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Experience Gives Power in Life!  

It or not, life has to be lived till the end doing useful thing in the world Life;
Like romantic stories, life is an adventure as destiny is unknown to all sure;
Involving and enjoying doing all things beautifully best course one may follow;
But wild imagination, dreams and desires will only lead to sadness in life!

By experience we learn quite a lot and take decisions right based on such knowledge;
But there are also strong hearts with vigorous zeal to achieve something great in life; 
They never leave a single moment to do something extraordinary due to their resolve so;
They are powerful personalities who become icons, leaders and living legends one day!

Life time should not be wasted in useless things rather than on great and beneficial things for all;
That is the way, each day one can move forward and ahead of all to achieve one's desire;
Knowledge, experience and practicality thinking really help to all with love and zeal!
That too, by doing all beautifully, one gets fulfilment, satisfaction, joy, pride and peace!

Life of romantic adventure really makes one interested in experiment to gain experience;
Doing all by love, experience one gets gives power to do miracles in the world!

Knowledge of Literature, Society and History a Must!

Sudden South West monsoon rain like a bolt from the blue hit the town at sunset;
Everywhere dry lands and ponds empty of water is waiting for this great rain;
Water with energy from Sun and fertile soil for agriculture give live all in the world;
Without water, where is life in the world to live a good and tolerable life ever?

To live a meaningful life, knowledge of literary life, social life and world history are needed;
For, that gives vision of the whole and what to do in the world by each and everyone sure;
Based on that, one can live a great life using one's capacity, capability and ability;
Living so in harmony with Nature, we can know our purpose and destiny of life!

Nature makes one understand reality from illusion and ultimate reality for all here;
That by mysticism, one can reach super-conscious status helping one attain eternity;
Yes, eternal birth-less state moksha is the ultimate reality all have to achieve;
That is possible by meditation and mysticism in Nature that we shouldn't;t forget!

With such true knowledge only, we how to live a best life suitable to each one;
This is the meaning and message all can get from knowledge of literature and history in society!

Which is Best - Just Spending Time or Constructively Using It?

What is life? Life is living by doing what we like till the end in the world;
For many life is spending time in the world in occupying with what all like;
Many spend time in playing games, seeing cinemas, watching TV and so on;
Is life just for spending time sans knowing and expressing Self ever?

We live for our dream, desire and interest using skill or ability we have;
Arts and science are the fields extraordinary people show their skills to shine;
This is best way of living to do something worthwhile to make a mark for all to enjoy;
But just spending time on entertainment only is of no good to one and others!

Many don't get opportunity to show their skills to satisfy their desires;
For such misfortune ones should make use of available time in doing interesting things;
That is the way, one can get satisfaction, fulfilment, joy, pride and peace in world life;
All have to know who is great - one just spending time or using it constructively!

We have to enjoy involving ourselves in doing interesting thing using skill or ability;
Life is not for wasting time, but utilizing it to do our best for self and others!

Stop Greedy Acts of Destruction!

Nothing is permanent here including life and world as they all have the same fate;
When this is so, let us enjoy and achieve what we can by arts or science before the end;
In the ancient time, great persons have acquired the art of transmigration of soul;
By so doing they have immortalized themselves not for good purpose but bad only to die!

Now by science, man has introduced the technique to clone living beings to do that feat;
But sans knowing the prayer to do transmigration of soul, one cannot live in another body;
Closing is possible but transplanting spirit in the new body is not yet found out by medical technology;
That may be possible in the due course of time in the future world, but will it last so long?!

By pollution, terrorism and wars, Nature and world are getting destroyed since sometime;
Unless we stop pollution of air, water and environment and wars, we will be nowhere in future;
All should not waste the time in destruction and enhancing enmity instead of love and pace;
Without love and peace, unity, friendship and achievements cannot be made in the world!

In the brief period of time available, we have to do maximum work to make world a paradise;
We can increase longevity of body by good acts only but not by greedy acts of destruction ever!

Sincere Works Pay Rich Dividend Ever!

Elderly people write the name of Lords and Poets write about feelings and expectations; 
All prayers and messages like E mail reach the Almighty and will be answered in due time; 
Prayers and dreams in the store of firmament will be responded as we do in Computer; 
Managing the whole Universe is not an easy joke as it is colossal work of vast empire!

Only the responsible one knows the whole burden of activities based occupations; 
Only the infinite power wielder can handle his formidable business well ever; 
This Universal entrepreneur knows pretty well how handle all matters at apt time; 
It is the duty of all others to mind each one's occupation with due care and dedication!

