Life Experience - 1

Memorable Experience in Nature!

Recollection in tranquility is out of place in the fast moving modern world; 
 Only in woods or barren lands outside cities, place of peace can be seen to take rest; 
In such a place I have the opportunity to stay for sometime a few days ago; 
The wood has birds of various kinds we know but cannot see anywhere else!

They love Nature as we do when get opportunity to live for sometime there; 
Particularly, the activities of peacocks attracted my attention very much sure; 
 I saw morning picture and night picture of Nature in reality in the woods in joy; 
Also, whenever I went in rest house or bath room, I heard the sound of birds!

Especially peacocks are keen observers of situation and surrounding; 
Whenever I switched on the light in rest room, they made happy noise in surprise; 
That happened not only in night times but also in morning and evening times! 
Being lover of Nature, I was elated with joy whenever such things happened!

I felt this is unique unity in diversity as myself and the birds enjoyed Nature; 
Living in harmony with Nature, surely one can get memorable experience in life!

Nature and the World!

Eagle with white neck makes its cry before Sunrise in the morning now;
Thereafter, squirrels make their joyful noises all around the place in the morning;
Finally crows in large numbers make cries of their own to rise all from slumber;
This is how everyday begins to proceed till Sunset in the evening for all to go home!

Only rats and dogs afterwards make their regular work of searching for food;
Dogs go on sending out unwanted ones from the place for the safety of others;
Householders and security persons have dogs to safeguard all in the area in the night;
In the night Sky, Stars beautifully twinkle to keep the onlookers happy to be in peace!

Watching all these activities of the world, only Poets think philosophic matters;
The great ideas they get in their high level of mind, they express in poems wonderful;
Through them only, world observers know such aesthetic and philosophic news ever;
What the history misses, literature by Poetry captures to show truth to mankind!

Nature and world are part and parcel of the Earth in the Universe of multiple planets;
Innumerable Stars are the keepers of all matters and living beings as flowers in vase!

Success of a Mission is an Adventure!

A squirrel makes a clarion call to its fellows, friends and colleagues;
It makes such a way that all others follow him for the day's adventure;
Many build tallest towers touching the Sky with mountains of thoughts;
Such thoughts are born of wild desires and dreams to achieve by ambition!

Before venturing on any mission, practical feasibility one should have a view;
Otherwise, success of accomplishing it is only a dream one has to be satisfied with;
Hard work should not go waste in impossible mission that no one feels first;
That is why failures are common among ambitionists of wild dreams ever!

Knowledge alone is not enough, one has to rely on three important things
Such as common sense, general knowledge and presence of mind to be practical;
That is why, many insist on experience before recruiting one for a job ever;
Without knowing the depth of lake, one cannot jump on it to practise swimming!

Successful achievement of a mission lies in practical knowledge and wisdom;
By experience along with knowledge only all things are achieved in adventure!

The Mystery of Nature!

Today is supposed to be a cyclonic day but it has flown away afraid of hottest Sun;
Nature has got its own way of doing things surprising all with suspense it only can know; 
Cloudy days and hot climate make this Summer a special occasion for Nature to do so;
All predictions go awry when we say something adverse about Nature as it is greatest wonder!

Rain is indeed blessing in disguise that fill up the dried river beds to save agriculture;
Sans food how can all living beings get energy to survive in this world of our making?
All needs of all are satisfied by the Mother Nature since time immemorial to mankind;
Not realizing this we enjoy all given by Nature with harms only as our return to it!

The magnanimous Nature is quite amazing to see of all attributes of Nature;
With Space, air, fire, water and land, Nature does all magic no one can imitate by any means;
All opposites like day and night, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, life and death are well used;
Even after death there are so many unknown matters no one has yet discovered in Nature!

Like life, Nature is also a greatest mystery as undecipherable as the vast Universe in Space;
All happenings in Space are surveyed only by the eternal Time in the limitless firmament!

Blessing of Nature in Disguise!

At daybreak, there is hot sunshine but calm sans any noise from birds or vehicles;
Though clouds are there, climate is hottest and is why it is called as dumb Sunshine here;
The atmosphere is hot, but cool wind comes mixing with the hot climate in the town;
It is a great relief indicating that somewhere rain is there and will come hero too soon!

Nature gives hope too at the critical moment in the life of the world sans fail;
Life goes on despite a lot of hardships in the world due to Nature's magnanimity;
This men have to imbibe in life works by forgiving and forgetting to maintain peace;
Without such an attitude, life cold not have been going on in the world so long indeed!

It is blessing of Nature in disguise that we get rains in Summer to manage harsh climate;
Indeed Nature saves life on the Earth by its bountiful philanthropy ever;
We have to preserve Nature as our gratitude for all the good things it has done so far;
Alleviating sufferings of humanity, Nature stands as great example for survival!

