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Total Development of Personality!

Education within four walls of school is just apparent one only;
But actual education begins only when one comes out to Nature;
The truth of knowledge one philosophically explores in Nature;
Total personality development takes place only there for sure!

Real development of personality takes place in four ways for all;
Childhood develops by physical exercise in games outside in Nature;
Love of beauty and appreciation lies in engrossing in all things of Nature;
Analysis of all matters of world, life, Nature and Almighty is intellectual one!

They are all not enough, but mystical union by meditation in Nature is spiritual;
By such an exploration, all know about reality and ultimate reality in Nature;
That give real and true knowledge by developing total personality sure;
Afterwards only one can what is one's real duty and what one has to do!

Enlightenment comes to one thereafter and one realizes that life is illusion;
Spiritual life is eternal to prepare to be so to enjoy eternal bliss real ever!

Aircraft to Stonycroft!

Boarding on an aircraft reached we Madurai and climbed hill station nearby;
From aircraft to Stonycraft residency what a sea change of pictures we see;
'Flying on a plane don't know when we will be back again', heart sings first;
For, the nice climate of hill station is far better than hot Summer of the plains!

What a great contrast between city life and hill station life though very nearby!
Noise, pollution, traffic and machine roars are out of picture in calm and cool hill station;
Lovers of Nature are sure to become Poets like Wordsworth including me here;
Sans bothering about time we spend best of time in our life in this paradise serene!

Beautiful flowers that have bloomed for the season attracts all see flower show;
Nice place of Nature with flowers of all hues and fragrance sway all hearts ever;
With family and friends it is the best place to visit at the zenith of Summer season;
Between two years and seventy-three years I have loved to enjoy in this paradise much!

At seventy-three only I have boarded a plane to have a exhilarating journey in Sky;
Time once last cannot be regained in life, but fortune does otherwise for me now!

Nature is A Great Relief!

Nature is a great relief for all turmoil of human life in the world;
Like God, driver well negotiates hair pin bends climbing the hill;
Due to that, all travelling enjoy a beautiful ride seeing beauty of Nature;
Waterfalls, valleys and smell of Eucalyptus trees delight with freshness!

Words flow without any thought to compose a Poem as natural scenes flow in flash in mind;
What a pleasure enjoy beauty of Nature and write Poems in extempore mood;
That is the enchantment real of Nature giving unique comfort like other to child;
Like the milk of mother delights the child all who approach Nature enjoy life!

Green meadows, blue sky and cool mists embracing together give pleasure and relief;
That is real natural love all can experience only in Nature free from all troubles of world;
Love, beauty, health and joy realm who can experience by fortune except from Nature;
All who come to embrace race the bosom of Nature are fortunate to enjoy true bliss!

Nature is friend to give comfort and guide all in distress;
Nature only rejuvenates heart, mind and soul to be better to live better!

What is Real Development?

whether good or bad, changes are taking place everywhere as it can't be stopped;
Many believe economic development will lead to social development 
By civilization ignoring culture to live a stable life preferred for long joy in life;
Changes are made at the cost of cleanliness and pollution spoils all good things!

Even in hill stations noted for beautiful Nature, clean air and cleanliness, 
Ever changes sans caring for rectification due to too much tourist activities 
Make a dirty place to bear till a brief stay there for spending holidays;
This makes civilization a dirty affair rather than an advanced way of life!

Without proper security for health and strong restive immunity sure all have new diseases;
Corona in new version is still expected as per the notice of scientist in health services;
Spending good time with dear and near ones in cool places in Summer shouldn't spoil health;
More than mere money and property, health only can make all live a good!

Just industrial development in cities are not enough to boost farming world;
Agro-Industries and fishing are better care as that can provide jobs to many to stop poverty!

 Nature is A Great Wonder!

What a thrilling joy to visit a hill station I have loved and love most in my life;
The slumbering hill has become a busy town with full of vehicles all round the lake;
Even the lake is sealed by iron curtain where in no one can enter or come out;
Flower show was wonderful to see with family and friends with children!

Without a car no one can go out round the hill to enjoy its natural beauty;
Meadows, valleys and water falls one or two are centre of attraction to all;
Sweet corn, green peas and fried vegetables are best snacks to buy and eat!
A brief stay at the hill is not satisfying to anyone and wish to visit it again!

Nature is great wonder and reality before we know about ultimate reality;
Musing in Nature gives divine bliss and peace unique to enjoy in world life;
Earth is the only paradise where Nature is fostering all living beings;
What a great fortune to enjoy love, beauty, joy and peace in Nature in the world!

The magic of converting practical minded men into disciples of Nature is wonder;
Space, Universe and Nature give knowledge and high spirit to live and leave in peace!

Heavenly Hill Station!

