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Charismatic Beauty in Service!

Unique beauty of loving persons sways hearts of all in human society;
They do service to the society in silence for the survival and sustenance of all;
They are like the glowing Sun peeping through the vast blanket of clouds[
They give light and energy for human society to live in love, joy and peace ever!

Such loving souls are the charismatic persons having special honour everywhere;
Their loving service to humanity is like the creative work of Nature to please and guide;
They are not for power, popularity and publicity but for human advancement;
Development and advancement to higher level to live better in the world is their aim!

The service they render in the society is like the artist trying for perfection in art;
The beautiful service they do makes future world a better place to live than before;
They are not for wealth, fame and glory but for joy and peace to live noble life ever;
They get great satisfaction in their service to society to see all live in joy and peace!

Their motive is don't work for wealthy, power and popularity but for joy, satisfaction and pride;
The beautiful service they do is lovely art only they can do in a charismatic way!

Sans Experience Life Never Comes to an End!

Short or long life all live is for gaining experience in the life of the world sure;
Healthy people die and go away, but the weak lives long till end comes;
Life experience is what decides about one's end in this world it seems;
Sans experience, life of one cannot reach the end of the journey in the world!

Many suffer and pray to God for death, but their prayers are not answered;
Long sufferings and enjoyments are not in one's hands to decide about ever;
Everyone's duty is to live life till the end comes to put a finish better one day;
By so doing, tolerance is the great virtue one is made to learn in the world!

Perhaps due to this reason, it is said that learn all and forget in this world;
Till one learns everything by experience in life, one is destined to live here;
That is the conclusion one arrives at when thinking about why one doesn't die
By cyclone or Earthquake or volcanic eruption or even falling on big ocean!

When many die in Earthquake, some escape well to the surprise of all;
But some die falling on the bath room sans any scratch of wound on the body!

Love Only is reliable Ever in Life!

Why all are swayed and go after love is because only love is more reliable than all human acts;
Reliability of love is for safety and security of life and things for survival well in this world;
Love is reliable as it gives confidence, courage and boldness to live best as in adventure;
Love only can help one against force by fear created by the mighty but not great!

From the childhood on, all rely on love to overcome fear and live with such loving ones;
Inspired and encouraged by love of the noble souls, all grow to deal all independently;
Love gives real confidence to face and fight formidable fellows in the life of the world;
By developing so only one can do great achievements using one's talent in freedom!

Love, knowledge and experience only help to realize freedom in reality to do what all one likes;
All are born to achieve best and beautiful things in freedom inspired by love forever;
Even for the lonely and helpless, one gets inspiration seeing all living beings in Nature;
Yes, all are interested in doing all in freedom in Nature that all have to imbibe to be successful!

Like Nature, music and Poetry, love only inspires and transforms weak into strong to face all;
Courage and boldness inspired by love only opens the door of freedom to do all great things!  

Real Beauty Inspire High Love Ever!

Beautiful thoughts, talks and deeds reflect aesthetic taste of a person;
In such ones' creative or inventive acts only lively beauty is seen ever;
Real beauty is truthful, changeless, absorbing and amusing to all in the world life;
But artificial beauty is for a temporary time only and can't withstand ravages of time!

Actually beauty reflects completion or perfection or full manifestation in all;
Artificial and real beauties are like half baked and mature state of things in the world;
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder is according to one's taste and maturity of personality;
Eternal divine beauty created by art in temple statues of deities is work of high form!

Lively beauty that amuses and instructs lies in the things of Nature we see;
Like love, music and art, beauty of Nature is eternal and ever inspiring to all;
Nature is no doubt a living scientific art that inspires and instructs as literature ever;
Nature is all subjects in one that connects science and literature to satisfy all ever!

Real beauty of Nature kindles love to tame animal nature into divine nature;
Beauty that inspires high love forever is real and everlasting one in the human world! 

Getting Peace in Poetic Pursuit!

Many are longing for peace and trying to engage themselves in such works;
Without disturbing and hurting others if one does something it is really great;
But in reality even then one is not left in peace to occupy oneself in that way;
Despite that, if one does some creative work like Poetry, it gives unique joy and peace!

Exploring, discovering and writing new ideas in Poetry gives joy, satisfaction, peace and pride;
for, it is not an easy joke as Poetry needs new ideas to depict in Poems, which is God's Grace;
Writing regularly Poems with new ideas involves, journalism, philosophy and Poetry in one;
Such a venture is a great adventure for many, but for the chosen one it's a pleasure!

Having enjoyed such a pleasure finally to get the peace one longs, is miracle;
After such an experience in life, will it be possible to let go it and live in frustration ?
Disturbances are there and discovers of new ideas too help me depict that in Poems;
Poetry is unique occupation in pursuit of peace exploring and composing Poems!

Indeed Poetry great invention to get joy, satisfaction, pride and peace in world life;
How long will this go on is not my thing to bother about as it is better to go after it in pursuit!

