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Poetry is Mystery Like World Life!

Life is a mystery and an adventure to live the whole life possible only by faith;
Life is Poetry that a Poet doesn't know what Poem one would be writing at first;
After starting, Poet gets ideas to put forth one after the in a beautiful order;
It is like creating beauty out of chaos we see everywhere in the world we live in!

That sort of thing has put me in a great twist now when I have started writing this Poem;
First stanza of my own style is over and I am venturing on the second stanza;
Words are flowing like smooth river and lines are developing in new way this time;
Likewise, it seems that I will complete this quiz like poem doing all by myself!

Dream or film director knows the whole story and also how each has to act one's role:
That he has to do it in an interesting manner that attracts all who see it newly;
This is a big challenge and the success depends upon all getting satisfaction see it;
In that way, I have done my work leaving the Poem in your hands to decide!

This is the life and work of a Poet in this world full of opportunities and ideas;
But how far have I utilized them depends upon the thoughts of the readers now!

Significance of Fruits and Flowers!

Fruits provide minerals for immunity to body to fight against diseases;
It is a great custom to offer citron fruits to patients in hospital by relatives;
That is why seasonal fruits are having great reception everywhere;
Fruit also means success and is why it is said that talks went on fruitfully!

Romantic stories and poems use fruits to compare beauty and sweetness of lovers;
Both flowers and fruits along with betel leaves are offered to guests at the end of functions;
It has become a great culture that highly places both love and health by flowers and fruits;
Trees full of flowers and fruits are given importance before marriage halls ever!

Trees with statues of deities are very auspicious to pray first before any functions;
Life flourishes mainly due to Nature with trees, vegetables, flowers and fruits;
For loving life these are essential and have become culture to follow in life;
Love and sweet via flowers and fruits are signified for best way of life in the world!

Before starting any work, it is a great tradition to pray God with flowers and fruits ever;
That inspires mood with smile and sweet taste to get through all hardships in job to victory!

Free State of Peace!

Nature is fanning hottest wind over the town making all seek for shelter in AC room;
Without electricity and modern machines, it is not possible to live in hottest Summer time;
Birds migrate to various places according to the change of climate and interest;
Since we are settled and fixed lacking wings to fly we depend on machines!

Nature is paradise if we live like Adam and Eve enjoyed life in the beginning;
Now we are advanced and can recreate that culture with modern gadgets;
But due to greediness, all concentrate only on economic forward status only;
Before we achieve such an ambition, our time will come to an end here!

Best course of action will be to aim for spiritual perfection possible by Nature;
Spiritually communing with Nature, we can enjoy divine bliss to overcome drawbacks;
But being in permanent state of bliss is possible only in communion with Universal one;
This Earth is only a temporary place of life imprisoned between birth and death!

Reaching permanent abode of freedom, love, joy and peace is what all have to think about;
That is birth-less free state of peace in communion with Universal Spiritual energy ever!

Continuing A Project Work!

Travelling to places, seeing known and unknown persons and attending functions 
Time, days, weeks and months fly like anything making one unsteady for some days;
Settling to usual routine to continue the story from the place it has stopped is not easy;
Life or story or Poetry has so many things to recollect and imagine to proceed ahead!

The plan to execute according to one's dream or desire is Herculean job then;
After a few days the zeal that has triggered on the project flares up even nightmares;
Unless full justice is paid to that favourite job, heart will not have a smooth rhythm;
Restarting is difficult, but once it tarts moving, it goes on top gear to the place required!

This happens after a longtime no travelling is made and done suddenly afterwards;
Then so many new thoughts about old friends and relatives crop in the mind for some days;
This is the nature of life for many in the world since the time immemorial to all sure;
So many new ideas make one try to use them wherever necessary to make it great!

Some write years together, but finishing quickly and venturing on new one is better;
That way many mistakes made earlier will disappear into a dustbin and thrown away!

Die in Happiness Enjoying Life Till the End!

We all know death is sure one day, but young one full of promises also waits for it;
What a great pity, he has blood cancer and the end of his life has been predicted already;
In loneliness what song can he sing other than philosophic one that make all cry;
Being an emotional Poet, I also cannot bear and have control over my sad passion!

After having shed tears a while, what a relief and freshness of emotion it gives at last;
Dying young is worse than dying old suffering all kinds of illnesses one can have;
Modern world with all scientific and technological developments could not find medicine for these;
Spending millions many have treatment and researches to go on, but what's use!

Joy in life no one should not forget in illnesses and worries of tragic things ever;
Even if it is a short life, one has to indulge happiness and enjoy to forget oneself;
As a Poet I have this great boon to write about good and worse things of life and forget all;
Let all be Poets to compose Poems they love and pass on the rest of life nicely!