Many people flock together like the feathers of the same bird in the hill station
To overcome the zenith of Summer heat in the cool and serene paradise;
I am not an exception in this matter as it is my longtime desire in world life;
When the opportunity comes, who will miss the chance to enjoy bliss ever?

In the middle of the hill station, we halt to see the view of plains near an observatory;
The houses look like match boxes and a small water falls looks like tap water;
Immediately people dream about a water fall to take nice bath as children play in water;
Soon Silver water Falls too comes but it is fast and flows like flood to go near!

Reaching the top, we go nearby a Temple and have a nice darshan of the Lord;
After that we reach a restaurant to have our break fast and reach our hotel to stay;
Green lawn and hills nearby as the background delight all to take photos as we wish;
This is paradise indeed to see sky, clouds and mists touching hills and near ground!

People living here are surely enjoying heavenly life under fair weather ever;
High place kindles high mind to mediate spiritually about the ultimate of life!

What Do You Want - Hell or Paradise?

If hill stations turn as busy towns, none will have special spiritual effect in Nature;
It is like going to commercialized Temples, where presence of God is nil ever;
Due to nil effect in Temples, people seek beauty of Nature to be free and peaceful; 
If everywhere, noise and pollution by machines and smokes affect, where can we go?

Even in holidays a few days now cannot be spent in pollution free Nature in world;
We live in dirty world as matters of dustbin everywhere with no air pure to breathe;
Not only air but also water we can take form Nature direct due to pollution of environment;
If we don't change this bad situation of environment, modern world will be hell only!

Outside food stalls look to be modern and sophisticated but food is tasteless;
With everything in dirty condition, is it possible to live heavenly life anywhere?
All will go to hell one day as we have great training in the world of hell here long;
Heaven and paradise are matters of dream only to have at least a few hours of sleep!

If we keep Nature in clean and pure state only, we can see paradise and heaven;
Otherwise, only hell and bad weather we have to witness and endure all life here!

By Mistakes We Gain Wisdom!

A major train accident has occurred after twenty years killing more than 200 people;
Coromondal Express after derailment at Palasore in Odhisa hit Howarah Express and goods train;
Coaches of trans are lying in chaos making all feel stomach cuddling in shake;
Proper rail track checking could have avoided this kind of major accident sure!

It is said that more than four thousand kilometers are not in proper condition;
When this is so, how can express trains can run on them at fasted speed?
I think miracle is happening for the railway journeys in most of the places;
But can we rely on miracles always in our world life all happening fast to progress?

Such thoughts loom large in the inside mind of every citizen seeing the news;
It is all in the hands of drivers who are the gods to take people safely to places;
Whether it is night bus or train or plane, such things almost all think about ever;
We want to do fast to progress and come up first in the world, but are we ready?

This is the precaution we have to master before aiming to achieve a great feat;
By mistakes only we gain wisdom and change our course to victory ever!

Hide and Seek Game Champion!

Hide and Seek game children play commonly at home, in schools and everywhere; 
But is there any other creature playing this game anywhere in Nature around us? 
Yes, the only best champion of Hide and Seek game is our famous squirrel only! 
The great surprise is that I came across such a good champion in Hill station too!

Hill station champion has far developed in this game [superseding my house ones; 
Many people are giving food to this guy and he also takes it sans playing the game; 
When I was sitting on a stone bench, one guy came and ate food and left me coolly; 
I was surprised to see a little squirrel taking food lying by my side on stone bench!

My joy had no bounds as I was watching that sans disturbing the guy making his venture; 
Seeing one squirrel on my tour to this hill station brought me smile immediately; 
 In Nature this little squirrel noted for championship in Hide and Seek game brought me smile; 
Such a thing usual happens only in my house whenever I see squirrels playing around!

Squirrel is a model to all to mind one; s business despite any danger in the world; 
For, by doing our work we forget pass or fail as children and get promoted in life!

Poetry is Greatest Asset!

Listening to music and songs, we forget the time and the world ever;
For, music absorbs heart, mind and soul whoever one is in the world sure;
But before script of language came into use, Poetry was recited song
As by rhythm and rhymes, Poetic ideas can be remembered by anyone!

Many believe that without them, Poetry is not poetry at all and fix many rules;
Whether rhythm and rhymes are there or not, Poetry has power to take to other world;
Natural Poetry is composed in extempore fashion by great poetic geniuses ever;
The internal music therein move the lines forward with meaning and message!

Modern Pop songs are simplified lyrical poetry only for entertainment;
Philosophic ideas of Poetry make it great as they are eternal and true ever;
Heart's feeling composed into poems by words of mind is Poetry that lasts long;
For, without feeling, creative art cannot be made to move the hearts of all!

Feeling sways hearts but ideas of mind make all think for the better to live life;
Like, Nature, music and love, Poetry is greatest asset humankind to live best life!

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