Love is the Source of Mother!

Mothers of all in the world are remembered on Mother's Day out of love unforgettable;
When we think of love, mother comes first to our mind as she is the source of love;
Motherless child unless brought by loving persons of all ages in one place, love is unknown;
For all, mother is love and father is knowledge to start with in this world before one is anything!

One may be a great leader or soldier or teacher or Poet, all one's greatness is due to mother;
Mother is the first inspiration for anyone to become what one wants to be in the world;
Benefit of having given birth to a child, mother feels, only when she hears her son is great;
This is the nature of a great mother and her upbringing of her child in this world ever!

Mother's loving words are great relief for a child who is not treated well by all;
But whatever be the situation and circumstance one is, mother's love compensates all;
Father's training and mother's love are the source and spring board for one to rise high in life;
Without mother, we are nowhere in the world sure and this all should remember forever!

Love is the source of mother and knowledge is the source of father for all in world;
They are the two eyes of a person and the window of world to do what best we can!

Why Good and bad Effects?

Hottest day of Summer season we have experienced with the hope rain will come;
Despite the heat, clouds are all over the sky making all think of heaviest rains soon;
In some places, rains have brought in floods and small boys taking bath have died too;
Due to heat, seeing water in any form, people to jump in caring little death too!

Necessity has driven many even die hard to get what they love to be okay in life;
The patience we have shown should we preserve a little more till good time comes;
That is how, all have to gain benefits bearing pain and hardships a little more in life;
That is why it is said that those who are patient, will rule the world one day!

Success and failure never see one is good or bad, but benefits or spoils sans partiality;
Justice sees how one is fair and how one can be foul in the acts of one's life in the world;
Before that, justice never gives judgment to maintain dharma in human life ever;
That is why, via Nature Almighty kindles both good and bad effects to test one's calibre!

Hot and cold, drought and rain, sorrow and joy are the tests God bestows on all in life;
The one who bears all good and bad effects equally in world life is the winner finally! 

Never Be in A Hurry to be Successful!

There are some who always find faults in each and everything sans tolerance or patience;
Due to impatience, they make all comments of intolerance without hesitation ever;
They are well placed in job and work by luck that they don't understand and live so;
Hard earned things in world life gives great experience to behave always with care!

Care and patience certainly lift up anyone in any walk of life in the world sure;
All looking for perfection not possible or needed slowly go down and learn all by experience;
Life is full of ups and downs and that only tame the shrew and make likable person;
By winning the hearts of many by tolerance and love come up to the top very soon!

The well versed persons know how to tackle anyone and any situation by tolerance;
Though tolerance is a negative virtue is better to practise than show love to all ever;
It is like stitching in time that saves nine in world affairs everywhere sure of life;
By so doing long and practice certainly makes one perfect to convince all sans fail in life!

Those who are always in a hurry to see end result find faults in all things sans patience;
Thinking, speaking and doing all in a hurry ever end in waste in world life for many!

Aim and Destiny!

Successes and failures are Common in world life for everyone in the journey;
Reaching destiny fulfilling one's dream, ambition, aim and goal is one's work;
The enjoyable Nature, life and ultimate reality all view and have nice idea;
Only in the end, before leaving the world, one realizes truth that can't be changed!

Before end of life comes, one tries to achieve remarkable thing to have fulfilment;
Using one's knowledge, thoughts, ideas, dream and desire one gets whole satisfaction;
That is really what a promising person of nice personality wishes to do to end in peace;
Success or failure is not bothered here, but only completing work well is utmost in heart!

Without indulging in wild goose chase it is better to aim for practically possible one;
There surely lies satisfaction, joy, pride and peace for the calm loving soul in the life;
Slow and steady pursuit and performance as to one's wish are the best one can indulge in;
Whatever be the end, it is nice and make one really absolute in one's life in the world!

Love, knowledge and experience help one get real freedom to take wise move do all;
In that way only, all steps taken will be proper and end in a result more than one's expectation! 

One Clean World of Paradise!

Before the end comes, we have to finish our targets for the future world;
Before we leave the world, we have to make it better than before;
Otherwise, we will be scolded and disrespected by our youngsters later;
World should become a clean place with developments for world unity!

Present world should be turned into well developed one world to live all in peace;
All should contribute their bests to make this world into one paradise sure;
All cherish Nature as it is the source and destiny for all living beings;
Beauty of Nature depends on cleanliness that brings down pollution!

Unity in diversity is the best policy for all world people to follow to make it heaven;
Creative and inventive works of talented ones should constructive and best;
Destructive works should be curbed in the bud itself for good things to sustain long;
Love and friendship should be flourished by the efforts of all in the world for good!

Love, joy and peace only can keep all united in developing the world to be one paradise;
That is the best dream since the past to present and will be so in the future too sure! 

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