Life is created on the Earth not to suffer only and die but enjoy and be happy till the end;
Dying in joy and laughter is far better than dying in fear of disease and death! 

Finish Targets as Time isn't Ever Lasting!

When one is fully immersed in engagements, programmes and functions, 
There is no time to breathe free air in life and feeling frustrated in the world;
But unless such things are attended, relationships will be lost to have good links;
If life goes on so, how can one feel to be part of such events in world life?

Busy life life style is suitable for youngsters of great adventure in any field,
But for the aged a calm rest is what needed to pastime in the world in peace;
Peace only can provide relief to breathe free air to live rest of life in comfort;
This comfort only makes one recoup oneself to withstand the final storms!

Storms and rains come and food one's place, but they are all just passing things only;
Likewise life is full of events that we remember or forget in our lifetime here;
They all try one to withstand all disturbances to achieve what one loves in heart;
Unless that ambition is achieved, where is peace or what is the use of living so long?

Life is not just attending functions and spending time, but achieving our goals;
After doing so only, our target is finished to feel free to breathe the last in the world!

Great Teacher of Life!

Singing songs, artists dance on the Dias to entertain the audience;
Audience enjoying their favourite songs while in excited mood,
Whistle ever;
This happens whether it is cricket match or pop song by great singer sure;
Entertainment is what all long for in dry seasons of the year everywhere!

With friends and companions, many spend a jolly time in the ground or theatre;
What a nice moment in everyone's life in the world where this is great joyful time;
No one likes to miss the opportunity once in a while in the journey of life;
Memory of this entertaining moment in life there after none forgets even after years!

Life means it has to be enjoyed so in joy, laughter and jovial chats among friends;
Romantic heroes of great novels by world famous novelists surely depict this well;
Reading such novels one's life is refreshed even after a longtime in one's life sure;
Such moving moments in mirthfulness many depict Poems beautiful too!

Literature reflecting as mirror of such wonderful moments in life becomes classic;
Classic or Romantic or Modern, literature is great teacher of life inspiring all ever!

Freedom and Peace!

Many functions and programmes make busy the life we live in this uncertain world;
If we don't plan and make preparations, we will be in soup making us funny before all;
At to avoid that we have to forego certain luxuries and self comforts for a while;
Appreciation of us by others keeps us boosted up to go ahead in life well for long!

After everything is over, we heave a sigh of relief which is more than bliss one enjoys;
A calm place in Nature then gives us peace quite heavenly in nature no one avoid;
Whatever be our achievements, time to breathe free air only relieves us from all illnesses;
That we cannot afford to sacrifice in our life for any other encomiums in life!

Freedom in society and individual liberty then only we are able to enjoy in the world;
Without freedom and peace, we cannot see our soul be blissful in Nature too otherwise;
If we don't finish our priorities, we are like fish out of pond and feel perturbed ever;
Whatever be we achieve in the world, unless we have our own time to feel free, life is waste!

All the things we do in the world is for gaining real freedom and peace from all entanglements;
Only if we detach ourselves from all attachment, we cannot free free and enjoy peace! 

Narration of Story in Literature!

Narration of story by articles, poems and novels is creative skills of artists;
That is the greatest work of world literature lasting all ages to become classics;
Many characters expressed in those works are reflections of real life characters;
They all not only entertain but also instruct how life has to be lived better in the world!

Religious stories too have become literature and also great moral preaching;
Every country in the world has its own religious literature ever lasting to teach all;
Also, a lot of stories inspired by Nature have appeared as romantic literature;
Imagination, intellect, morality, social norms, human nature and all combine in Poetry!

Richness of literature is fostered by Poetry in all languages of the world for sure;
Writing makes one great and one's writings in Poetry has special honour forever;
Of all forms of literature, Poetry has done greatest job in romantic literature;
The life blood of great authors has attained immortality in such forms of literature only!

Best literary works of the world not only entertains but also instructs of best life;
Without literature human life becomes incomplete and hence they are part and parcel of life!

Total Development of Personality!

Education within four walls of school is just apparent one only;
But actual education begins only when one comes out to Nature;
The truth of knowledge one philosophically explores in Nature;
Total personality development takes place only there for sure!

Real development of personality takes place in four ways for all;
Childhood develops by physical exercise in games outside in Nature;
Love of beauty and appreciation lies in engrossing in all things of Nature;
Analysis of all matters of world, life, Nature and Almighty is intellectual one!

They are all not enough, but mystical union by meditation in Nature is spiritual;
By such an exploration, all know about reality and ultimate reality in Nature;
That give real and true knowledge by developing total personality sure;
Afterwards only one can what is one's real duty and what one has to do!

Enlightenment comes to one thereafter and one realizes that life is illusion;
Spiritual life is eternal to prepare to be so to enjoy eternal bliss real ever!

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