs, paradise of past can't come up;
When farms, villages and forests have changed into industries and cities,
Paradise of literature has no chance of reappearing anywhere in the world sure;
Without clean air and water only diseases will affect all by allergies to all ever!

Without medicine survival of lives has no guarantee due to lack of immunity;
Pollution can be overcome by planting trees that absorb carbon and emit
Pure air of oxygen, the life giving thing to all living beings and good health sure;
Trees are a must for survival and establishing paradise as bricks of building!

Sans trees, green shade won't be there to cool place and
Cut glaring effect whether garden or park is built or not ever!!

Longing for Outing to Paradise to Breathe Fresh Air!

When we think of paradise, we remember Garden of Eden in the Bible;
But for me, the latest version for paradise is Kubla Khan of Coleridge;
Green grass land along a river with pleasure dome is wonderful;
It's a best dream poem written in extempore style by Poet Coleridge!

The gardens and parks we see everywhere reflect Coleridge’s idea indeed;
Not only this but also all new modern machines and life style are in Poetry
First created as ideas in Poems and stories of literature for all to appreciate;
Those things are invented by science and technology in the modern world!

But the pity is caught by the web of modern gadgets in the name of civilization,
Man longs for outing in paradise like place to breathe even fresh air now...;
Modern world is an illusion that mesmerizes man making him forget his intention;
The main idea is to create paradise once again to live a free and joyful life!

Again Poetry alone reminds man about his great dream of paradise ever
And that, will he take efforts to create to change all chaos into beautiful Poetry?

Could it be Possible to Create Artificial Paradise?

If system of governance is not people friendly, it is sure dictatorship rule;
Development by technology alone at the cost of natural progress is sure
Imposition of task on people, who cannot digest it, will gasp for free air ever;
Progress should be inclusive of everyone's interest in the society for good!

Drama was replaced by movie, movie was replaced by TV and now
TV is replaced by Laptop and Computer is replaced by smart phone by all;
All payments of amount and reservation for travels are done online fast;
People's contacts are cut off with the contact of hand phones even on travels!

It becomes easy for dictatorship rule to flourish under setup of democratic rule
By divide and rule sans people's knowledge knowing every secret of everyone;
Individual liberty, privacy and personal matters are kept under glass room, it seems;
Technology of machine world has totally destroyed natural evolution of world!

When this is so, could it be possible to create artificial paradise ever
For people to enjoy romance and love of great literature of the past anywhere?

Let Us Protect Natural Resources to Regain Paradise Lost!

Like two eyes of face, agriculture and industries are two sides of world life;
Concentrating on one and neglecting the other we cannot live full best life;
Due to fast development and profit, industries cannot be ever concentrated
At the cost of agriculture that sustains all living beings in the world ever!

The present fast technological and economic developments have failed to know
The bad effects of pollution, climate change and wasteages of natural resources;
Especially water wastefully flowing to seas and oceans due to rains and floods
Are not renovating fields but turning a lot of lands into deserts endangering life!

The days of free supply of water have gone away making all buy water by money
Due to contamination of ponds, lakes and rivers and drying up of them for long...;
Unless water overflowing the rivers by heaviest rains are stored and diverted
To dry lands, how can the lost paradise of past be regained in now or ever in the world?

Earth is the only place of paradise in the whole Universe that we all have to
Preserve by protecting natural resources by stopping pollution and climate change!

Wisdom Lies in Turning Impossible into Possible!

Dry lands, barren lands and rocky lands are there in many places;
Even barren lands are taken as challenge to turn into agricultural ones;
When such things are there, is it wise to turn fertile ones into dry desert lands?
That is what fast developing technological world is doing for progress!

What has to be done is not done for mere fast progress of economy here;
Will this make modern world intelligent and civilization wise forever sure?
If wastefully flood and rain waters flowing into seas and oceans are
Diverted to dry lands and barren lands, they can turned into fertile farm fields!

If barren and dry lands are turned into fertile lands, world will turn into paradise;
That's intelligence, wisdom and civilization making world really modern;
If technological expertise is utilized for turning barren lands into fertile farms,
No doubt, we can say our civilization is meaningful in modern world sure!

Wisdom of modern world of civilization lies in turning what's not possible posible;
That's turning barren or dry lands into fertile farm or paradise in the world sure! 

Nothing can be Achieved Making Mole into Mountain by Politics!

Due to drought, rivers shrink and sharing of water between States is problem
Leading to endless tussle between them and think of linking rivers for good of all;
World will become a great paradise, if all rivers are linked together sure
And that would bring water to all dry places and drinking water to all ever!

it is so simple to arrive at such a conclusion, implementation is politically complicated
And again fights to start and not to start loom large and then building of dams
Across the river in the starting place bring endless headache to all people everywhere;
This is how great good of society is kept in the back burner sans any solution!

Sharing of common natural resources develops love and unity in diversity sure;
Instead of attempting that, politicians take advantage of problem and run politics;
Likewise so many things are kept in pending for years together and spoil all
Things for nothing and maintain enmities between States and nations in the world!

People should be made aware of the tricks and bring together all as one family in world
By Poets and writers and inspire ideas of paradise and one modern world of civilization!

Civilization of One Modern World of Humanity!

Dawn of good time will come, only when natural life of humans is activated
As humanity was living once upon a time in the paradise of the world of past;
Such a situation can be created by One Modern World of the civilization all love;
That is real development of life and that is progress of humanity in true sense!

For that, we need not turn the world into the past under developed one again;
We have to enrich the world with green fields, fertile fields of agriculture
With water available everywhere by diversion of rivers and lakes everywhere;
Civilization with the base of culture so is made to be functional, it's possible!

All technology is wisely used for making human life really human unlike machines;
That is the way natural life of humans can be possible as against machine life of now;
Material aspects should help to ease intellectual pursuits and spiritual pursuits;
For that selfish competition should be replaced by selfless cooperation in life!

Such a human modern world of civilization will go on As You Like It as was
Envisaged by the great bard in the 16th century and renewed in 18th century!

To Be Continued


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