The Tripartite Nature of Satisfaction

The Nature of satisfaction you must know...

The feeling of satisfaction is an end-form feeling. True satisfaction is not found at the beginning of an event, action or phenomenon. True satisfaction is found at the successful execution of an act of desire. This is not unconnected with the fact that fore-satisfaction can be short-lived. Fore-satisfaction can also be terminated along the line.

Anyone who has meddled with wisdom and spent some good days on the planet Earth would concur that fore-satisfaction is an immature satisfaction.

A fore-satisfaction is one of a folly. Throwing your bouquet at fore-satisfaction is a clear expression of immaturity and foolishness. It does not represent any of the true tripartite nature of satisfaction.

A worthwhile satisfaction is the astern-satisfaction.

An astern satisfaction is borne from the physical handling of one's hope, dreams or aspirations. At the attainment of such feats, astern-satisfaction emanates.

This is a satisfaction of the wise. This is also a satisfaction of the persistent and dogmatic fellow.

Astern-satisfaction comes to individuals that persevere to a course. Astern-satisfaction is a gift of the universe to the diligent.

This satisfaction has the magic of dissemination. It is this magic that inspires the neighborhood and motivates the society. A country devoid of individuals whom the universe had granted astern-satisfaction in different spheres of life is a dead nation.

A society void of men and women who had received astern-satisfaction is a breed of irregular homo-sapience and should be isolated from the rest of the world.

This is because astern-satisfaction is an illuminance. It is the light and knowledge of realism. Astern satisfaction is the compass that guides the sailors of truth and knowledge through the waves of giving up. Astern-satisfaction is not plowed on the soil surface. It is the reward of a drill and the statue of mortal greatness.

Astern-satisfaction can be categorized into three parts. This is called the tripartite nature of true satisfaction. Satisfaction in this context is the astern-satisfaction. The fore-satisfaction is for fools, the weak and the unwise.

The three classes of Astern-satisfaction are the brief astern-satisfaction, the humid astern-satisfaction, and the forest astern-satisfaction.

Brief Astern-Satisfaction

The brief astern-satisfaction is a feeling granted by nature to an individual for the enjoyment of that individual. This kind of satisfaction is not prolonged. It is the smallest form of satisfaction and comes from direct individual benefits.

A person who enjoys sex receives astern-satisfaction because his sexual desires and urges have been met. This satisfaction feels divine while it last but it is not protracted. This satisfaction is time-bound.

To continue to refill this brief astern-satisfaction, one must continue in doing that which instigated the satisfaction. If you enjoyed an astern-satisfaction from sexual activities, the satisfaction ceases immediately you cum.

If one is hungry, he desires a brief astern-satisfaction that comes from food. Once he consumes the meal, he receives an astern-satisfaction.

This satisfaction cannot last him the day or the week. He must refill this satisfaction by redoing that which instigated the satisfaction.

Brief astern-satisfaction is enjoyed by all creatures with no exception.

The mortals, the beasts and the plants earnestly desire a brief astern-satisfaction for living.

Humid Astern-satisfaction

The humid astern-satisfaction is one higher than brief astern-satisfaction. Not everyone comes to this realm. This is the realm that differentiates the rich from the poor. The feeble from the strong, the eater and the sower is set apart in this realm. The humid astern-satisfaction is a level of astern satisfaction that nature grants to an individual because he puts the satisfaction of others before him.

This individual does not intend to change the world but seeks to ensure that his dependants are satisfied. This satisfaction bestowed by nature to a one is positional. The universe brings opportunities to experience humid astern-satisfaction to almost everyone.

But you can choose to come into the humid space of or stay glued to brief astern-satisfaction. A good father is in the realm of humid astern-satisfaction.

So also is a prudent wife and virtuous mother. The head of a department who ensures that his organization does well is in this realm so also the priest and some leaders.

The criteria for enjoying a humid astern-satisfaction is that one desires to do good. This one desires to act good for the benefit of some not all. The universe rewards such one with humid astern-satisfaction. One of the stones of humid astern-satisfaction is peace. Ideas are also some precious stones in the humid space as well as favor and admiration. The one that has chosen to act good and create a space for himself in the humid space must ensure that he understands his limitations.

The humid astern-satisfaction can be a death wish if a one does not define his bonds of good.

Good is not enough and the doer of good is not all-sufficient.

This is why the doer of good must embrace wisdom first before setting out to do good.

His inability to adopt good spells doom to him and he may not last long in doing good. The doer of good must cherish strength.

Strength is needed to do good. It is this strength that the universe recognizes and bestows on the doer a humid satisfaction.

Forest Astern-satisfaction

The Forest Astern-satisfaction is only attained by few men in history.

Out of 100, you can find none. Maybe out of 1000, you can find one.

The universe does this herself.

The universe selects a mortal and endows such one with special features. It is not unusual to find some people who have attained the forest astern-satisfaction because of their strong will and making nature an offer she cannot refuse.

This kind of satisfaction comes when one is devoted to a good course for mankind. This is the highest level of sacrifice and the beneficiaries are as many as the forest. The forest astern-satisfaction is costly and sometimes kills the doer.

However, the death of the doer brings an immortal glory to the doer.

While brief astern satisfaction lasts for hours, the humid satisfaction lasts for a person's lifetime and the forest satisfaction lasts for generations. Martin Luther King Jnr. is an example of a forest astern-satisfaction. Mandela received a forest astern-satisfaction so also are scholars and inventors. This is a rare realm of glory reserved by those the mother universe desires to give suck.

Satisfaction is a wrap of fulfillment and does require a doing to unwrap it.

Daily ensure that you undertake an act of brief satisfaction. This proves you are existing.

Eat and drink, learn and talk about it. Have sex and enjoy it.

But know you that it accounts nothing much to the world.

Desire the good of others and pursue it with strength. The universe values such acts and rewards you with precious stones like peace, wealth, admiration and knowledge.

You will become a leader and reign amongst a few.

If you are ready to step into the realm of forest astern-satisfaction, be ready also to make the universe an offer it can never refuse. This, you are sure will raise you a generational fragrance and you will become a god after you are gone.


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