Measure Your Value

'What we learn to do,
We learn by doing.'
- Aristotle

Work. Productivity. Words that may mean little to some and much to others. We all work but our motive differs. The intent and expectation differs. Besides being a source of income, it holds other attributes as well. A few of us would understand that it is a measure of human value and worth. It is man's noblest activity, provided he performs it with that intention. To quote Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged):

'There is nothing of any importance in life ' except how well you do your work. Nothing. Only that. Whatever else you are, will come from that. It is the only measure of human value. The code of competence is the only system of morality that's on a gold standard.'

How can you evaluate a person other than by means of his contribution, achievement, and productivity? How can you measure the worth of a being other than by what he does? How can a person live and not work? How can a person exist and not create? How can he consume and not produce? How can he breathe and not act? Wouldn't it really be evil to dream without acting ' or to act without aim? Whether we judge a man by what we feel he is capable of doing or by what he has already done, the crux of it all rests on the terms-doing or done. Terms that point toward that noble activity or indulgence called 'work'! We ought to use whatever capabilities and talents we have to achieve goals and targets in life-no matter how small, big, easy or difficult they are.

'Dreams are not meant to come true.
They are meant to be achieved.'

A person should not wish for the sake of it. Rather his dreams should offer a beginning or a starting point for his actions. A dream or a vision can act as a precedent to his actions and not a substitute. It can be a force to make him move, and act with a purpose. Making it a substitute would be like submitting your mind and body voluntarily to paralysis. It would be equivalent to committing a grave, unpardonable mistake. Nothing can be a substitute for action. Even great thoughts cannot justify stagnation.

'If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead;
either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.'

Truly, your deeds and actions speak louder than your words. Hence, what better way to live than to perform meaningful and value generating tasks and activities? Life can be worthless'a thing to be ashamed of; Or it can be an achievement, a thing to be proud of. It will only be worth when you make it worth, depending upon how you let it shape up, and what you let it turn into. In other words, how you work it out!

An individual ought to be absolutely and unconditionally honest and dedicated toward his work as it justifies his very existence in this world. No work can be low or unimportant. Every activity is vital for the existence of mankind. No matter what it is and where you do it, work is to be performed with utmost commitment and sincerity. Commitment and dedication.-they are the keys to success. A person who does not justify his work commits a treachery to the world and to his own existence. Every bit and piece of productive work is meaningful and important to the survival of man and he ought to ascribe dignity to it.

If work measures the worth of a man, it then measures the worth of a society as a consequence. No society or nation can withstand time and hardships but for the productive capability of its inhabitants, it citizens, its people. A society of worthless, corrupt and incompetent people cannot progress or advance. It will crumble under its own burden for want of support and sustenance. In the present age, no nation can survive, let alone progress, unless its people become conscious of their capabilities, talents and skills and with this consciousness utilize their brain power and motive power together toward a goal. This is what is lacking in our society. Lack of motivation and dedication toward work is the absolute cause of the downfall or stagnation of any society and nation at large.

'Man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress'
There is no conceivable law by which man can be forced to work 
on any terms except those he chooses to set.
There is no conceivable law to prevent him from setting them.'
- Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead)

This ego makes him to work to the best of his abilities and conscience. This makes him to attain heights, which he deserves. Man ought to get complete freedom regarding his work. Nothing can be achieved through force except sacrifice, destruction and hatred. Setting goals for ourselves and competing with our potential is the real battle, the tough competition. People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. Man can achieve greatness through his means of work. This is by all means within his capabilities. But what this man demands and deserves for his work and labor is a reward in terms of money, recognition, appreciation or satisfaction. And hence it becomes essential that our economic and social system should reward the best in every man. In this respect one ought to pay tribute to America for being a country of production and achievement. For being a country that demands and rewards this best in every man.

'An honest man is the one who knows that 
he can't consume more than he has produced.'

-Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

A righteous man will take only that which he deserves, only that which he creates. He will demand a reward on the basis of his contribution and merit and naught else. This is the only righteous source of motivation to a human being. To get a reward worth his work-no more, no less! This reward will act as a motive power for him to move on'a fuel for his engine.

Hence it becomes extremely important for a person to search for or create his kind of work and be totally devoted to it. The profession or occupation he practices must be chosen very wisely and thoughtfully. On it depends the rest of his life and those of others. If he is insincere or looks down upon it, he can never be the best in it. He can never excel in it. A person may hold any job but he should try to excel in it. This is what really counts. Thus, he should do what he is best at, trying to avoid mediocrity. If he realizes that each minute is an unrepeatable miracle, he would also realize that this calls for action on the part of each living soul- without wastage of time, mind and resources.

'If you don't aim at something,
You will never hit anything.'

Unless you act, you lose the right to your mind and body. To claim it, you need to propel yourself in the right direction and path. A path that leads to productive achievement and excellence. A contribution that makes a difference. People say that a person needs just these things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to hope for, and something to do. Of all these, the last one is the most dependable and rewarding. And as you can be certain of improving none else but your own self, affirm your faith in your self, your work. In the objectives you have set for yourself.

The great are only great because we are on our knees. 
Let us rise!


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