More than worrying about the end result, performance should be given importance; 
Loving engagement in all walks of life only can create fruitful acts of benefits to all; 
Cooperation, coordination, collaboration and unity based on friendship fetch fruits; 
The tree grows yielding best flowers before shows fruits as the process for all works!

With faith and trust when we are engaged in works, our mind should be on performance; 
If performance is perfect in action, we need not worry about best positive results at the end!

Of All Achievements Peace is Top!

Good or bad or ugly, finally all seek peace only in the world;
That is why perhaps, all say Rest In Peace as condolence;
Good or bad, happy or sad, success or failure, death is end;
Peaceful end is the wish of all but not anything else sure!
Of all aspects of emotion, being in peace seems to be precious;
In the world life, all long for love, friendship, joy and progress;
But when the end is nearing, all look for peace in the world;
Of all comforts we get out of wealth, knowledge and all, peace is top!
All the things we do should bring us joy, satisfaction and peace;
After enjoying happiness for success and satisfaction, peace is final;
Even after prosperity and progress, peace is completion of mission;
Whether we achieve all or not, if we get peace finally, it's enough!
Joy or sorrow, if we get peace out of all efforts in life, we feel enough;
Contention of heart only brings peace as it's called gold making alchemy!

Practice Makes Possible Even Impossible!

By practice, we learn to do anything or any work in the world;
That is why we have learnt to ride on a bicycle, scooter and drive car;
The seemingly impossible or difficult work too we do so in life;
In real life, we do all those things otherwise one does in circus only!

A person who has done a lot of different kinds of job will be great;
There are also unfortunate ones who don't get chance to do one's likes;
If such a one gets a chance, the Jack of all trade does magic in it;
As far as I know including me, such a one can be a natural Poet!

A Poet by knowledge, experience and wisdom does miracle in his art!
Such a one is unknown earlier as he would be doing all among all;
One's valour, greatness, capacity and ability are known by his expression;
That's why it is said that art of living is successful expression of one's self!

To reveal oneself, ambition is necessary to express who one is in a suitable art;
For, ambition is the driving force that makes one to do even impossible one!

World is One Family of God!

Keeping silence, calmness is maintained paving the way for peace;
Only then peace can rule hearts, minds and souls of all in goodness;
Good thoughts, sayings and works with smile kindle love for friendship;
Friendship brings about unity in diversity of all to create one world of paradise!

This is the long overdue dream and ideas of noble personalities since long;
By the promotion of international friendship as human culture peace can be made;
Love, friendship, unity and peace together only bring change but not by any means;
Military power, religion and all isms are only making splits , enmity and wars!

By unity, joint ventures and development only, great dream of one world is feasible;
One world, one family and one mission are not new but only a broad ancient philosophy;
It says the world is family of God and by unity all can enjoy all via Nature ever;
That means that by living in harmony with Nature, all can live heavenly life sure!

Realization of this great idea is necessary among all promoted by Poets and writers;
If such a move is made on war footing, this world will beautifully bloom into paradise! 

Let Us Create One World!

United Nations Organization is there to discuss world problems to solve them;
All nations come forward to trust on UNO and settle all disputes by peace talks;
More than all economic and technological developments, sans peace all is waste;
Sans peace even breathing free air is most difficult means how can we drink water!

For water, sharing of resources and border areas, there are wars going on ever;
If good heart is there in every individual, certainly those small matters can be solved;
All should open their hearts and show what is there in so that all things can be settled;
Hide and seek game only prolong the matters endlessly in the world sans end!

All should resolve to bring a best end to all unnecessary ego problems soon; 
Rulers are there to serve the people to develop and make them happy to live;
They all have to read literature and re-read world history to stop repeating mistakes;
Humans are far ahead of other animals and next only to God in the world ever!

With just one step ahead, we all can become angels to live heavenly life in paradise;
Let us all unite together for love, friendship, joy and peace to create one world!

How to Convince a Child?

"There is no one like you and there is no one talk like you!"
This is the assessment of very little child to her grand father;
Love is the base with which she decides all in the world...;
But fate kills all those who are really loving her for long ever!

The child loses its zeal due to this unbearable tragedy in life;
When it is not possible to bear this tragedy, how can a child;
She asks where the dying people go after the world life....;
It is difficult to explain and we say they are called by God!

To make this kind of tragedy less difficult to bear, all have to go
And say it's is happening to everyone who are born in this world;
Also, to divert her attention of joyful thing, we ask her move with pals;
That way, loneliness and grief can be forgotten for the good...!

We can manage with elderly people but very difficult with children;
What we say should be reasonable and then only they will be convinced!

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