It is not just survival, but also sustenance of all living beings for evolution to go on;
Nature does all good things to all for developing all living beings to higher level sure!

Who is Well versed to be Really Modern?

Days go on in suspense and tension till we face critical situation in world life;
Facing it, we gain experience and with that we face life in a better way;
Then comes patience in our acts and we don't have tension and worry anything;
But making things clear to youngsters is most difficult and we have to coup with them;

It is still like race or competition in doing things jointly with them in modern time;
It is like the race between turtle and horse in doing even simple things in life;
They think they are modern and we are obsolete and worn out souls to do all;
They take responsibility to do all in a round about way even for small thing!

Like we were doing once upon time, they replay the same thing and get experience;
Life experience are gamed by so by doing we learn many things apart from knowledge;
As in maths, they apply some formula to do things but not by feeling or common sense;
They do calculation using calculator but not mentally even simple sums while walking too!

Stored knowledge only youngsters apply and speak or do things in the world ever;
Feeling, common sense, mental calculation and visualization they never have to be modern!

Many Live Far, Far away from Nature!

Without electricity all human activities are held up everywhere in the world;
Electricity, Computer and smart phone have become part and parcel of life system;
Either Computer or cell phone can be ignored to pull on with the other one;
But neglecting one the other one is impossible to ignore as they are linked in working system!

Many are most of the time glued to computer or cell phone or smart phone;
They have no chance to live in harmony with Nature to be healthy ever;
In holidays only, they out to some resorts to swim, walk and meditate in Nature;
But that is done for a few days as fun but not with whole heartedly sure!

Unless a time-table is fixed to attend to all things and have time in Nature, life can't be renewed;
By modern gadgets many are moving far and far moving away from Nature;
Nature has become a junkyard for modern throw away wastes polluting environment;
This easy way of luxurious life, which we believe is modern, will be worsen of hell soon!

All modern developments of civilization are not to turn world into hell but heaven;
But without Nature, how can paradise or heaven be created out of present world?

Which is Great - War or Love?

Like blind folded goddess of justice, true love is ever unmindful of all differences;
True love never see differences of age, colour, creed, race, religion, culture and so on;
Knowledge gives power to mind and love gives power to heart to all human beings;
More than respect, special honour is everywhere given to the loving souls in world!

In wars, soldiers never care for any laws and rules just as love in life overlooks all restrictions;
Soldiers and lovers though different in activities function sans bothering about consequences;
Like in war, love too is greatest adventure that never worries of death to do what it likes;
Like in wars, love goes by do or die to accomplish its mission in life to survive or die!

War does all by force to win, but love does all by kindness, gentleness and care to achieve all;
Not only humans but also animals, birds and fish are swayed by love to do all for the loving ones;
Love is eternal like the spirit of all living beings in the world sure and does great deeds;
This eternal virtue called love only sustains life in the world forever and ever!

What war does by force, love does by human care and concern to the loving ones;
Love of humans and things is inextricable attachment that cannot be separated by any!

Fragrant Flowers are Forever!

Freshness of flowers in Nature is a matchless beauty in the world;
Only flowers have fragrance, beauty and colour wonderful to enjoy;
That's why flowers are best gift to offer to anyone for any function;
Plants and trees bloom flowers first before they give fruits to all ever!

Flower as bud blossoms before blooming into fully grown flower to delight all;
What a beauty flower is to kindle joy and love in all hearts to propagate it;
Flower only reminds of love by its soft, gentle and swaying beauty;
Perhaps due to this great act, Nature has created various kinds of flowers!

Rose, Lilly, lotus and jasmine are colourful and full of fragrance none can forget;
According to seasons, flowers bloom as fruits that attract all in the market;
Flowers only give smell of scent to love to remember forever of love in life;
Hence, flowers have unique place in kingdom of flora besides fauna in Nature!

Flowers only bloom beautifully every morning to welcome all with hope sure;
That's why, Poets with inspiration compose Poems wonderful for the world ever!

Love is All Powerful!

Fragrance of flower is the scent of love flower being the symbol of love;
Love in the world builds up strongest relationship of all relationships;
Relationships may due to relatives or like minded persons but love is unique;
Unique way of life all enjoy if they are governed by love and live by love ever!

Ever there is nothing can be greater than love and replace it by any means;
Means of all kinds are nothing before love that absorbs all by its care matchless;
Matchless is love in the world and due to this nature, love wins all hearts sure;
Sure by capturing all hearts one achieves whatever one says pr promises!

Promises born of dreams and imagination is not an easy joke to do in life;
Life is a vast ocean to cross with storms to face on a ship requiring skill;
Sill to steer clear all dangers on the ocean is by love that gives confidence;
Confidence inspired by love is like Nature or love or poetry in the world!

They are all like love that not only amuses but also inspires and guide to go ahead;
Ahead of all ideas one is made to venture solely by love that gives confidence sure!

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